Treating Herpes Virus

The herpes simplex virus is responsible for causing herpes in humans. Not a lot is known about this virus, what is known is that its presence in the human body produces a lot of undesirable physical symptoms. The viral organism gains entry into the human body via the skin and through the mucous membranes, once within the body, the virus multiplies and finds it way further into the body along the nerve endings, here it finally settles down and begins multiplying at a terrific rate.

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The viral genetic matter permanently incorporates itself into the DNA of the human host cells; this incorporation of genetic matter is carried out as soon as the virus establishes itself in the system. Herpes can be classed into two basic types of herpes, depending on the virus causing the disorder.

The first type of herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 or HSV I in short, reserves of this viral organism are usually seen in the region of the body above the waist and the symptoms it induces in the human body are characterized by the appearance of raw sores often known as fever blisters or cold sores.

Herpes of the second variety is brought on by the herpes simplex virus II, or HSV II in short, this form of the condition is often called genital herpes, this virus also generally attacks the human body below the waist, and the symptoms are seen predominately in the area in and around the genitals of the affected person.

Initial symptoms of the genital herpes begin as an inflammation or sensitive area of skin in the genital region, which comes along with rapid swelling in all the glands along the groin of the affected person. The sensitive area in the groin erupts out into sores and rapidly forms red blisters within a few days following the appearance of initial symptoms in the area.

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The formation of these blisters can cause a lot of discomfort to the sufferer and the blisters also tend to cause a lot of pain to the person experiencing them. Blisters can often bleed when they rupture, they may also give away a clear fluid from the ruptured area. Crusts form over the blisters in five to seven days following eruption and bleeding.

The affected area heals and the blisters completely disappear till the next outbreak of blisters and the cycle is repeated as long as the herpes virus infects the body. The first rupture of blisters may be the only sign of the disease experienced by a fortunate and small minority of women-who if treated at once will not suffer repeated attacks.

Recurring ruptures on the other hand affect upwards of seventy five percent of all women and in the majority of affected women, recurring blisters rupture in cyclic attacks over the course of a few months and even over some years. A mellowing of symptoms with repeated outbreaks of the blisters is also reported by many women suffering from herpes infections.

The possible reason for this may be the production of herpetic antibodies in the body of the affected woman; these compounds are the natural lines of defense against further infection produced by the immune system of the woman.

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Supplements and herbs

All of the herbs and supplements given here can be used in the treatment of women suffering from herpes infection. It is suggested that these substances be utilized as a part of an alternative treatment program to help build and strengthen the flagging nervous system, using plenty of nervine adaptogenic herbs and foods in the diet.

The area infested by the herpes virus resides is the nerve endings which are located at the base of the spine in the human body. The sudden population explosion of the virus is not surprisingly, activated by the presence of excessive stress and other nervous conditions in the woman for long periods of time. While calming and relaxing the nervous system, the adaptogenic herbs and foods will also increase the body inherent ability to react to the many stresses in the environment.

Stress is handled better by the body, when the person consumes the following nervine adaptogens on a regular basis, these substances will strengthen and nourish the person, they will also aid in the maintenance of the homeostatic mechanisms regulating the nervous system-all of these factors enable the person to deal effectively with stress.

Diets must be heavy in B vitamin-rich foods, including plenty of whole grains, foods like nutritional yeast, natural foods like bee pollen, green foods like the spirulina, the blue green algae, and all kinds of seaweeds. The daily diet must also be supplemented by including a single dose of the vitamin B complex group of vitamins.

To beat back stress, take daily drinks of Stress-Less Tea for several weeks at a stretch and whenever you experience periods of high stress or emotional tension.

The main thrust of treatment for herpes must be in a holistic therapy which leads to the strengthening of the immune system, when this is done attacks from all sorts of viruses, from bacteria, and from other infectious agents is less likely to succeed and the body is better able to ward off pathogens due to improved resistance.

A strong immunes system is very capable of defeating many viral or bacterial infections. Moreover, the treatment program aiming at completely reducing or eliminating the outbreaks of herpes is helped along by the presence of healthy and fully functioning immune system acting in conjunction with a strong nervous system-a strong resistance from the body to the virus, is the foundation for eventual treatment of herpes infections.

All women who are prone to herpes infections must make use of herbal remedies made from the Echinacea herb-this herb comes highly recommended as a preventive measure against infection from herpes. Doses of the herbal remedy made from Echinacea must be taken daily for a treatment period lasting three months, and the dosage regimen can be repeated, whenever there are outbreaks and sudden periods of vulnerability to the herpes virus during the lifetime of the individual.

