The maintenance of optimum levels of energy in the body requires that the blood sugar levels are also at normal levels. When the blood sugar levels fall, the result is a condition known as hypoglycemia, this situation brings about symptoms such as irritability, persistent anxiety and extreme nervousness in the affected individual.

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Sudden and extreme physical fatigue is another very obvious symptom felt by the affected individual. The nervous system reacts with a break out of cold sweats, muscular shaking and heart palpitations, and physical weakness, particularly in the knees, is commonly felt by the person. Sleep is also affected by low blood-sugar levels-the affected individual has a difficulty getting any sleep at all.

The diagnosis of the condition becomes easier when symptoms like hunger pangs come along with the other symptoms, the diagnosis is made difficult in times of stress, as hunger may go unnoticed by the affected person.

The stability of blood sugar levels is a finely tuned process within the body, ensuring the blood-sugar levels remain at optimal levels at all times. The hormone insulin is released within the body in response to high levels of sugar in the blood.

Blood sugar falling within the body will be responded to by hunger signals, which are given off to release the stores of sugar and fat into the bloodstream-thus the body reacts in different ways to low and high blood sugar, releasing insulin when blood sugar spikes and releasing sugar when it is low through hunger signals.

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Hypoglycemia can develop in an individual when this balancing mechanism goes haywire or is otherwise sluggish in its response. Severe hypoglycemia can also be caused by the condition known as diabetes; this metabolic disorder affects the release of insulin, playing havoc with the natural metabolic regulation of blood sugar. Situations in which a patient is given too much insulin by injection can result in a drastic fall in the blood-sugar levels, the person will pass out from the resulting insulin shock in such cases-this is a very dangerous situation.

This situation can deteriorate gradually over time, as a pancreatic, insulin-secreting tumor will develop if the imbalance persists. Blood sugar levels can also be affected by an overactive thyroid gland; this can cause the body's metabolism to speed up, creating its own imbalances of blood sugar.

In the majority of people who suffer from the symptoms of hypoglycemia, there are no serious symptoms enough to cause debilitating illness. Symptoms may instead point to other external factors, thus they may signal food sensitivities in the affected individual or they could be the result of very poor eating habits, and possibly may be brought on by improper dietary practices such as overindulgence in sweets and a lack of fiber in the daily diet.

Diets containing a lot of simple sugars are rich in foods such as the refined white flour found in bread and pastries, foods like pasta and refined white rice, and in all varieties of foods stripped of their natural fiber content. The body absorbs and assimilates these sugars at a very rapid rate, and this causes a spike in the blood-sugar levels, this sudden rise in the blood sugar levels places the metabolic functioning of the pancreas under immense stress and over works the metabolic machinery.

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The body then releases a large amount of insulin into the blood stream to compensate for this sudden rise in the blood-sugar levels, the glut of insulin in the blood causes a sharp fall in the blood-sugar levels within the body-this see saw effect is not good for the body as it can lead to permanent damage of the metabolic machinery causing hypoglycemia.

There is much better control and blood sugar levels rise and fall in a gradual manner, if a diet of carbohydrates from a healthy meal which contains many natural fibers is eaten daily-thus dietary factors play a big role in the control of the blood sugar mechanism. Scientist believe that the smallest changes in the sugar levels within the body is registered by the brain, even though this form of hypoglycemia cannot be measure by the regular blood-sugar tests available.

In individuals already susceptible to developing hypoglycemia, many factors such as missing breakfast, and eating large and badly timed meals or using stimulants like coffee and tobacco can create problems and aggravate the disorder in the metabolic process. The sedative effects of alcohol and its high sugar content can aggravate the condition of hypoglycemia and this is the reason, that alcoholic drinks must be avoided at all costs. The chances of hypoglycemia also increases if other factors like stress are felt on a continuous basis, this also increase the metabolic rate in the individual.

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Supplements and herbs

Poor dietary practices are one of the causes of hypoglycemia. A good supplement may help correct the metabolic imbalances within the body of the affected individual-provided of course, that the overall diet is improved and maintained over a long period of time.

Blood sugar problems can be effectively dealt with by the B vitamins and the mineral chromium-these two supplements must be taken on a regular basis to help beat back blood sugar problems. The digestive process is aided by the B complex vitamins; these vitamins also support a nervous system which is very susceptible to low blood-sugar levels.

Supplements of the mineral chromium on the other hand will help in the regulation of blood sugar levels and help stabilize it, they will also improve sugar metabolism within the body. The synthesis of the essential fatty acids is dependant on a good supply of the pantothenic acid; this should be taken in supplementary form to help the body manufacture cholesterol and the essential fatty acids.

The supplements of regular doses of vitamin C will help reduce the incidences of hypoglycemia and stop frequent imbalances from developing. To avoid extreme swings in the blood sugar levels, supplements of spirulina can be taken regularly between meals over a long period of time. Taken in small doses, the supplements of bee pollen will enable the body in effectively dealing with physical fatigue that occurs as a symptom in hypoglycemic individuals. Sugar cravings as well as physical fatigue can be alleviated by regular supplements of the glutamic acid.

The following herbs and herbal remedies given here are effective in helping the body regulate blood-sugar levels-they will also aid in stimulating the pancreas in hypoglycemic individuals.

The wonder herb ginseng helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels and will correct imbalances resulting from fluctuating sugar levels, the herb will also boost energy levels and will increase the stimulation of the pituitary gland-making it release more blood sugar regulating hormones.

Dosage of this herb can be 15-20 drops of ginseng herbal tincture added to any liquid and this can be taken thrice every day following meals-this herbal tincture can also be taken before meals to aid any weakness in the digestive system. If the ginseng herb is used as a regular supplement over a long period of time, it is necessary to take a break of lasting at least two to three weeks once every two months or so. Pancreatic activity can be stimulated by the mugwort herb.

Dosage of this herb can be 5 drops of herbal tincture taken thrice every day and used regularly over a long period of time. Half an hour before eating meals, take some bitter, saponine, and other gland-stimulating herbs such as the dandelion, the gentian, the feverfew herb, the Iceland moss, the plantain, the violet, the coltsfoot, the chicory and the lovage herbs. High blood sugar levels can also be lowered by supplements of the goldenseal herb and this herb must not be used by a hypoglycemic in any instance whatsoever.


Commonly used essential oils for hypoglycemia:

Additional things you may do

Regular routines in eating and sleeping are a very important factor in combating hypoglycemia or sugar imbalances. The importance of regular and moderate exercise, including the use of breathing exercises and taking sunbaths out in the fresh air cannot be overemphasized-physical activity is a must to maintain health and to boost the metabolism in the body.

To topically aid the functioning of the pancreases, use alternate body wraps or hot moist packs on the abdominal area above the pancreas. It is best to avoid all stressful situations and circumstances, learn to relax and remove yourself from situations and places which are full of stress.

Another topical treatment for restoring and regulating the functioning of the pancreas can be the regular use of hot showers and clay baths, daily if required. Take regular baths using cold bath water to which half a cup of clay has been added to help the pancreatic action. Hypoglycemic individuals can also benefit from daily practice of cold water stepping besides other alternative techniques.

Usual dosage

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg and 200 mcg chromium.

Spirulina, one tbsp. or three capsules between food.

Pantothenic acid, 500 mg 1 - 2 times a day.

Glutamine, 500 mg thrice a day.

Other beneficial herbs


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