Heart Palpitation

A palpitation in the heart can bring great fear and anxiety to the affected individual-these are nothing but sudden irregular beatings in the heart which occur repeatedly without warning. It is common knowledge that the human heart beats quicker and stronger during times of physical or emotional stress felt by a person.

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However, irregular heart beatings are unique in that they can occur quite suddenly even when the person is in a state of relaxation or is lying in bed. This form of irregularity in the heart beat can arise as a result of a problem in the nervous system or a because of a psychological difficulty that the person has in dealing with mentally or physically stressful situations.

Many types of conditions which can be classified as being rather panic attacks or anxiety attacks are accompanied by heart palpitations. Symptoms such as sudden spells of dizziness, nausea and a shortness of breath, along with stabbing heart pains can come during the more severe heart palpitations.

A medical professional's opinion will be needed to diagnose the problem and suggest treatment if the condition is severe or if it keeps recurring. Irregularities in the rhythm of the heart beat can be classified as arrhythmias. For example, these situations can occur when the heart seemingly skips a beat all of a sudden. Though investigations and diagnosis becomes required if these occur regularly, such conditions are not on the whole considered serious enough to endanger the affected individual.

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The stress hormone - adrenalin - is released during times of physical or mental stress and it makes the heart beat harder and faster to cope with any situation the person may find himself or herself in. This reaction of hormonal release is the famous flight or fight reaction necessary for the body when the person has hard exercise, and in other situations where the person has to face danger from different sources.

However, the possibility of an underlying heart disease should be considered if heart palpitations occur even when the person makes minimal effort-this possibility also exists if the palpitations occur when the person is at rest. Such palpitations in the body of an individual already suffering from some sort of severe infection or inflammation, may be signaling an impending heart attack and all necessary precautions must be taken in such events.

Heart palpitations can also be caused by other conditions such as high blood-pressure or an overactive thyroid gland which may be over secreting hormones. Pregnant women also sometimes suffer heart palpitations as a form of reaction to the extra strain on the heart during labor. However, heart palpitations are on the whole unrelated to heart diseases in anyway and heart palpitations and arrhythmias commonly occur in people who are over excited and are reacting to psychological stress or a traumatic physical event. Cigarettes, tea and coffee, are also known to cause heart palpitations especially if they are taken in excessive amounts.

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Supplements and herbs

While underlying heart conditions can be the cause of heart palpitations in some cases, more usually they are due to feelings of anxiety, and are a reaction to psychological stress. The nervous system can be calmed by doses of the essential mineral magnesium, this minerals is also very good for a healthy cardiac system.

The use of magnesium in treatment of arrhythmias requires the use of dosages that exceed those doses commonly thought to be safe and tolerable during oral supplementation. Thus during the supplementation of magnesium at these high doses, make sure that you balance it out by taking it along with supplements of calcium and potassium, so as to make it a combination mineral supplement.

Consult a medical specialist about magnesium levels in the body, the specialist must evaluate the levels of the mineral in the blood and the tissues-this will let you know the likely amount of magnesium that the body will be able to tolerate. Heavy doses of magnesium at 2,000-5,000 mg tablets daily will induce diarrhea and the sudden loss of magnesium and other minerals from the body within a day from the time of supplementation.

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This sudden reaction of the body to the dose is a "magnesium-induced magnesium deficiency" commonly experienced by all users of this supplement in high doses. The use of intravenous or intramuscular injections of magnesium is the only way of getting around this problem. Self administered intramuscular injections of magnesium can be done by the patient, thus the affected individual can control their heart beat irregularities whenever they occur by resorting to these injections.

Even when the magnesium injections are taken at high doses of 3,000 mg or more every week, arrhythmias may still take several months to completely disappear.

Use a combination supplement of the mineral magnesium, the vitamin E and the herbal extract of hawthorn to treat all heart ailments. High levels of magnesium can also be found in many green food supplements which are rich in the compound chlorophyll. Green food supplements like the barley grass or the wheatgrass, chlorella and spirulina are highly recommended for supplemental use in this regard by all patients.

