Irritable Bladder

A sudden strong and irresistible urge to urinate characterizes the condition of having an irritable bladder in a person. There is however no pain associated with the condition even if there may be some discomfort in the urinary bladder. Unfortunately, the need to pass urine comes about in unexpected places and at odd times, causing discomfort and embarrassment to the afflicted person.

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Both men and women are affected equally by this condition and some other factors such as incontinence and stress are responsible for it. Sometimes a mild bladder infection may also be confused for this condition. During urination a mild burning sensation is usually associated with the presence of an infection of the bladder.

This demands immediate medical attention and treatment. The multiplication of white blood cells is usually the sign that an infection has set in within the body, and a medical professional must check this event, the WBC's help fight bacteria responsible for the infection of the bladder.

A prolapsed uterus causes an irritation of the bladder in women, this comes about because the pelvic muscles have weakened and are pressing upon the urinary bladder and are causing an irritation to it.

The irritation of the bladder can also be brought on by the presence of an infection in the tissue next to the bladder. The sudden urge to urinate at all times of the day and night is usually caused by an enlargement of the prostate gland in men over the age of fifty. The onset of an irritable bladder also may signal the formation or presence of bladder stones and sensitivity to certain food items.

There are however, no known or obvious causes for the irritation of the bladder in many other instances. Stress, worry and a lot of nervous tension can also bring about the occurrence of an irritable bladder due to an overwrought and an oversensitive nervous system. An infection can be ruled out by the absence of symptoms at night, the condition in this case being an irritable bladder.

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Supplements and herbs

For the manufacture of certain vitamins, the B vitamins in particular, within the body, the presence of friendly bacteria is essential; these bacteria also help digest food. Supplements using beneficial bacteria called the Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria help in the maintenance of a normal flora and provide strength to the immune system. The reduction of stress in the body should be the aim of supplements, as a stressed nervous system is often linked to an irritable bladder in the body.

The B complex vitamins fulfill this role admirably. Because a weak immune system brings about the incidence of infection, these vitamins can counteract this by their action of stimulating the immune system. Since anxiety often precipitates the symptoms, the B vitamins help by reducing anxiousness.

Important minerals such as calcium and magnesium also have essential roles to play in the body. A significant reduction of the mineral calcium is precipitated during stress, as the mineral is lost from the bones through urination, this causes a depletion in the levels of calcium in the body.

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Weakened muscles in the body can be strengthened by magnesium, which also aids in the absorption of water and calcium, by the body, thus playing an important role in the regulation of calcium in the body.

The mineral reduces the urge for frequent urination as it allows the bladder to stretch and retain urine for longer periods of time. Irritability and nervousness in the body can be brought on by a deficiency of magnesium as this depletion causes a disruption of nervous system function.

The alleviation of the underlying problems due to an irritable bladder can be achieved through the use of various herbal remedies.

Instead of chemical drugs and medications, a traditional herbal use has been made of the horsetail herb in the treatment of bladder problems. The walls of the urinary bladder are strengthened by silica found in horsetail tea, tincture or its juice; this brings on the alleviation of bladder infections.

The horsetail can be taken for relief form bladder problems thrice a day, dosage being about three cups of tea if used this way or twenty drops of the horsetail tincture in water or a tbsp. of the diluted juice. A diuretic and astringent property is also evident in the goldenrod herb.

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For the preparation of this herb about a tsp. of the herb can be used. On this a cup of boiling water should be poured to let the herb steep in the water for about fifteen minutes, the result is a tea, which can be drunk thrice a day until the condition subsides.

A poor ovarian function can also cause irritable bladder in women, for bladder problems due to dysfunctional ovaries, herbs such as St. John's wort, the chamomile and lemon balm can be used. Other herbs such as the calendula, the rosemary, the senna herb, violet and wormwood, the rue, and saffron can also be utilized. Three cups of an infusion made from these herbs can be drunk on a daily basis for relief form urinary and bladder problems.

The condition of a benign enlargement of the male prostate gland can be reduced through the use of saw palmetto, which produces specific hormonal actions on the male reproductive system, a reason for the occurrence of an irritable bladder in men. Dosage of this herb can be in tincture form with about 30 drops of tincture, taken thrice a day for relief.

Additional things you may do

It is important to keep the feet warm and to otherwise use warm cotton underwear underneath the clothes. Staying for long periods in water may make allow the feet or the lower abdomen to get cold; this must be avoided if possible. It is necessary to change into dry and warm clothes immediately after activities like swimming as this avoids the body losing heat.

Following a half-hour after each meal make sure you pass some urine. To strengthened and enhance the sphincter muscles in the bladder the following simple exercise can be carried out while sitting or standing on a regular basis. For a period of five to ten seconds hold and contract the abdominal muscles and bladder sphincter muscles then release them. This simple step can be done again and again during the course of a single day to boost bladder function.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg.

Magnesium, 600 mg.

Calcium, 1,200 mg.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, one tsp or three capsules.

Other beneficial herbs


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