Jock Itch

The folds of the skin in the region of the inner thigh is affected by the jock itch, which is a common fungal infection similar to athlete's foot, and is caused by related fungal species. A slightly raised eruption of the skin and persistent itching and a flaking of the skin are some of the signs of jock itch, there may also be a sudden flare-up of small red bumps, they are moist when touched. It usually begins on one side of the body but can affect either sides or both at the same time.

The intense desire to itch is aggravated by heat. The skin is broken and injured when scratched and a burning sensation result. This breaking of the skin aggravates the chances of a bacterial infection developing. In addition to the fungal infection that is the causative agent of the itch.

Men are the usual victims of the jock itch, as the name suggests. Because of the moist and airless environment in the region of the thigh, various types of fungi thrive particularly well in these skin folds and these growths of fungi are the causes for the itch. The sharing of towels and using wet-changing rooms easily pass on the fungal infections from person to person.

The susceptibility of all persons to the condition is not equal and all persons are not necessarily affected even if the condition is highly contagious as such. The vulnerability of the skin to the infection can be changed and altered using certain medications, like antibiotics, cortisone and oral contraceptives; these effectively change the normal acid balance of the surface of the skin, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

The so-called hygiene sprays and perfumes can also bring about such an unfortunate condition. Not bathing enough or alternately bathing oneself too often can often bring about the condition, and thus extremes must be avoided.

Supplements and herbs

Fungal growth is effectively challenged by the Acidophilus supplement, which can improve the intestinal flora, boosting its ability to fend off fungal attacks. While certain natural yogurts contain Acidophilus cultures that can be used as supplements, the supplements in capsule form have more of the natural bacteria essential to the body.

For overall health taking the B complex vitamins as supplements are also recommended. The bolstering of the nervous system is the way the B vitamins prove their efficiency in dealing with infection in the body, this is especially true with regard to a stubborn fungal infection, these B vitamins strengthen the immune system and relax nervous tension. Anti fungal properties are also found in the colloidal form of silver.

Given below are some herbal remedies that can help with fungal infections and jock itch.

Massage and rub chamomile, horsetail or sage infusions on the affected area to increase the rate of recovery and to promote healing. Anti fungal herbs that can be ingested include oils such as the olive oil and oregano oil and flax seed oil, the husks and powdered seeds of the psyllium herb, tea made from the taheebo herb, gentian, the common garlic and caprylic acid.

Because of minimal side effects the anti fungal property of the leaf extract of the olive tree has become very popular and is considered to be very effective in dealing with fungal infections. The direct application of the tea tree oil onto the affected area is also effective as a treatment option, topical use can also be made of the gel of aloe vera herb and a cream made from the calendula herb.


Turning to homeopathy is an excellent way for treating jock itch. Topical application of any sulfur preparation on the areas affected by jock itch will cure the condition fast. You may make a sulfur preparation yourself or use any of the ready for use preparations that are available at drugstores. In order to make sulfur preparation you need to get some paper pieces and put them on a plate and set them on fire. When the paper pieces turn into black ash, blow it away gently.

When you have removed the black ash you will notice a yellowish residue on the plate. This yellowish residue is sulfur, which you may put on the inner thigh fold affected by jock itch. Alternately, you may blend the sulfur with any suitable oil to prepare a balm that can be applied on the affected areas daily.

A very less known homeopathic remedy Psorinum is also effective for curing jock itch. In effect, this medication is prepared from the fluid substances taken from blisters formed due to scabies. Ideally, this remedy should be applied externally on the areas affected by jock itch for no less than three days. Many health stores sell homeopathic remedy Psorinum.

Additional things you may do

Half a pint of apple cider vinegar in a quart of warm water can be used to wash the affected area. The circulation of air and the absorption of moisture is important and natural materials like cotton underwear and pants that are worn loosely allow moisture to leave and let air circulate, these natural fibers must be preferred as clothing material.

Re- infection must be avoided by washing the underwear in hot water, underwear must be changed often. An effective disinfectant for topical application is whey concentrate, applied using a cotton ball on the area. This treatment can be repeated daily until lesions subside and once applied the application must be left overnight.

One of the best ways to deal with jock itch is to employ a mishmash of conventional therapies and home remedies together with strict hygiene and practicing self care. For instance, you may make use of non-prescription anti-fungal shampoos to rinse out the affected area and then apply anti-fungal creams available over the counter. Before you put on any clothes, it is advisable that you sprinkle a little anti-fungal powder. Moreover, prior to dressing up, make sure that you are totally dry.

At the same time, it is important to ensure that the body areas that are humid and warm are always clean as well as dry. For instance you may make use of silica to keep the moist body areas dry. As jock itch is caused by contagions by fungi, you should apply any over the counter anti-fungal powder, cream or spray on the affected skin. In addition, you may also cleanse the affected area with anti-dandruff shampoo.

Tea tree oil is a natural anti-fungal and, hence, applying it on the affected skin will help in curing the problem faster. Ingestion of sufficient amounts of garlic, which possesses anti-fungal attributes, is also effective in curing jock itch. You may alternately apply garlic and honey on the infected area.

If you have developed jock itch, it is advisable that you stay away from consuming processed sugar, carbohydrates as well as foods that enclose yeast. In addition, shun alcohol as it is finally converted into sugar. You should also ensure that your diet includes plenty of fresh and raw vegetable and fruits. Keep away from oily, fried and refined food items.

Ensure that you wear clean undergarments every day. It is also important to wear only loose and cotton clothes.

You should also buy non-prescription ant-fungal drugs that contain clotrimazole, miconazole or terbinafine. Try to find medications that are particularly meant for treating athlete's foot or jock itch.

Before applying the medications topically, you need to rinse out the affected skin using soap and water. Use a clean towel to pat the affected area dry. It is best if you set a blow dryer on cool to dry the affected skin completely. It is important that you apply these anti-fungal medicaments strictly according to the instructions on the product label. In fact, you need to apply these medications as per instructions even after the symptoms of jock itch fade away.

Get in touch with your physician provided the symptoms of jock itch deteriorate or do not disappear even after using the non-prescription anti-fungal medications.

Ensure that you take a bath every day and also change the clothes following any exhausting activity that causes sweating. Use hot water to wash the towels and clothes used by you. Remember, jock itch is an infective fungal contagion and, hence, it is necessary to ensure that the affected skin is always kept dry and clean.

It is advisable that you buy tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar, which is natural anti-fungal substances, from any foods store selling nature products or your neighbourhood grocery. Before applying any of these anti-fungal agents, cleanse the affected skin using soap and water and completely dry the area. Apply apple cider vinegar or tea tree oil using a sanitary cotton ball twice every day. Apply either of these natural substances for a minimum of five days even after the symptoms of jock itch have faded totally with a view to eliminate any remaining fungi.

Add liberal quantities of salt to your hot bath and immerse yourselves in it for no less than 15 minutes, as this will make the saline water dry the blisters formed due to jock itch.

Before concluding, it is advisable that you also apply cornstarch to the affected skin at least twice every day for two weeks. Remember, cornstarch is a natural therapy for fungal infections like jock itch.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, one tsp. or three capsules.

Colloidal silver, one tsp.