Patches of white welts that appear against a red surface are called hives, it is also known as nettle-rash or urticaria. The appearance and the development of hives is usually sudden, it begins in a very small region and spreads out rapidly. It is also very possible for them to recur somewhere else in the body after disappearing from a place.

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The first sensation is a burning sensation, and then an intense and persistent itch develops later. The mucous membranes of the mouth, lips and tongue are affected in the most serious and severe cases. When it spreads to the intestinal or the respiratory tracts the incidence of hives become most serious and complicated bringing on bouts of cramps and diarrhea, or problems with breathing very similar to an attack of asthma.

The eruptions of hives are usually not serious. They are resolved and disappear very usually a few days or hours even without treatment. A rarer and chronic form of rash must be suspected and a medical doctor should be consulted if the eruptions do not disappear within that time period.

Hives is brought on due to the incidence of a wide variety of allergic substances coming in contact with the body. A reaction to an external cause or source can appear locally as hives, all such events such as an insect bite or sting, fluctuations and temperature extremes, the presence of emotional pressure and excessive scratching in the body can trigger hives.

A response or allergic type reaction to certain ingested foodstuffs can also often bring out the incidence hives, especially shellfish and food additives, or medications, particularly penicillin and aspirin are included in these potential triggers of hives.

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To name a few of the other substance is that can cause an external stimuli and bring on hives are many types of preservatives, including flavorings, and food coloring substances and various stabilizers in foods as are foods such as milk, fruits like strawberries, eggs and nuts, all of these can act as potential triggers in the body.

Urticaria can also be induced even by too intense an exercise regimen or physical activity, the presence of stress or a hot body temperature can also be responsible. Digestion and other aspects of overall and holistic health must be looked at and paid attention to during a bid for treatment.

Because of the fact for people with allergies the poor digestion resulting from an inadequate amount of stomach acid and excessive permeability of the intestinal walls is possible problems and causes for hives. Hives can also be aggravated and worsened by the use of stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes and alcohol on a daily basis. The cause of persistent and enduring hives could be a tooth abscess or other hidden bacterial infection, and these must also be checked out accordingly in the person.

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Supplements and herbs

Supporting the immune system and avoiding the source of the problem wherever possible is the best cure and option to boost overall health, however in cases where hives are recurrent or are persistent some forms of internal supplements can help tame allergic symptoms and other causes.

For the treatment of hives the main vitamins are vitamin C and vitamin B12. In cases of hives brought on by an overexposure to solar radiation the beta-carotene is particularly effective as a treatment option. The best method to ingest and supplement the vitamin B12 is by dissolving it under the tongue and swallowing. In the long term treatment of recurring hives the essential fatty acids are necessary, as they build up prostaglandins which are essential in the body for the promotion of overall immune system function, as well as in the maintenance of a healthy skin and complexion.

The oil of the evening primrose herb is an excellent source of and essential fatty acid called, gamma-linolenic acid or (GLA), which is an important component in the fight against hives and its symptoms.

Without the possibility of any side effects the given herbal remedies can help reduce the symptoms of hives.

The rash due to the hives can be cured in a very short time using the juice made form the leaves of the stinging nettle. This can be used in dosages of a tbsp. thrice a day. The appearance of hives in many sensitive people is the result of some biological preparations, such as arnica and chamomile.

The inflammation and the pain that comes with the onset of hives can be reduced and minimized using herbs such as the horsetail, valerian and birch leaves, St. John's wort, lemon balm and peppermint, these herbs can be drunk 3 cups daily as a combination tea, to ward off the worst effects of hives.


For acute cases of hives the required or prescribed remedy can be taken every once every 15 minutes for the first hour, this being gradually reduced to a single hourly dose until the symptoms abate or for a total dosage of 5 or 6 doses in the intervening period. This must be followed for several days by dosages of 3 to 6 times a day or as needed.

A different remedy and approach must be looked for if there is not improvement within two hours. The condition in the case of chronic cases of hives will not be cure fully, though these remedies may relieve the symptoms, for cases of chronic hives seek the advise and aid of a professional homeopath for supervision and remedy.


Apis is to be used when there is a sensation of burning pain, itching and stinging as the hives comes on. The skin is red, and sensitive. There is puffiness in the eyes or the face. This remedy is also to be utilized in the cases of hives that come along due to asthma. Physical signs include the drying of the skin, it becoming hot and its sudden breakout in sweat or perspiration.

Psychologically the patient is irritable, fidgety, and becomes very hard to please or console. There may be weeping. The person is very lethargic and feels sleepy very often. The patient worsens when exposed to the heat, if repeatedly touched, and if exposed to high pressure. The patient will improve after bathing in cold water or lying uncovered in open air. Apis is to be used in all such cases.


