Treating Headaches In Kids

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In children incidences of both the active and chronic headaches can also be due to the presence of other serious conditions such as different allergies to chemicals in food or water, it can arise due to the presence of a fever in the body, it can be caused by high blood pressure, headaches can also be induced by epilepsy, the presence of tumors in the brain can also give rise to persistent headaches, the presence of severe cavities in the teeth or the presence of oral infections can also cause headaches in individuals, the use of certain types of medications, or an injury to the head can also bring on severe headaches.

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A doctor must be immediately consulted to check on the medical condition of the child, if he or she develops a headache along with a high fever, if this is accompanied by severe vomiting, the development of a stiff neck, mental confusion and disorientation, or if it result due to extreme physical fatigue following sports or exercise.

Such headaches can be the first symptoms of very serious illness in the body, for example, it can be a signal for the presence of meningitis or encephalitis in the child. The doctor must also be consulted in those cases of headache in children, which appears to be so severe that the child is not even tempted by a promise of his or her favorite food or preferred activity. A doctor must also be contacted at once, if the headaches occur frequently and are chronic-recurring over a long period of time.

The intensity of the headache felt by a young child may not be understood well by the parent, as the child may have a very limited vocabulary - he or she may not be able to describe the way his or her head feels. The development of a tightening sensation around the head characterizes a tension headache.

Physical symptoms felt during the tension headache can be a dull pain which might feel as if the head is throbbing; the pain may be mild to severe in intensity. Tension headaches seem to be worsened by sudden movements or quick physical motions. The development of any form of headache may be sudden; it can also come on gradually at times-taking a long time to build up in intensity and pain.

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The daytime is usually the period when tension headaches often begin to develop and occur, the symptoms of such headaches will slowly worsen as the day goes by - in such cases, the headache is often relieved when the person sleeps for some time.

In stark contrast, it may take days for an attack of migraine to dissipate. In addition, migraines are more serious as sleeping may or may not be helpful in bringing about a reduction in the pain present in the head. Migraines in some children may go unnoticed by the parent as the child may not even complain of pain in the head, he or she may instead complain about feelings of nausea, vomiting, along with a stomachache which persists as long as the migraine lasts.

A variety of factors can trigger a migraine in an individual, these can include the presence of extreme emotional stress and anxiety, the presence of hypoglycemia, the presence of allergies to some types of foods, physical head injuries, the use of oral contraceptives, or the sudden hormonal changes connected to the menstrual cycle in women - this may explain, the reason for the larger number of female migraine patients compared to males. Migraines also have a tendency to run in families and may have a hereditary basis; they might be inherited from one generation to the next.

Tension headaches can be relieved by using herbal remedies made from the chamomile herb; this brings a great deal of relaxation to the nervous system of the individual suffering from the tension headache. Dosage of this herbal remedy for children can be a single dose of herbal chamomile tea as and when needed or when the headache develops.

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Topical treatment of headaches can also be undertaken by preparing a chamomile bath-the patient can take a long and relaxing soak in the bath water infused by the herbal concoction. The skin will also absorb the herb's beneficial effects as the person soaks in the bath water. The herbal remedies made from the feverfew herb are suggested for children suffering from migraines, especially if they occur frequently.

The herb must be taken as soon as the migraine appears and the anti-inflammatory effect of the herb will prevent other physical symptoms from occurring in the individual. Dosage of the herbal remedy must be a single dose of the herbal remedy, given to the child two times each day, this dosage can be undertaken over a period of several months as a preventive measure against recurring migraines.

Tension and migraine headaches can also be alleviated through the use of ginger tea-this herbal remedy will soothe the pain developed in the front of the head. Dosage of the herbal remedy for an affected child is not specific-a single dose can be used as and when it is necessary. A full headache or a congested feeling in the head can be relieved by drinking herbal peppermint tea. Headaches caused by overeating can be relieved using this herbal remedy.

Dosage of this herb is also a single dose of herbal tea given to the child whenever necessary. Headaches caused by nervous tension can be relieved through the use of the excellent herbal remedy made using the skullcap herb. Children can be give one dose of the herbal remedy as and when it is necessary.

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For your attention: children less than six years of age must not be given this herbal remedy at any cost. Headaches can also be treating by rubbing the head with an herbal tincture of herbal arnica or peppermint oil-such topical treatments are as effective as consumed herbal remedies. The tincture of the arnica herb can be rubbed into the temple or the forehead of the child.

The oil of the peppermint herb can be rubbed into the temples. The tinctures must not be used over areas of broken skin and the parent must be very careful and keep the tincture away from eyes of the child. Tension headaches are also effectively treated using the Tiger Balm liniment as a topical direct treatment. The temples must be rubbed vigorously using this ointment.

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