Heart Attack

A sudden change in the motion of the cardiac muscles, and its resultant effects of the individual is termed a heart attack, scientifically it is known as a myocardial infraction, the attacks usually cause the appearance of a sudden, stabbing pains in the chest and thoracic region, these pains expand down the left arm and are very acutely felt by the person.

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The severity of the pain can be such intense feelings of anxiety, panic and breathlessness are generated in the person. This is not necessarily the way heart attacks come on, and moreover a great number of heart attacks also occur without a sensation of pain and with the appearance of very few symptoms, appearing as a sudden constriction or pressure on the chest, leaving the person feeling weak and helpless.

Sometimes the only physical signs of an impending heart attack are the outbreaks of perspiration, a sudden physical weakness, and the occurrence of nausea and vomiting. Periods of physical or emotional stress are often the times when heart attacks are initiated. Heart attacks often occur in the middle of the night and result in the person suddenly waking up from sleep; this takes place especially after a filling meal.

The onset of recurrent attacks of angina is a precursor to heart attack, they can be considered to be warning signs for eventual cardiac arrest. Whenever an angina attack that persists for longer than a few minutes, and is not reduced in intensity by resting or treatment with nitroglycerine, it can be regarded as an emergency and accordingly treated. An emergency must also be declared where the persistence of pain in the chest pain that lasts longer than two minutes. Warning signs and symptoms do not precede all impending heart attacks.

The cellular death resulting from the denial of oxygen to cardiac tissue when a part of the heart muscle is denied blood and oxygen for a period of time is the cause of a heart attack. The heart will stop beating altogether especially if the affected area is large, as the heart will not be able to function properly without good oxygenation of tissue.

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The heart muscle and the heart as a whole can learn to compensate for the death of tissue if the area is smaller, with sufficient care the body recovers and some normality is attained. One of the results the failure to compensate fully after a series of heart attacks is heart failure. This is usually fatal. The critical and most important time is the immediate few hours following a heart attack.

The chances of a full and complete recovery are increased the longer the heart attack victim survives this critical period. Therefore the recognition of a heart attack as soon as it occurs is very important. A well-establish coronary heart disease due to arteriosclerosis is often the reason a heart attack develops in a person.

The single most important influence on the heart is the daily diet taken by an individual. The consumption of a lot of ready-made, processed and packaged foods and most restaurant foods are not only hard on the digestive tract, but also on the coronary arteries increasing the susceptibility of arterial clogging and the resulting chance for a heart attack.

Some other very damaging and detrimental products include a lot of saturated fats found in deep-fried foods and most salad and cooking oils. Excess weight and obesity is another risk factor for a heart attack, other factors that constitute a risk of heart attack in a person include a high blood pressure, smoking and sedentary habits, especially if these factors are combined with the additional pressures of a high-stress lifestyle which is another major contributor to the chances of a heart attack.

There can also be hereditary and genetic predisposition to an attack, other things that might increase the chances of a heart attack are the use of oral contraceptives, and people like diabetics are also at higher risk.

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Supplements and herbs

In cases where the heart attack was a recent event, the use of supplementation should be undertaken with extra care. In this regard the supervision and the advice of a qualified medical practitioner are highly recommended. When guidelines concerning the diet and lifestyle choices including plenty of rest and physical activity are strictly followed, angina and heart attack prevention can be enhanced with supplements.

In heart attacks where the spasms of the arteries are the causes of the attack, there is often a low level of the mineral magnesium. Magnesium as a supplement can help those who are experiencing irregular heart rhythms. The best choice of supplements for magnesium are combination supplements such as magnesium combined with the heart herb hawthorn this are easily found in the market. Alternately magnesium in a natural and highly assimilative form can be from many green food supplements which are rich in chlorophyll, such as barley grass or wheatgrass.

Against the effects of many types of coronary heart problems the coenzyme Q10 which increases oxygen supply to the heart has been successfully used. For its role in improving the supply of oxygen the vitamin E is also recommended, it also has beneficial effects on circulation within the body. Besides having other benefits, this vitamin helps reduce cholesterol and saturated fats that clog the arteries, increasing the chances of heart attack. The formation of scar tissue and scarring after a heart attack can be minimized using this vitamin as a supplement.

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In the fight against arteriosclerosis the vitamin C is another excellent choice as it helps protect the arterial walls and hinders the sudden clotting of blood in them.

Many herbal remedies provide an effective and complementary treatment in addition to supplements in helping prevent heart attacks, and in the healing process after an attack.

The use of hawthorn berries help because this herb can aid in the regulation, the healing, and the repair of heart tissue while having a soothing effect on the heart. To prepare pour a cup of boiling water over a tsp. of hawthorn blossoms, steep this in water for five to ten minutes, strain the concoction and take 2-3 cups everyday for a period of one month, this must be followed by two weeks of rest, alternately 10 drops extract in liquid twice can be taken daily, or take a tsp. of tincture can be used thrice a day.

The prevention of the accumulation of blood platelets and the increase in the blood supply to the brain and the control of angina can be achieved using the ginkgo biloba herb; ginkgo can be taken at doses of twenty drops of tincture thrice a day. Or alternately use two 40 mg capsules of 24% of standardized gingko extract.

The common ginger also has a tonic effect on the heart; it reduces levels of cholesterol and inhibits blood platelet accumulation for a possible clogged artery. A fresh ginger infusion can be made using 2 slices of fresh root in a cup of water, 2 such cups can be taken daily. The repair and healing of the damaged heart and the slowing of the heart rate is encouraged by mistletoe which also strengthens capillary walls in the process.

To prepare this herb soak half a tsp. of the herb in a cup of water for twelve hours, this infusion must then be strained and three cups can be drunk daily. The combination of the following herbs can be drunk in tea form, 3 cups daily can be used for positive effects these include herbs like valerian and nettle, the daisy flower, the fragrant hops, lavender and dandelion, the lemon balm and yarrow.


Commonly used essential oils for heart attack:

Additional things you may do

To stimulate the rate of circulation and to exercise the body, work the reflexes of the lung and heart area namely the thoracic region, the adrenal glands, the diaphragm, and sigmoid colon. The hardening of the arteries and many of the resulting complications because of it can only be reduced or removed through a thorough change in diet and lifestyle- choices.

Usual dosage

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg thrice a day.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU.

Coenzyme Q10, 50 mg thrice a day.

Magnesium, 250 mg thrice a day.

Other beneficial herbs


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