Lupus is a serious disease that is mainly manifested as a chronic inflammation in the body of the affected individual, often recognized by sudden flare-ups and remissions in the symptoms, the condition is sometimes known as the "great impostor" because of the number and types of symptoms that it can induce in the body of the affected individual, virtually anywhere on the body, symptoms of lupus can affect and arise in the skin and the joints, in organs like the heart, the brain, or even in the kidneys.

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The risk of developing lupus is much greater in women, they are more likely to get lupus and it can affect women eight to ten times more often than it will men-thus as a demographic group, women are the main sufferers.

Healthy tissues are attacked and destroyed in the bodies of individuals affected by lupus, lupus affects the immune system and disturbs it making its function awry and these results in the production of many abnormal cells which travel through out the body, attaching themselves to healthy tissues and cells and destroying them.

The real and actual underlying causes of lupus remains unknown, at the same time, various factors such as heredity, the role of the sex hormones, or many types of infections are thought to play some sort of a role in the origin of the condition. Attacks of inflammation can be triggered by overexposure to sunlight, from the tension of childbirth and the presence of stress, the use of certain types of medications can also trigger certain symptomatic attacks.

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Supplements and herbs

The following herbs and supplements can be used to bring some relief from the symptoms. The long term use of a wide variety of supplements, used in combination may greatly aid in relieving all the major symptoms that arise during the condition, these supplements will in addition, slow the progression of the disease. These supplements will also lessen the necessity for the use of conventional medications, all of which may frequently cause a variety of serious side effects in individual already using them.

Supplementation must be undertaken only under medical supervision, though all of the supplements given here can be used along with conventional prescription medications used for the treatment of lupus-medical supervision is necessary because lupus is a serious disease, and all complications arising out of the use of these supplements, if they occur can be dealt with by a doctor. It may take up to one month for the beneficial affects of the herbs and supplements to become noticeable.

The health of the skin, the mucus membranes lining the various parts of the body, the blood and the nerves, and the joints are maintained in a healthy state by the various vitamin B complex when they are taken as supplements on a regular basis.

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The inflammation can affect a lot of important organs and parts of the body, the supplements of the B complex vitamins used in combination with the vitamins C and E and the mineral selenium-all of which possess antioxidant properties will speed up the healing process in the body and in addition, will aid in protecting the heart and the blood vessels and circulatory system, the joints and the skin, and all other areas of the body likely to be affected by inflammation.

To alleviate problems affecting the skin and the joints, the use of supplemental vitamin E may be a particularly effective remedy.

In addition to the nutrient supplements mentioned above, the supplemental use of essential fatty acids found in abundance in sources such as the oil of the flaxseed, all types of fish oils, and the oil of the evening primrose may also prove to be of great benefit.

Elevated cholesterol levels in the body can cause the inflammation occurring in areas of the body such as the joints, the kidneys and the skin, and in other important tissues, the essential oils used in the supplemental treatment may also lower the increased cholesterol levels, helping in maintaining overall health and aiding the treatment of the condition.

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Patients are typically treated for lupus using dosages of the prescription steroid-prednisone, many doctors now suggest through findings that patients using the nutritional supplements of the compound DHEA may require only a reduced dosage of the prednisone medication. This supplements may also increase stamina and moreover lead to a reduction in the intensity of the symptoms.

Patients need to be mindful of the fact that the recommended doses of the compound DHEA are very high, at least 100 mg a day is suggested, therefore consultations with the physician experienced in dealing both with lupus and with DHEA is required, before any supplementation of DHEA is carried out.

The regulation of the immune system is promoted by both the mineral zinc in combination with supplements of the vitamin C, used alone, the mineral zinc increases the rate of tissue healing in all lupus affected patients. The amounts of copper within the body is depleted with any long term treatment that utilizes zinc, copper therefore must be taken in supplemental doses along with the mineral zinc if the treatment process is going to be over a long period of time.

Additional things you may do

When you need to stay out of doors, make sure that you spend minimal time being exposed to the sun, always use a high-SPF sunscreen to protect the skin against sun burns. It is very important to spend a lot of time in rest and relaxation as this ensures the body recovers sufficiently from the symptoms of lupus. To help reduce the levels of stress and the tension felt during the worst manifestations of the disease-make sure to join a support group of lupus patients and other individuals involved with the care of lupus.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, 1,000 mg thrice daily. Can be alternated with 1,000 mg borage oil one time daily.

Flaxseed oil, one tbsp -14 grams - daily. Take in the morning. It can be mixed with meal.

Vitamin E / Vitamin C, 400 IU vitamin E daily, and 1,000 mg of vitamin C thrice daily.

Vitamin B complex, one pill each morning with meal. Look for a B-50 complex vitamin with 50 mcg biotin and vitamin B12; 400 mcg folic acid, and 50 mg all other B vitamins.

Copper / Zinc, 2 mg of copper and 30 mg of zinc daily. When you use zinc longer than one month, add copper.

Selenium, 200 mcg daily. Higher dosage may be toxic, so do not exceed 600 mcg of selenium a day.

DHEA, 100 mg every morning. DHEA should be taken only under medical supervision. Do not use it if you are at risk for hormone - related cancers, i.e. breast, prostate cancer.

Fish oils, 1,000 mg thrice daily. Take fish oils with meal.

Other beneficial herbs


From Percy Allan - Jan-26-2011
I contracted lupus in 2007 which nearly killed me, tacking my kidneys, giving me thrombosis, severe arthritis and eroding my gums. I discovered a book by Dr Floyd Chilton that recommended heavy doses of evening primrose oil (EPO) combined with fish oil (FO to offset toxic effects of EPO when taken long term).
It has not cured my lupus, but it has completely eradicated my symptoms. I no longer have joint pains and my kidneys have repaired themselves. I strongly recommend that anyone who has lupus try the Chilton diet, but especially EPO (3 capsules x 3 a day) plus FO (1 capsule x 3 a day). Relief of symptoms should be felt within 1 to 3 weeks.
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