The regulation of a proper heart beat can also be carried out through supplements of the coenzyme Q10 which is very effective in regulating the speed and rhythm of cardiac muscles. Also highly recommended are the B vitamins, combined together with the vitamin C-all patients must use these two supplements to treat heart palpitations.

Heart palpitations and arrhythmias can be treated by using the herbal remedies given here.

The herbal extract of the ginkgo biloba herb is recommended because of its strong antioxidant property. Thus this herbal remedy will relax the blood vessels, and inhibit the aggregation of platelets within the body; it will also increase the rate of peripheral and cerebral blood flow during an irregularity in the heart beat.

The ginkgo is also a general cardiovascular and brain tonic, useful in other ways to improve health in an individual conditions such as arterial insufficiency, cardiac disorders like ischemic heart disease, and peripheral vascular disease which affects both arteries and veins have all been treated using the ginkgo herb.

The ginkgo herbal extract has also been used in the treatment of memory loss, in the revival of failing mental faculties, and to treat most types of neurological conditions, other disorders such as asthma, and ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and high blood pressure can also be treated using ginkgo. It is believed that the ginkgo biloba also helps in tissue recovery and repair within the body besides its already significant free-radical scavenging action-which significantly improves the oxygenation of tissues.

Cardiac muscles can be bolstered by herbal supplements of the hawthorn herb. Dosage of this herb can be about two tbsp. of the herbal juice of the hawthorn mixed in water, and taken thrice every day for a supplemental period lasting a few weeks. Another excellent herbal tea to be used in the treatment of heart palpitations is a preparation made using two tsp. of yarrow, steep in boiling water for fifteen minutes, this herbal tea can then be strained and should be drunk while it is warm, dosage can be 2-3 cups of the herbal tea every day of the treatment period.

A quickened pulse rate can be relaxed and slowed down by the juice of the yarrow herb; this herbal juice can also be used to control the sudden thumping in the heart during a palpitation. The cardiac muscles can be relaxed by the lemon balm during palpitations. Prepare a lemon balm tincture, and mix two tsp. of it in a cup of lemon balm tea, sip this mixture slowly to calm the heart palpitations.

Heart palpitations due to nervousness and anxiety can also be treated using herbs like the valerian, the hops, the white horehound and the bugleweed in different supplemental forms. Heart palpitations and cardiac muscle excitement is calmed by the white horehound. Dosages of this herbal remedy can be 10 drops of white horehound tincture mixed with water used about thrice every day during the treatment regimen.

Make an herbal tea using this herb by steeping 2 tsp. of white horehound herb in 2 cups of boiling water for about three to five minutes. Once this is done, strain the herbal tea and drink it in doses of 3-5 cups every day. The essential mineral silica play a vital role in the regulation of the heart.

Topical herbal measures can also be employed to stimulate the impaired circulation, mix the oil of rosemary and mint in equal parts, rub this oil mixture on to the chest area several times every day to relieve the pain during a heart palpitation. Herbal baths can also serve as a topical treatment measure for heart palpitations, an herbal bath using the lemon balm relaxes the heart and an herbal bath using an infusion of the lavender will relax the nervous system of the patient.

A herbal infusion can be prepared using 6 tbsp. of lemon balm in 4 qt. of boiling water, let this herb steep in the water for some time, and then strain it, adding it to bath water for use as a direct topical measure. Bath water can alternately be fortified using 10-20 drops of the essential oil of lemon balm. This will bring topical relief from the symptoms of heart palpitations.

Additional things you may do

Any source of stress and all persistent stress inducing situations must be avoided at all costs. Manage your time well, giving enough time to work, having sufficient time for relaxation, set proper mealtimes and most important of all get enough sleep every night. Some other techniques that can help are the regular practice of mild forms of gymnastics and deep-breathing exercises on a daily basis.

One way to ensure relaxation is to wash the upper body with cold water in the evenings and without drying the body, to go to sleep directly-keeping warm in bed at the same time. Use cold water therapy as a topical therapeutic measure-on a regular basis dip both hands into cold water for about thirty seconds.

Usual dosage

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg.

Coenzyme Q10, 50 mg.

Magnesium, 250 mg thrice a day.

Other beneficial herbs


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