Arsenicum is to be used when there is a burning sensation and the presence of fine and small hives, the patient may feel restless and affected by cold, he may also feel thirsty all the time. Other emotional signs are a display of anxiety in the person. Psychologically the behavior may range from an attempt to be a perfectionist, to being critical, to becoming suspicious of people and things.

The patient may be afraid of being left alone, he may hear the illness. The likely causes of this type of hives are indigestion due to the consumption of fish, bad meat, excess alcohol and certain kinds of fruits. The presence of diarrhea is often seen with this type of hives. The patient worsens: at night and in cold weather as well as when the hives are submitted to scratching. The patient improves with warmth, when hot compresses are used for massages, and when allowed to sweat.


Dulcamara is to be prescribed when there is a lot of itching with the hives and there may be white blotches with a red center in the hives. There may be a burning sensation if the hives is scratched. This type of hives often come along in the winter, it can also come about because of a stomach problem, after facing exposure to cold weather, to cold rain or fog.

In children this hives often accompany colds. The patient is very quarrelsome, given to scolding, but is not irate. The patient worsens from being exposed to cold or damp air, to warmth, if female during her menstrual cycle, and in if hives is present in the autumn. The patients improve when exposed or washed in cold water and if the body is kept dry.


Pulsatilla is to be used in cases of large or measles-like hives accompanied but a burning and itching sensation as a symptom. The hives in this case is often accompanied by diarrhea. The typical causes and contributors to the incidence of hives in this case is from consuming pastry, too much pork or rich food, and due to indigestion.

Emotionally the patient will have a gentle and very sweet disposition towards everyone. The patient will weep easily, he or she will have an easily changeable mood, and will like company, feeling very cold most of the time, but avoiding warm rooms at the same instance, and the patient seeks open air and loves being out of doors.

This kind of hives may come about by being too emotional. The patient worsens in the night, and in hot weather, when in an undressed state and after exercises. The patient improves after having a cold bath.

Rhus tox.

Rhus tox. is to be used as a homeopathic remedy when there is a lot of itching and burning, with red skin, which is swollen and inflamed at the same time due to the hives. The person will be very restless. This type of hives is the chronic type; this hives can come on usually after being exposed to extreme cold, after getting wet, and during fevers, if there is sweating during the fever.

This type of hives is also often accompanied by joint pains and fever. The little hives become infected and there are blisters formed as a result. The patient worsens in cold or damp air, under the stimulus of rubbing. The patient improves in warm weather and after physical exercises.


Sepia is to be used as a homeopathic remedy in cases where the hives affect the face, the neck or the whole body. The sensations start with an itching which soon turns to burning if it is scratched. The major sensations are a burning, a stitching and an itching feeling with the hives. These hives have their onset in cold air, and there is some relief from them if the person is placed indoors.

These hives also come about when people are pregnant, with uterine, hormonal or menstrual problems in many women. The patients are psychologically depressed, and are worn out, being indifferent to loved ones and other family members or friends. They show a tendency to be workaholics, and are driven. The patients worsen from the cold, and in the open air after bathing, and in the fall or autumn. They improve when placed in a warm room and after taking exercises.

Urtica urens

Urtica urens is to be used as a homeopathic remedy where there is a lot of itching, burning or prickling sensations along with the hives. The hives are unique with the formation of red and raised blotches with a white center. These hives are possibly formed due to allergies, from eating fish or shellfish, from certain parasites, due to the hot weather, and perhaps due to over exertion. it is of the recurrent type and recurs annually.

This hives sometimes alternates with rheumatism, and there is always a fever present. The patient worsens after sleeping and on arising, from too much warmth, after bathing, after exercising and at night. The patient improves when lying down and if stimulated by rubbing the skin.

Additional things you may do

Liver dysfunction has a reflection on many skin problems. Topical remedies which bring on only a quick and a temporary relief are less useful when compared to an extended, internal herbal therapy which on the whole brings better results. Part of the cleaning of the intestines occurs via regular movements of the bowels.

Using vinegar water, skin should be washed several times during the day. Vinegar water may be made using 1/4 quart of apple cider vinegar to 2 quarts of water. The utilization of cool clay packs or fresh-crushed cabbage leaf as compresses effectively relieves the burning and itching sensations.

On the affected part place a slice of raw onion for alleviation of discomfort. A cream made by mixing quark, yogurt and honey is also used as a topical application. Leave this to soak in cream for an hour, and then rub the skin with a salve made form vitamin E.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, 2 capsules 500 mg thrice a day.

Vitamin B12, 100 mcg.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg 3 to 5 times a day

Pycnogenol, 300 mg.

Quercetin, 500 mg thrice a day.

Curcumin, 500 mg thrice a day.

Other beneficial herbs


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