Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are disorders that come because of abnormal bone growth, these spurs form as bony and pointed extensions along the heel-generally they are visible only under an X-ray if other physical symptoms are not present. Normally the development of bone spurs is possible anywhere on the human body, though the heels are the regions of most frequent occurrence.

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People with heel spurs may feel a sharp and stabbing pain in the area above the spur if pressure is applied or when they are walking-this does not always occur and in most cases, heel spurs may cause no pain whatsoever.

Different areas of the body can develop bone spurs as a result of faulty calcium deposition. This occurs because of the constant and improper use of a particular region of the body over very long periods of time.

Individuals affected with flat feet, those who are otherwise obese or overweight and those suffering from other musculoskeletal-related disorders-such as arthritis, disorders like tendinitis and neuritis are particularly likely to be affected by bone spur development. People in middle age are often the most likely demographic group to be affected with bone spurs.

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Supplements and herbs

Supplemental forms of the minerals calcium and magnesium taken on a regular basis will effectively treat all types of bone spurs in the body. The characteristic and abnormal calcium deposits that typically form during bone spur development is prevented by a proper balanced supplement containing these two essential minerals. The absorption of these nutrients into the body is aided by supplements of the digestive enzyme called betaine HCL-these supplements must be taken on a regular basis.

Supplements such as whole leaf and cold processed herbal juice of the aloe vera herb, the compound glucosamine sulfate, the shark cartilage, the compound bromelain (found in pineapple), the evening primrose oil, and the green food supplement kelp are all natural anti-inflammatory agents and can be used as effective supplements in the treatment of the condition.

Also suggested as a supplemental measure in the more severe cases, are regular intramuscular injections of the B complex vitamins, particularly of the vitamin B12, and an essential mineral like magnesium sulfate. In addition, oral supplements of the vitamin C up to bowel tolerance can also be taken.

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All the herbs and herbal remedies given here can be used in the treatment of heel spur related problems.

Healing and repair in the injured tissues can be achieved through regular consumption of an herbal tea made from the rose hip and the horsetail herbs. Prepare these herbal teas by mixing a tsp. of the herbs in a cup of boiling water, let the herbs steep in for about ten minutes, carefully strain and drink a cup of the tea thrice every day.

Foot baths can also be used as a topical remedy; the water used can be infused with extracts of the arnica and the chamomile. Curcumin is the yellow pigment found in the turmeric. This compound has been investigated in some studies and is reportedly as effective as cortisone without any of the side effects associated with cortisone use. Curcumin can be taken at 500-1,000 mg thrice every day on an empty stomach for a treatment period lasting six weeks-this is the usual dosage regimen that is considered to be the most effective.

It is advisable that you use fresh green cabbage leaves for treating heel spurs. It is a wonderful home remedy for this condition. Use the cabbage leaves to cover the affected areas and fasten them using a paper wrap. In addition, massaging the affected areas using coconut oil will prove effective in healing heel spur and alleviating pain and uneasiness associated with this condition. Taking coconut capsules will help to cure the condition better.

In order to get relief from pain and inflammation due to the heel spur it is essential to apply a flaxseed pack to the affected parts on a regular basis. In addition, drinking alfalfa tea regularly and more than two times every day helps to reduce the pain as well as discomfort caused by heel spurs.

As the same time, you need to consume foods that contain high amounts of calcium to treat the spurs formed on the heels. This is one of the best home remedies for heel spur.

You should know that applying apple cider vinegar is one of the best ways to relieve discomfort from any part of the body. This is also true in the case of heel spurs and some people affected by this condition may find it to be the best home remedy. The best way to use apple cider vinegar to affected areas is to cut a paper in the form of your heel, immerse it in the vinegar and wear this paper for about four to five days at a stretch. There is no doubt that doing so will help you to get respite from the condition.

Additional things you may do

Topical measures such as taking alternating hot and cold water foot baths are very effective in alleviating the painful symptoms caused by heel spurs. The painful sensation in the affected area can be relieved by applying a hot flax seed pack as a direct topical measure. To ease the discomfort felt because of heel spurs, make sure that you wear shoes with good rubber heels and make use of special heel cushions as well.

The possibility of an underlying food allergy and other disorders such as digestive enzyme insufficiencies, particularly those related to hydrochloric acid, and some assimilation problems must be suspected if the disorder is not alleviated by changes in diet and regular supplementation. Consult a nutritionist or a naturopath for a full and comprehensive digestive check and stool analysis, along with other food allergy tests, to probe the cause of the condition. Many other tests that check for nutritional status can also be used to probe for the condition.

Orthopedic molds are also very useful for curing heel spurs. These are sold in plenty in the market and you simply require placing these molds beneath your heel in the shoes. If you do this on a regular basis, you will get respite from this unusual condition.

In addition, borax solution is an excellent home remedy for heel spurs. Prepare a solution with borax powder and water and immerse your feet in the solution. When you do this regularly, you will experience a subsidence in the intensity of pain as well as inflammation caused by heel spurs in a few days. Using chlorinated water is also an effective means to get rid of the pain as well as lessening inflammation in the affected areas.

Moreover, a blend of molasses with baking soda and apple cider vinegar may be used externally to cure heel spurs. This combination is regarded to be an excellent home remedy for treating heel spurs. Another effective home remedy for this condition is wrapping the affected areas with a cheese cloth doused in linseed oil. After wrapping this cloth around the affected parts, allow it to remain undisturbed for some hours.

Alternately, you may also apply an ice pack around the heel spurs, as it is effective in diminishing pain. In addition, it also helps to unwind the muscles and diminish the inflammation at the affected areas.

Usual dosage

Kelp, one tsp. a day.

Evening primrose oil, 500 mg.

Vitamin C to bowel tolerance.

Magnesium, 600 mg.

Calcium, 1,200 mg.

Bromelain, two capsules between food.

Glucosamine sulfate, 500 mg a day.


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