Lazy Eye

People can be afflicted with the disorder known as lazy eye at a very young age, since its diagnosis is often difficult and the condition may have progressed to a severe form before it is properly identified. Blindness can often set in on one of the eyes, if due remedial measures aren't taken early enough to correct its incidence in early childhood.

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It can go unnoticed for years on end because the compensatory visual of the other eye is often excellent and vision is almost never disturbed. The condition progresses by the development of muscle weakness in one eye, which bring about the slight crossing or misalignment in that eye, a situation often considered normal if it occurs in an individual before he or she has attained six months of age, by which time it may disappear completely.

This misalignment of the eye can result in a physical condition called strabismus, and once this stage is reached, it can be said that the person has developed lazy eye. A tell tale signs of a severe condition is the difficulty the person may have in judging distances through visual cues, initial symptoms displayed are the repeated rubbing of the eyes, knitting the brows while staring and shutting one eye to see better.

The more serious difficulty of an inability to judge distances correctly can be easily observed when the child begins to have difficulties while trying to catch or throw a ball and he or she may also be repeatedly tripping over things and other obstacles.

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The inability of a single eye to focus properly due to a weakening of the muscle is the cause of lazy eye. The brain of young children compensates for this defect by filtering out the images from the malfunctioning eye and registers only the images from the healthy eye, however, such a situation should usually being about a hazy doubling image or a defective vision in the affected person.

The development of the disorder is slow and prolonged, taking place over a long time period, months and years until final and irrecoverable damage sets in on the damaged eye, over this time period and if the condition is not rectified, the brain may disengage itself from the out of focus eye and render it useless to the person as a means of vision in the final stage.

The health of the eyes can be maintained and prolonged by nutrients and many plants such as blueberries contain an abundant quantity of such substances like the vitamin A, or retinal, which is important to the maintenance of vision.

Many different food stuffs, which include root vegetables like carrots which are rich in carotenoids, other roots like yams, green leafy vegetables like spinach, fruits like the apricot, cantaloupe and mangos are also excellent sources for the vitamin A; the vitamin is also found in good quantities in foods like whole unhomogenized milk which has not undergone pasteurization.

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Supplements and herbs

Proper muscular function in the human body is derived from a combination of nutrients acting concertedly within the human body, thus a satisfactory nutrient pool must be present to this end. The proper functioning of the muscles and the nerves for example is handled by the presence of sufficient quantities of the B vitamins within the body.

Muscular weakness can therefore result if the body is deficient in these complexes of B vitamins. For proper nervous system function the sufficient quantities of the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which also plays a role in muscular function, are necessary.

Additional things you may do

Given below are a few physical exercises since a regular and routine physical exercise regimen using the eyes can alleviate and minimize the affects of the condition of lazy eye.

Do not strain the neck and the head must be kept rigid and straight while performing this exercise, the first one concerns an Up-and-Down movement of the eye or eye stretching. Moving only the eyes, peer or look as far as you can in the upwards direction, after holding the eye in this position for sometime, reverse the direction and look all the way down again, repeat this particular movement of the eye about three times.

The next exercise concerns stretching the eyes from one side to the other, as in the previous exercise it is important to maintain the rigidity of the head and not to strain the neck. Move the eye only and stare all the way to the right, hold the position for sometime and then reverse this to stare all the way to the left, this exercise may also be repeated thrice in both directions.

The third exercise concerns stretching the eyes diagonally in the Left-to-Right direction, maintain the same posture concerning the head and the neck as before. Now move your eyes and stare left and all the way in the upward direction rolling your eyes along, maintain the position and reverse to stare towards the right but rolling the eyes toward the right this time around, this must also be repeated thrice.

The next exercise is a modification of the previous one this is also an exercise done while looking diagonally but to stretching in the Right-to-Left direction this time, the position of the head must not be moved as before as the idea is to exercise the muscles of the eyes. Rolls the eyes staring to the right and fully in the upward direction, reverse this to stare toward the left fully in the downward direction, this can also be repeated thrice each way. The fourth exercise concerns the movement of the eyes toward each other, in a crossing motion.

This might be hard to do, if so, you can be helped in the exercise by focusing on an object that you can move slowly towards you until it touches the bridge of your nose, this will cross your eyes, you may repeat this a few times. It is important after you are done with the exercises given here that you cover your eyes, giving them a chance to relax and recover from the muscular strain.

Intervals or gaps in a dark room or by the act of covering the eyes can help them relax. By resting the heel of your palms on the bones of the cheek, you can cup your hands over both the eyes as a relaxation method. The palms of the hands must not touch the eyes while you are doing this. There must be no tightness in the eyelids, in the fingers or in the brows while you are closing them.

For full relaxation and comfort during the period of the exercise, the back of the neck and the spine must be held straight and rigid and the neck must not be bent in any way. For short periods of about fifteen minutes every day, make sure that you cover your eyes and give them a chance to relax after the strain of the day.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg two times a day.

Calcium, 500 mg two times a day.

Magnesium, 250 mg two times a day.


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