Incontinence, Fecal

Fecal incontinence can be defined as the temporary loss over the control of the bowels, such a condition can occur when the person is affected by diarrhea and this disorder can be cause great discomfort not to mention embarrassment.

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Fecal impaction meaning a situation where the feces is blocked within the bowels is the main cause for the regular occurrence in the lack of bowel control, this situation causes a great deal of physical irritation and result in the inflammation of the intestines-the result may be that small pieces of feces are uncontrollably released to the exterior from time to time.

Other causes for the condition can be the result of an injury affecting the anal muscles arising surgery and situations such as tissue tear during childbirth can also give rise to the condition. The condition can also be caused by dementia or paralysis of the muscles in the anal region.

Individuals affected by the condition must avoid becoming constipated, this can be achieved by a gradual increase in the dietary intake of fiber-eating whole grains and lots of vegetables are a good option. The affected individual must strive to consume a lot of foods such as the whole-grain cereals-including plenty of bread, rice and pasta, the diet must also include foods such as dried cooked beans, and plenty of fresh fruits and a variety of vegetables. Foods that are especially high in their fiber content such as prunes, figs, and oatmeal must be included in the diet.

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Supplements and herbs

Bowel action that is slow or sluggish can be alleviated by eating the herbal mixture made using four teaspoons of the fiber rich herb psyllium, two teaspoons of flowers of the chamomile, a single teaspoon of the bark of alder buckthorn.

This mixture must be ground down into an herbal powder; the patient can take a teaspoon of this herbal remedy every day as a remedial action in treating bowel dysfunction. In the short term basis, bowel movement can be aided by drinking an herbal decoction made from the senna herb; this remedy is a very powerful laxative.

This herbal remedy can be prepared by using a single teaspoon of the dried bark - which must be powdered or broken up, this bark powdered must then be placed in a steel saucepan and to this a cup of water must be added and heated, slowly bring the solution to a boil, and allow the herb to simmer for fifteen minutes. Cool down the herbal solution and strain it carefully, drink this herbal remedy thrice everyday as a short term treatment.

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The homeopathic remedies given here must be taken thrice daily for a dosage period of four days at a stretch. This dosage can be repeated if the condition does not improve. The remedies must be used if there is evidence of an involuntary evacuation from the anus following a bout of coughing or sneezing, this sudden incontinence is often accompanied by an abrupt loss of sensation in the region of the rectum.

The homeostatic remedy made from the Causticum can be used at a potency of 6c as instructed. This remedy must be given to the patient experiencing involuntary evacuation especially if it occurs while passing urine or during flatus. Another homeopathic remedy of Aloe at a potency of 6c can also be given at the same time.

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Additional things you may do

Swim or jog few times a week. Walk for half an hour every day.

In addition, undertaking Kegel exercises helps to make the pelvic floor muscles stronger. In effect, the pelvic floor muscles fortify the bladder, uterus and bowel and may well assist in reducing incontinence. If you want to perform Kegel exercise, you need to tighten the muscles which you usually use to prevent urine from flowing out.

Keep the muscles contracted for about three seconds and, subsequently, loosen them up for the next three seconds. Repeat doing this as many as ten times. When your muscles are strengthened, sustain the muscle contraction for more than three seconds, steadily improving to a maximum three sets of ten contractions daily.

In case fecal incontinence occurs owing to any problem that cannot be corrected totally by undertaking exercises, bowel training, medications or even surgery, still you may possibly be able to regulate the bowel movements in a better way. In order to achieve this, you may begin by modifying your diet.

First and foremost, keep an eye on what you are eating. Prepare a list of the things that you normally consume for one week. You will possibly be astonished to find a relation between specific foods and the spells of fecal incontinence you experience.

When you have been able to identify the foods that cause problems, you need to discontinue consuming them and watch if the fecal incontinence recovers. In fact, foods that may result in diarrhea or gas and, at the same time, make the fecal incontinence worse may comprise fatty and oily foods, spicy foods, carbonated beverages, smoked or cured meat and also dairy product (provided you suffer from lactose intolerance)

 In addition, alcohol and beverages containing caffeine may also work in the form of purgatives like other products, for instance, sugar-free gum as well as diet soda, which enclose synthetic sweeteners.

In case you are enduring fecal incontinence, it is advisable that you take lesser meals and try to have many small meals all through the day, instead of taking major meals. This is primarily owing to the fact that at times taking larger meals may set off bowel contractions, which, in turn, may result in diarrhea.

It is also important that you consume enough of dietary fiber, as it helps in making the stool softer as well as easier to regulate. Fiber is present in several vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole-grain breads. Your goal should be to consume at least 20 grams to 30 grams of fiber every day. However, it is advisable that you should not add the total amount of fiber to your diet at the same time.

Remember, taking excessive amount of fiber may cause sudden gas and bloating - both of which are uncomfortable. Also drink sufficient water with a view to maintain the stool softer as well as shaped. It is advisable that you drink a minimum of eight glasses of fluid, if possible water, daily.

Besides dealing with fecal incontinence by means of undertaking dietary alteration, you may also assist in preventing additional uneasiness by maintaining the skin in the region of the anus clean all the time. You may also do the following things with a view to get respite from anal uneasiness and get rid of any possible foul smell related to fecal incontinence.

Following every bowel movement, you need to wash the anal region gently with water. It is better if you use a damp toilet paper to do this. Also soaking or showering the anal region in a bath may prove to be useful. Since use of soap may make the anal area dry and also cause skin irritation, you should avoid using it. Even rubbing the anal region with dry toilet paper will have the same effect. As an effective alternative, you may use towelettes that are alcohol-free and moistened from before to keep the anal area clean.

The anal region must always be kept dry and, hence, you should ensure that you dry the area meticulously. If possible, you may air dry the area. In case you are in a hurry, you may use a clean washcloth or toilet paper to pat the area gently to keep it dry.

You may also apply powder or cream to the anal area. Using creams that retain moisture is useful in keeping the feces away from coming in contact with the irritated skin. It is advisable that you ask your physician to suggest a product that will be most suitable for your condition. Ensure that the anal area is always dry and clean prior to applying any type of cream. Using non-medicated talcum powder as well as cornstarch may also prove to be effective in providing relief as well as easing the discomfort associated with fecal incontinence.

In addition, it is important for you to always wear cotton undergarments and loose clothes. Wearing tight clothes will hamper the flow of air and worsen the skin problems. If your underwear is soiled, change it instantly.

In case medical treatments are unable to help you to get rid of fecal incontinence completely, you may possibly deal with the problem better by using products like disposable underwear and absorbent pads. In addition, you may also buy incontinence items from medical supply stores, supermarkets and drug stores. Provided you are using adult diapers or pads, ensure that they include a layer of absorbent wicking on top. Using products like these helps to draw up the wetness from the skin and keeps it dry.


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