The ideal way take a dose of Echinacea herbal remedy and to enjoy the full immune-enhancing effects of the herb, to take it for an initial period lasting five days, the dosage can be stop for a period of two days following the initial use and the dosage of five days can be repeated-this dosage regimen is the ideal cycle for using Echinacea herbal remedies. The suggested dose for those taking an Echinacea tincture is one-fourth of a teaspoon, taken three times every day.

The suggested dosage regimen for the herbal teas made from the Echinacea is three to four cups of the herb taken every day. The suggested dosage for herbal Echinacea capsules is to take two capsules, thrice every day as long as needed in repeated cycles as already mentioned.

For a period of three to six months, the daily diet of the patient must include the pau d'arco herb as a daily supplement. This herbal remedy can be used in the tincture form, in the form of tablets or as an herbal tea. Dosages of the herb can be the same as the dosages suggested for the herb Echinacea. The preventative action of the Immune support tea made from the pau d'arco is excellent in increasing the resistance of the body to infection from different pathogens.

Daily supplements of green food compounds like the chlorophyll, wheat grass, and-or some blue-green algae can be taken in limited doses along with the normal diet. The green foods are anti-viral in action and each of these individual compounds will also strengthen the immune system and increase the resistance of the body to infection.

These supplements also nourish and cleanse the system and can be considered as the ultimate green herbs-they are extremely valuable in the fight against infection. Natural foods contain a lot of these nutritional substances and many herbal stores will also carry these compounds in capsule or tincture form.

All individuals taking part in treatment programs for herpes treatment must undergo thoroughly evaluation of their dietary regimen-this is to check for some foods which when eaten may agitate the condition further. Some foods that need to be eliminated from the diet include all kinds of sweets-these may be natural or artificially synthesized. Diets must also be eliminated off arginine-rich foods like peanuts, all chocolates, and soft drinks-particularly those that contain any cola.

An outbreak of herpes is also increased by the use of different stimulants-these must also be removed from the diet. At the same time, diets lacking in nutritional and other essential compounds can also cause the exacerbation of the infection. Herpes is more likely to strike people with low intakes of foods which are high in the B complex vitamins, in minerals like calcium, iron, the compounds like the vitamin C, and the amino acid lysine.

Herpes sores and blisters can be soothed using the gel made from the aloe vera herb, this gel when used topically dries, and effectively helps in the healing of the sores on the body. The sores must be directly coated with the aloe vera gel. The gel can be sourced from a fresh pressed leaf of a herb, or it may be purchased directly from a health food store-many herbal stores sell this gel for use in topical treatments.

Many women find the salves and ointments applied to sores very comforting; at the same time some women equally feel that keeping the sores in a moist state only prolongs the actual healing process. The individual reaction to the use of topical treatments is important for full recovery. To find out what works for you, initially try both methods and choose the one you prefer.

If the herpes sores that affect you respond better to the application of an astringent, then the use of a drying type medication in the form of a salve may be ideal for you. Prepare an herbal salve from the St. Johns' wort or calendula tincture and use this solution. The areas of the skin with open sores can be swabbed topically using this salve. The salve must be diluted using water, and is used directly, it will cause a strong stinging sensation.

The direct application of an Anti-Herpes Paste is an excellent and extremely effective herbal poultice-soothing the affected area and increasing the rate of healing.

The soothing and healing actions of warm herbal baths are also an ideal treatment for herpes patients. There are essentially two types of baths-alternate these remedies and find the one which has the best remedial effects for your body. The first type of herbal bath is very soothing and relaxing to the body, this will ease the terrible itching sensation induced by the herpes.

The first herbal bath also boosts and strengthens the spirit, the person begins to develop a deep sense of cleanliness following the bath, and the bath also promotes a renewed intense feeling of inner strength and support. The astringent and cleansing action of the second bath is also effective in dealing with herpes infections. The groin must be gently and completely dry following the herbal bath. The herpes sores can be sprinkled with a fine dusting of Yoni Powder to promote healing and relief from the symptoms of herpes.

For kids

See age-appropriate dosages of herbal remedies

The presence of intense burning sensations, a tingling feeling, or harsh itching sensations in the skin along the edges of the lips or the nose as when a cold sore begins to form are the general initial symptoms for infection arising due to HSV 1 in the body of children. These initial symptoms are followed in a few hours by the development of small red pimples in the affected area; this second phase is then followed by the development of small fluid filled fever blisters.

Discomfort is the greatest at this stage of the infections the blisters often itch and hurt intensely. Children in addition, often suffer from the coming of a mild fever at this stage, and there is also enlargement in the lymph nodes along the neck of the child in many cases. Blisters are covered with thin yellow crusts in about seven day's time, healing has begun when this stage is reached and it also indicates that the virus has run its course of infection.

