Lips, Chapped

If proper care is not taken, the lips can turn rough and dry over time and eventually crack at places, often bleeding very easily and hurting in the process.

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The winter season is when chapped lips typically become a problem, during this season the lips are exposed to cold and dry weather; however, this is not to say that chapped lips cannot occur in hot and sunny climates or during the summer. The drying effects of the heat and too much exposure to sunlight can also cause chapped lips in an individual.

The loss of moisture in the lips is the main cause for chapped lips. Extended periods of exposure to the wind, and sunlight and extremes of temperature cause the removal of the natural oils from the skin on the lips-this causes the lips to dry out and chapped lips are the result.

Chapped lips are also caused by behaviors such as frequently wetting the lips by sucking on them and leaving lips unprotected from the drying effects of weather also dries up the lips very easily. Chapped lips can also result because of the use of cosmetics like lipstick and other forms of make-up used on the lips, the chemicals may draw out all the moisture in the lips and the result is chapped lips because of dryness.

Dehydration or a deficiency of the essential fatty acids in the diet may be underlying reasons when chapped lips occur along with dryness in the skin of the entire body - these factors can be corrected through a change in the dietary regimen.

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Supplements and herbs

Chapped lips in a person can be substantially reduced by regular supplements of the B vitamins in the diet. The regular use of these vitamins can also reduce a tendency to develop chapped lips in susceptible individuals. Since skin covering the lips is damaged by the drying out of the lips, supplements of the essential mineral silica can be used to repair the damage in the skin of the lips. Healing in the skin on the lips can also be speeded up by supplements of the essential mineral zinc on a daily or regular basis.

The following herbs and herbal remedies given here can be used a supplements to reduce chapped lips and drying in the lips.

Use herbal drinks of the stinging nettle juice for a few weeks at a time to provide the body with iron, this juice can be alternated every other day with the herbal juice of the dandelion herb. Fifteen minutes before the start of any meal, take two tbsp. of the herbal juice mixed in water thrice every day, on a regular basis to combat chapped lips. In addition to this, drying lips can be helped by drinking two to four oz. of the aloe vera juice, at least three or more times every day as long as chapped lips affect the individual.

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One of the best means to do away with chapped or cracked lips is to apply a fine olive oil layer on your lips every day. Alternately, you may also use a blend of squashed rose petals with some drops of glycerine to heal chapped lips. In addition to curing the condition, the rose petals will also help in restoring the color of the lips.

Never prick the chapped lips, as it will only deteriorate the condition further. However, you may use a supple toothbrush to get rid of the dead skin, as this will facilitate in lessening the problems associated with chapped lips.

Aloe vera contains a number of healing properties and using it has the ability to heal the skin remarkably. Hence, you may use a little amount of the gel from aloe vera on the lips every day to heal the chapped lips. In addition, you may also rub small pieces of cucumber on the chapped lips to get immediate relief.

One of the reasons responsible for chapped lips is dehydration. Therefore, drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, will aid in preventing chapped lips. Moreover, in case you are living in an arid surrounding, you may benefit by using a humidifier when you go to sleep, because it will help in restoring moisture to the lips.

In order to cure chapped lips in a delicious manner, you may also apply a fine layer of coconut oil on the lips every day. Honey is regarded to be an excellent moisturizer. Therefore, you may also apply honey on the chapped lips with a view to cure the condition rapidly.

There is another substance that is very helpful in protecting the skin and it is Vaseline. Hence, you should apply a fine layer of Vaseline to the chapped lips regularly, as doing so will help you to heal the lips quickly. In addition, several people have stated that applying a combination of Vaseline and honey to the chapped lips is very useful.

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Commonly used essential oils for chapped lips:


The stream of alternative medicine homeopathy is founded on the principle "like cures like", denoting that a substance that is responsible for the development of a health condition is itself a remedy for the condition when used in therapeutic doses. Therefore, it is possible that your homeopath will prescribe the usage of substances, which, when used in elevated doses, would result in the development of the signs in a well and hearty individual.

If you are troubled by chapped lips, you may expect your homeopath to recommend the use of substance that causes a scathing, burning or exasperating action on the skin. However, homeopathic remedies are used in highly diluted form and, therefore, the dosage is extremely small to result in any type of harm.

It is likely that your homeopath will prescribe Natrum muriaticum, which is prepared from sodium chloride (common table salt) and given to cure ulcers in the mouth as well as cracked lips. In addition, the practitioner of homeopathic remedies may also prescribe Apis mellifica, which is prepared from honeybees and is employed to alleviate the burning, stinging as well as swelling of chapped lips.

Alternately, Calc. fluor., a salt esteemed for its competence to cure fine tissues, may also be prescribed. In order to lessen the pain caused by chapped lips, the homeopath may also recommend using Calendula officinalis, which has a plant source - the marigold plant, and is used to support healing of wounds. He may also prescribe Sepia, prepared from cuttlefish ink, to provide relief from the burning and itching sensations caused by chapped lips.

Additional things you may do

Direct topical treatments for chapped lips include the application of an aloe vera gel, along with a zinc oxide ointment or calendula cream several times every day. In addition to this, wheat germ oil or the oil of the vitamin E oil can also be applied to the lips every day to bring about a reduction in the dryness in the lips. A weakened lung can result from the use of some mineral-based products; these must be avoided if possible, as some of the mineral oil absorbed into the skin and through the mouth may find its way into the lungs. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly.

Honey possesses natural healing properties, which makes it a remarkable antibacterial and curative agent. Likewise, Vaseline is also thought to be one substance that is very effective for protecting the skin. Using these two in combination will help you to have a valuable home remedy for treating chapped lips.

You may follow the procedure described below to apply honey and Vaseline in combination to heal chapped lips:

To begin with, apply a layer of honey to your lips and leave it for some seconds to allow it to dry. When the honey has dried up, apply a coating of Vaseline on the lips causing no movement of the lips. Allow the layers of honey and Vaseline to settle on the lips for about 15 to 20 minutes. After this, drench a Q-tip dip in some hot water and remove the honey and Vaseline using two strokes of the Q-tip dip. You should do this at least once daily for two to five consecutive days to completely heal your chapped lips.

When you are suffering from chapped lips, never use any type of balm, gel or lipstick containing petroleum products or alcohol, because they will parch the lips further. Instead of using these substances, it is advisable that you apply natural oils like olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter to your lips with a view to look after them. In addition, you should try and keep away from all types of salty or spicy foods and also refuse to go along with the inducement to pass your tongue over the lips.

Chapped or dry lips mainly occur owing to dehydration therefore, it is advisable that you drink no less than two to three litres of water every day. In addition, you need to try and use humidifiers in your home during the arid winter days with a view to make the air humid.

Usual dosage

Zinc picolinate or citrate, 30 mg with 6 mg of copper.

Silica gel, two tbsp. until symptoms gone, then one tbsp. of silica gel for prevention.

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg.

Other beneficial herbs


From Octavia - Sep-02-2017
Indeed, honey is an awesome natural and relatively cheap remedy for dry and chapped lips. I use it whenever my lip problems come up. I just apply a thin layer of honey on my chapped lips before going to bed. One application doesn't do much so you have to repeat it a few times a week. Really helps and effects are visible after a few times.
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