The appearance of a light to a dark yellowish tinge or coloration to the skin and the white of the eyes usually signal the advent of the condition known as jaundice. Excess bile produced in the liver is responsible for this coloration. This dark yellow color is also evident in the urine.

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Because jaundice is not a disease in itself but mainly the associated symptoms of some other problem, some of the symptoms present along with are used for an indication of its presence in the person. Other problems involving the liver during jaundice can be pointed out for example if there is the presence of conditions such as nausea, vomiting and or pain in the region of the right ribcage in a person.

A blocked bile duct can be diagnosed because of the production of stools that have a very pale color, along with an itch in the skin. Physiological jaundice is quite common in newborn babies and is evident about two days after birth. Jaundice that persists for more than a week at a stretch and a high amount of bilirubin in the blood is deemed to be severe and dangerous jaundice.

The bile pigment bilirubin, which is a product of the breakdown of blood cells and recycled blood, is also a coloring agent responsible for the yellow tinge in jaundice, bilirubin is disposed by the bile and hence it is always present in bile.

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The typical brown color of the human stool is due to the presence of bilirubin in the stool during the digestive process, the bile flows into the intestines for elimination. Brain and nervous damage can be attained due to the presence of high levels of bilirubin in a person. Jaundice is the resulting condition in the rare anemia disorders where there is a high rate of destruction of the red blood cells.

Liver conditions, like cirrhosis or hepatitis, are the most common causes of jaundice, it can however also come about due to infections and flus that affect the liver in the person. A blocked bile duct is causes a flow of bile through the liver into the bloodstream and can cause jaundice; the bile duct is obstructed by the formation of a gallstones, possibly a tumor, the presence of roundworms or is due to inflammation in the duct. The itching sensation during jaundice is caused by a blocked bile duct.

An underdeveloped and inexperienced intestinal tract and liver combined with the shorter life span of the infant red blood cells is the usual cause of jaundice in newborn babies. Disorders of the liver, certain defects of birth and the incompatibility of blood types between the mother and her child can also be contributory factors to the occurrence of jaundice.

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Supplements and herbs

The deficiency of the vitamin E is a contributory factor in the cause of the jaundice; if hemolytic anemia where the red blood cells disintegrate before they fully mature is the main reason for jaundice occurring in the body. These red blood cells are brought to maturation and are strengthened by the vitamin E. The manufacture and the production of the red blood cells are supported by additional nutrients besides this vitamin.

Treatments of jaundice with huge dosages of choline and the vitamin C can be affected during hepatitis in a person. The detoxification process in the liver is a big priority and the liver needs a lot of help in detoxifying during illness, hence supplements such as these two are vital components in all cases of jaundice.

The production of lecithin, which is a substance that breaks down fats and oils in the body, is actively encouraged by using choline as a supplement. Viral origin hepatitis can be treated using the vitamin C. It relieves jaundice in the body by minimizing the adverse effects of the toxins produced in the body.

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This can be ascertained by the observation that the body's requirement for the vitamin increases to a great extent in acute attacks of jaundice. Dosage can be reduced when and if diarrhea come about in the person due to vitamin C consumption.

The deficiency of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and a vitamin like the vitamin B6 can cause nervous disorders, leading to spasmic movements in the bile ducts, this may lead to the rise of jaundice in the person, hence supplements containing these substance should be administered.

For complete and full recovery form the effects of jaundice, it becomes necessary to detoxify the liver and the gall bladder in the body of the afflicted person.

During the onset of jaundice a juice made from the black radish and some other kinds of radishes are effective as supplements. These juices can be drunk thrice a day, by diluting a tbsp. of the fresh black radish juice, made from radishes with the peels attached, in some water. A combination therapy made from dandelion, the silverweed and black radish juice can help stimulate the liver and the gall bladder.

This combination therapy can be worked out in this manner, first a tbsp. of dandelion juice can be drunk in the first week once in the morning and once in the evening, this can be followed in the second week using the same dose with silverweed. The juice of the black radish can be used in the same dose during the third week.

A salad of dandelion leaves and tea made from its roots can be used as a preventive measure in the case of adults and pregnant mothers. Liver tissue can be furthered bolstered by include 2 tbsp. of the juices of milk thistle and the artichoke to the diet. The liver is rebuilt and rejuvenated using the leaves of the beet in the diet.

This can be drunk twice a day, by steeping a tsp. of the leaves and the root in a cup of boiling water. Additionally, liver function and maintenance is bolstered by the following useful herbs like the stinging nettle, leaves of the boldo plant and the St. John's wort, preparations from birch leaves, herbs like the fennel, the horsetail, and the Irish moss, flowers like the rose.

The other plants that can be very helpful are the plantain, plants such as the centaury, the chamomile, celandine and angelica and the blackthorn tree. Tea can be made from all these myriad plants using a cup of boiling water poured over a tsp. of the herbs and letting the mixture steep in the solution for about ten minutes, these can be used for two weeks drinking a single cup thrice a day.


Commonly used essential oils for jaundice:

Additional things you may do

Instead of using compresses made of cloth, hot cabbage can be used in a hot compress form for topical application in the region of the liver. For a complete and full recovery, relaxation and adequate bed rest, diet and warmth are necessary. Slices of lemon can be used on the body as a topical rub. Take a wheat germ bath two to three times per week.

This bath water can be prepared by placing 2 lbs. of wheat germ in a cotton pouch, the open end can be tied with a string and this string is tied to the water faucet so that the bag becomes immersed in water and the herb infuses into the bath. Using a mixture of 2-qt. water with half a qt. of apple cider vinegar wet some cotton cloth and uses this to wash and rub the body on a daily basis.

Frequent nursing of newborn babies helps the baby's intestinal tract excrete broken-down red blood cells at a faster rate. The baby's crib must be placed where natural light is available. By covering the baby's eyes and exposing the baby to the sunlight for five minutes each morning while walking, the break down of the bilirubin, is hastened and is a good way to prevent jaundice.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B6, 50 mg.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg, once a day for jaundice treatment; every few hours during acute liver problems.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 to 800 IU a day.

Choline, 1,000 mg (in divided doses) a day.

Magnesium, 600 mg.

Calcium, 1,200 mg.

Other beneficial herbs


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Jaundice is also being treated by some fresh juices like lemon and every type of fresh juices.
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