Hernia, Congenital Inguinal

The development of an incomplete closure in a membrane between the abdominal cavity, containing the abdominal organs, and the space within the testes leads to the formation of an inguinal hernia. A hernia is formed when the part of the intestines or some of the peritoneal fluid leaks down into the inguinal canal and the scrotum, forming a pouch because of the pressure.

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This related condition is normally split described in two ways-thus a hernia is caused when a part of the intestines become trapped in the scrotal area; the term hydrocele is used where the pouch is caused by an accumulation of the fluid. Males tend to suffer much more from than do females in the human population.

Congenital forms of hernia have a different development history; normally at about the eighth month of pregnancy, the fetal peritoneum that consist of the membrane lining the walls of the abdominal cavity undergoes developmental changes and fuses to separate the abdominal cavity from the scrotum as a part of the body.

This fusion may be incompletely achieved in some circumstances. Congenital inguinal hernia is thus precipitated where such a defect is large enough, this hernia often allows the intestines, together with the peritoneum and fluids, to protrude into or accumulate in the scrotum.

Some typical physical symptoms associated with a hernia include the appearance of swelling and pain in the area of the groin. Physical exertion such as when the child is crying, coughing, or straining himself or herself can aggravate the hernia and the mass may be observed in such cases, making for easy diagnosis. In many cases the obstruction brought by the hernia, can lead to the appearance of severe pain, swelling and redness, and also some warmth in the affected area. It is also common and observable that one or both testes are swollen-this is one of the signs of hernia.

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Supplements and herbs

The following supplements and herbal treatments are intended as supplementary or supportive measures and must not be used as substitutes for surgery. There usage is directed at supporting recovery once the child or patient has sufficiently undergone satisfactory surgery to repair the hernia-these are for use at home during the recovery stage.

See age-appropriate dosages of herbal remedies

During recovery from hernia surgery, the following two-week program can be followed for a child as per instructions.

Days 1-3: A combination formula of the Echinacea and goldenseal can be given to children two times every day. These combination doses will aid in the detoxification of the body; helping in the elimination of chemicals from the blood following anesthesia. These will also greatly boost and support the immune system, these herbs will also help prevent a possible infection that can set within the surgical wound. Thus the recovery of the child from the surgical trauma will be improved and carried out at a faster rate.

Days 4-6: dosages of the astragalus herb (Astragalus membranaceous) can also be given thrice a day to children in the recovery period. The immune system is bolstered by the actions of this healing herb, the herb has a very high and potent concentration of trace minerals and micronutrients, essential for proper immune system functioning.

Days 7-14: a single dose of the American ginseng can also be given to children thrice every day during the recovery stage. The immune system as well as the internal defense of the child's body is bolstered by this herb; it has very potent active ingredients and is another excellent source of trace minerals and micronutrients essential for a healthy body and is helpful for recovery.
For you information: if signs of a fever or any other signs of infection are present in the body of the child, the use of Astragalus and American ginseng should be discontinued at once.

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Gotu kola is another excellent herb for utilization in the recovery stage and is a great general tonic as well as contributor to rapid wound healing. Until complete recovery is achieved, children can be given two to three doses of this herb on a daily basis.
For your information: children below four years of age should not be given this herb as a supplement.


Many people turn to homeopathy to treat hernias and the two homeopathic remedies that are commonly used for this purpose include Lycopodium and Nitricum Acidum.

It is advisable that before you start any treatment plan using these homeopathic remedies, you should essentially consult a qualified homeopathic doctor. Many different homeopathic remedies may be effective in curing a single illness and, hence, only an objective as well as experienced homeopath will be able to figure out the precise remedy that is most appropriate for treating a particular condition.


This homeopathic remedy is particularly effectual for treating hernias that develop on the right part of the groin or abdomen. Patients who are apprehensive, melancholic and suffer from sciatica and hemorrhoids generally respond well to Lycopodium, a refined yellow-hued powder obtained from the spores of the plant known as club moss (botanical name Lycopodium clavatum).

Nitricum Acidum

Nitricum Acidum is ideal for treating the various common symptoms related to hernia, for instance, nausea, cramps, abdominal pain, and swelling. It is important to note that patients using this remedy should stay away from extreme temperatures.

Additional things you may do

It is important to note that neither use of medicines nor following a healthy diet, taking vitamins or undertaking exercises are helpful in healing either a primary or recurring inguinal hernia in adults. Instead, one has to undergo surgery for curing the condition effectively. In fact, all inguinal hernias are practically perfectly suitable for surgical repair making use of a sophisticated tension-free, mini-incision and open technique.

This standard method is safest as well as the most effectual modern technique for hernia healing that is available in present times. The earlier traditional process of hernia repair involved pulling the edges of the muscles firmly together and stitching them up under tremendous tension.

Contrary to this traditional approach, the latest tension-free technique enables us to adapt as well as alter a specially selected net-like product to precise size and arrangement needed for every individual patient and each particular case of hernia. In effect, hernias vary from one patient to another and, hence, the approach that 'one size is suited for all' is not only outdated, but also not as effectual.

It has been found that many hernia patients employ home remedies with a view to ease the pain and uneasiness caused by this condition. Although numerous prescription as well as non-prescription drugs are useful in alleviating the pain associated with hernias, it has been found that majority of the patients prefer using natural remedies for inguinal hernia.

Nevertheless, before you start using any remedy to treat inguinal hernia, it is vital that people should realize that the medications just aid in controlling the painful symptoms related to the condition; they do not help to cure the problem. Only a surgical procedure is effective for complete repair of the condition. Some natural remedies and home remedies for inguinal hernia are mentioned below.

You may apply a cold compress or an ice bag with a view to make the area numb and, thereby, lessen the pain. In addition, you need to be careful to avoid the affected area coming in contact with any kind of pressure or heat. At the same time, ensure that you get enough rest and never feel or get tired at whatever time.

It is important that the body weight of people with inguinal hernia should always remain healthy. In other words, if you are overweight or obese, you may require going on a diet. Moreover, you should make an effort to reduce or totally stop your unhealthy habits, for instance, smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Ensure that you always wear light and loose-fitting clothes, so that they do not put any pressure on the area affected by inguinal hernia. You need to strictly keep away from wearing clothes that are tight-fitting or put any kind of pressure on your stomach.

The natural inguinal hernia remedies discussed above are fairly safe for use by patients of all ages, provided they are used appropriately and in correct dosage. Nevertheless, it is essential that all hernia patients should consult a physician before they start using any of these remedies. If the use of any of these inguinal hernia natural remedies result in any undesirable effects, discontinue it immediately and talk to your physician regarding what you ought to do next.

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