Heart Disease

Throughout the lifetime of an individual the muscles in the heart contracts at a rate of eighty times per minute, every hour of every day without a stop. Since the circulation and hence the oxygen supply of the entire body is dependant on it the heart is the body's most vital organ, because of its function of ensuring blood and oxygen supply to every cell in every organ in the body.

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Sudden death with very little warning and preparation can easily come about because heart attacks can occur quite unexpectedly. In a very destructive and painless process the symptoms of arteriosclerosis affects the cardiovascular system in general. The factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure being high are often a reason for heart disease to run in a family.

The most common condition in the elderly is heart failure which is a condition which develops if the heart muscle weakens to a point that the heart no longer pumps blood effectively. Complete exhaustion, breathlessness when climbing stairs and conditions like edema are some of the signs of a heart disease.

Even if there is a strong tendency for the occurrence of heart problems in the family, most heart disease can be prevented through various means. Improper diet is often the major cause for most heart problems, in particular the consumption of too much meat and saturated fat, and an excess of salt and sugar in food.

What is needed and essential to maintain a healthy heart is the addition to the diet of plenty of raw foods, fiber and wholesome, unrefined foods. The deposition of fatty tissues in the arteries can result from a lack of exercise which often deprives the heart of a sufficient supply of oxygen.

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The cases against heart disease and consequent problems is also not helped by the consumption of high amounts of stimulants like coffee and alcohol and very rich meals, and the risks for heart disease increases with habits such as smoking and with conditions like a high blood pressure in a person. Unnoticed and hidden problems can also crop up years later where bacteria and viruses afflicted the heart and have caused an infection.

One of the most dangerous conditions to the health of the heart is the presence of constant and high levels of stress in a person. Many symptoms such as heart palpitations are a reaction to anxiety and emotional nervousness and are very rarely considered serious; however the most serious problems and a diagnosis of severity can only be made in consultation with a medical professional and under expert evaluation. An overactive thyroid, for instance can often be responsible for a nervously beating heart.

The heart is forced to word harder and pound faster when there is a tension from hectic living in a person with a fast lifestyle. To better manage and counteract the damaging effects of stress, we must learn to enjoy life by slowing down and learning the coping mechanisms that are necessary to healthy living.

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Supplements and herbs

The main way to prevent heart disease is through a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet and lifestyle must be the main focus of the fight against heart disease, and the supplementation given should be used to complement this action. An excellent supplement for the heart is the coenzyme Q10.

This chemical is a substance normally found in the body, but the coenzyme Q10 is often deficient in people with irregular heart beats and in those with any other heart disease. While supporting the functions of the heart, it also bolsters cardiac muscle strength and improves oxygen supply to the heart.

In order to function properly and fully the muscles in the heart of the heart muscles require adequate amounts of the substance carnitine. The L-carnitine form of this substance increases muscular strength and builds stamina while lowering the triglycerides and LDL cholesterol and raising levels of "good" HDL cholesterol in the body.

This substance is an important constituent in an enzyme system that lowers the total fat content in the human body. The manufacture and synthesis of this substance in the body is from the amino acids namely lysine and methionine aided by the vitamins B3, B6 and C in the process. One of the world's greatest chemists named Linus Pauling advocated the use of high doses of L-lysine and vitamin C in patients with angina as he was sure of its efficacy.

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Some of his researches show important and significant results possibly because of greater manufacture of the carnitine in the body from lysine and vitamin C when present in high levels in the diet. For their eventual utilization as fuel the L-carnitine transports fatty acids into cells. In fact, a deficiency of carnitine other forms like D-carnitine and D, is responsible for the onset of metabolic obesity in many people. Some forms of carnitine can be toxic in high doses and should not be used. Only the L-carnitine form should be used.

For the reversal of heart disease the use of proline which is a nonessential amino acid found highly concentrated in many tissues in the body is recommended. For the reversal of heart disease and in many of the commercial medications and drugs for heart disease in the market the use of praline is made, because proline helps strengthen the heart muscle which is an important step in a healthy heart.