The initial symptoms induced by the HSV 2 virus is similar in males and females and they include the presence of an intense burning sensation, a tingling or itching sensation all along the genitalia. Symptoms tend progress to the second stage and the appearance of painful blisters on the skin-these blisters also form along the moist linings of the genitalia.

Over time, all the fluid filled blisters will slowly turn a red color and have very painful surface which are like sores. These sores itch and burn intensely and can cause further infections in the body. The groin is also subjected to further symptoms as all the lymph nodes in that region swell up and a fever often strikes the person at the same time. Urination is very painful for the affected individuals of both sexes-this particular physical symptom is quite common in men and women affected by herpes.

The discomfort and irritation to the patient is extreme during an outbreak of herpes. An imminent outbreak of herpes is signaled by the initial symptoms like burning and tingling sensations for those who individuals who have experienced herpes previously. The level of stress is also heightened by the knowledge of impending symptoms, this factor increases the severity of the outbreak in its turn. Healing from an outbreak is usually completed in seven to ten days from the time the blisters have developed into sores.

A combination herbal formula made from the Echinacea and goldenseal herbs will contain both antiviral and astringent properties-this formula can be used to bolster the body's resistance to infection. The formula also helps in stimulating the immune system of the person, and it also aids in detoxifying the blood. Additionally, the formula also soothes the irritated mucous membranes within the body.

While this combination formula can be taken in several forms, it is suggested that the liquid formula be preferred as a supplement. This form of the formula is much more bioavailable - it is readily used by the body and assimilated into the body at a faster rate. Children can be given a single dose of the herbal combination formula, thrice every day, as treatment for an outbreak of herpes. The lesions formed in the body can also be dried out using this combination herbal formula, when it is used topically on the affected region of the body.

For you information: it is unadvisable to give supplements of the Echinacea herb to children on a daily basis for more than ten days at a stretch. Continuous use of the herb makes it loses its effectiveness and healing power.

In the treatment of herpes, the common garlic which has active antiviral properties can be extremely helpful. Children can be given a single capsule of odorless garlic, two times every day, for a treatment period lasting one week at a time. This treatment regimen can be repeated using one capsule, one time a day, for a further period of a week.

Topical treatment can also be used, the rot powder of the goldenseal herb can be made into an herbal paste and this paste can be applied topically to dry out the lesions formed during an attack of the herpes. Another effective topical treatment is the tincture made from the grindelia herb. Using the sticky gum directly sourced from the fresh plant, if it is available, is also very effective in healing lesions.

The antibiotic property of the root of the licorice herb is very helpful in quickly clearing away an infection of herpes. The herb also aids in the detoxification of the blood. Children can be given a single dose of the herb, thrice every day, as treatment during an outbreak of herpes.
Attention: licorice must not be given to children who suffer from high blood pressure as it can lead to complications.


Use four to six tablespoons of herb mixture per each quart of water. Add herbs to cold water and bring to a simmer slowly, over low heat. Keep pot covered tightly. Immediately remove from the heat and let it sit for twenty minutes. Strain.

Use four to six tablespoons of the herb mixture per quart of water. Add herbs to cold water and bring to a simmer over low heat. Keep pot tightly covered. Simmer gently for twenty minutes. Remove from heat and let infuse twenty minutes. Strain. Drink three to four cups daily.

  • 1 part goldenseal powder,
  • 1 part black walnut hull powder,
  • 1 part echinacea root powder.
Mix the powdered herbs together, then moisten the mixture with a bit of St. Johns' wort/ calendula tincture.

  • 3 parts chamomile,
  • 1 part instant oatmeal (dry),
  • 1 part hops,
  • 1 part comfrey leaf,
  • 2 parts calendula,
  • 1 part comfrey root.
Mix these ingredients together and place a big handful or two in a large handkerchief or cotton bath bag. Tie it onto the nozzle of the tub and let hot water stream through it for several minutes. Adjust the temperature of the water, untie the bag, and let it float with you in the tub.

Mix dry ingredients thoroughly, then mix in oil. Place mixture in a large cotton handkerchief or bath bag. Tie it onto the nozzle of the tub and let hot water stream through it for several minutes. Adjust the water temperature, untie the bag, and let it float with you in the tub.

Other beneficial herbs


From Vic - Apr-02-2011
I have found that Qing Dai San, a Chinese Medicine powder made mostly from Indigo Naturalis has been fantastic for quickly healing lesions. The discomfort clears within 1-2 hours and I had tried sitz baths, baking powder and tons of other things. I'm about to start a course of internal Chinese Medicine as well so here's to hope!
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