The other amino acids such as ornithine and glutamic acid are used as raw materials for the synthesis of proline within the body. The enzymes using niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin C as cofactors carry out the metabolism of proline in the body.

The effects of supplements using praline is limited and still to be investigated. And physical symptoms like convulsions, an elevated blood calcium level and osteoporosis have been linked to excessive amounts of proline in the body.

As many heart patients have very low levels of the essential mineral magnesium in their blood, supplementation using this mineral should be considered for heart disease. Angina attacks are often brought about by spasms in the coronary artery, this itself is often the result of a magnesium deficiency. Quickened and irregular heartbeats are also brought about due to many deficiencies of minerals in the body. A combination supplements also exist with magnesium and the heart herb hawthorn together in one pill, this should be the ideally the best supplement.

Protecting the arterial walls from damage is one of the roles of the vitamin C; it also hinders clotting of blood, since blood clots have a tendency to form at these damaged sites. As vitamin C lowers cholesterol levels the demand for vitamin C tends to increase during arteriosclerosis. Plant based bioflavonoids should be added to the supplement as they strengthen cellular walls and tissue structure, they also lower cholesterol levels and improve the rate of absorption of the vitamin C within the body.

Because it improves muscular function and strengthens arterial walls the vitamin E is often recommended as a supplement for heart disease. It also decreases the chance of a heart attack by improving the oxygen supply to the cells. Its antioxidant action prevents free radicals from damaging cells similar to vitamin C. Supplements using vitamin E have a potential to raise blood-pressure levels, supplementation should therefore begin in low dosages and can then be gradually strengthened.

Heart damage can be repaired and cholesterol levels reduced when herbal remedies are used in conjunction with other nutritional methods.

The use of hawthorn berries help because this herb can aid in the regulation, the healing, and the repair of heart tissue; while having a soothing effect on the heart. To prepare pour a cup of boiling water over a tsp. of hawthorn blossoms, steep this in water for five to ten minutes, strain the concoction and take 2-3 cups everyday for a period of one month, this must be followed by two weeks of rest, alternately 10 drops extract in liquid twice can be taken daily, or take a tsp. of tincture can be used thrice a day.

An excellent way to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood is by way of garlic which is an excellent remedy and helps prevent and treat cardiovascular disease in many cases. Capsules are odorless and should be had if the raw clove is found to be too pungent. Dosage of this herb can be 3 capsules thrice a day.

The repair and healing of the damaged heart and the slowing of the heart rate is encouraged by mistletoe which also strengthens capillary walls in the process. To prepare this herb soak half a tsp. of the herb in a cup of water for twelve hours, this infusion must then be strained and three cups can be drunk daily.

Capillary walls can be strengthened using violets as a supplement, this is prepared for consumption by pouring a cup of boiling water over a tsp. of violet blossoms, this is then allowed to steep in hot water for five minutes and the concoction can be drunken three cups a day as an herbal cure. The bark of the cinchona reduces the heart rate and improves the irregularity in the heart beat.


Commonly used essential oils for heart disease:

Additional things you may do

General health and well being is promoted by the daily practice of a moderate and regular exercise regimen like brisk walking three times per week for thirty minutes. Heart rate is greatly improved even when walking daily, even for ten minutes. You cannot push your body into shape through over-exertion it is not healthy and will not help you get in shape any sooner and should be avoided, the point is in being regular.

Regular exercises can be practiced by anyone at any age bracket with some kind of regular exercise that suits his or her lifestyle and condition or timings. How regularly you exercise is very important when compared to how much or what kind of exercise you do. Exercising in the outdoors and in fresh air is preferable to an exercise regimen inside a gym or indoor pool when carried out regularly. Walking along streets where exposure to automotive exhaust is likely should be avoided at all cost.

Take in a lot of fresh and invigorating air daily by strolling through a park or along a beach. By taking simple breathing exercises such as counting to seven while inhaling and again to seven while exhaling, and breathing deeply on daily walks you exercise the body and the lungs which is very beneficial in the long run.

Usual dosage

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU once a day.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

L-carnitine, 500 mg thrice a day.

Magnesium, 600 mg.

Coenzyme Q10, 50 mg thrice a day.

Other beneficial herbs


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