Manic Depression

Manic depression is a common form of mental disorder; the affected individual is affected by extreme mood swings and extreme behavior. The individual may be affected by recurrent periods of depression, or might be affected by alternating phases between manic behavior and a downright mental depression.

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The manic phase is the "high" mental state, in this phase the affected individual may be extremely enthusiastic about things, he or she is very self-confident in behavior, a hyperactive reaction is very common at this stage, and the person sometimes displays very reckless behavior and mannerisms.

The affected individual will swing to the reverse pole during the "low" or depressive stage of the condition, at this depressive stage the patient is very subdued and unable to connect his or her thoughts to the positive aspects of living, in this phase of the condition, the patient is often consumed by extreme feelings of anxiety and very persistent guiltiness. A doctor must be present at all stages of the treatment of the manic depressive individual.

Supplements and herbs

Depression as a condition has been known to be caused by the development of a number of nutritional imbalances within the body of the individual. In order to avoid imbalances in the diet, the dietary regimen must include a balanced and nutritionally fulfilling meals where a lot of whole-grain and cereals are combined with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables-which are preferably taken raw. Diets must also use only low-fat meat, fish, and different kinds of dairy products.

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People suffering from manic depression can possibly benefit by using the dietary supplements given below.

Essential nutrient supplements such as the vitamins, minerals and other organic chemicals must be added to the diet. The dosage can include a gram of vitamin C every day, along with twenty five mgs of the vitamin B-complex every day, along with the essential mineral magnesium at five hundred milligrams also every day.

The organic chemicals such as the amino acids including the DLPA (D, L-phenylalanine) must be taken at four hundred milligrams every day, the patient may also benefit from doses of L-phenylalanine taken at one hundred to five hundred milligram supplements every day. These supplements must be used over the long term to alleviate the manic depressive state of the affected individuals.

For your information: individuals suffering from elevated or high blood pressure must not take these supplements as side effects are possible.

The herbal remedies made from the St. John's wort herb have been successfully used in the alleviation of the symptoms arising from anxiety and depression, the herb has also been used to boost low self-esteem in individuals. The quality of sleep in the affected individual is markedly improved when the herbal remedy is used as a supplement. Dosage of this herbal tincture should be one quarter to three quarters of a teaspoon mixed in some water; the remedy must be taken thrice every day to bring some relief to the manic depression.

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As is well known, treatment using homeopathic remedies is not only safe and effective, but also an economical means to support the natural competence of the body to heal itself. There are several homeopathic remedies that are effective for treating mood swings from immense happiness to gloom as well as bipolar tendencies or manic-depressions.

Aurum metallicum

Aurum metallicum is excellent for treating depression, despair, gloom and an intense craving to commit suicide. It is required most by people who seek every opportunity to destroy themselves. They suffer from emotions related to extreme worthlessness and self-condemnation. Such people feel disgusted throughout their life and often talk of ending their life or committing suicide.

They suffer from contradictions like being peevish and violent and have some kind of mental instability. Such people keep questioning rapidly and never wait for receiving any response. Normally, they are very sluggish and are unable to do anything quick. There are also extremely sensitive to exhilaration, noise and bewilderment.

Anacardium orientale

Anacardium orientale is ideal for people who are fixated, experience deliriums and think that they are haunted by two different wills or persons. They feel nervous while walking, like they are being followed by others. They suffer from profound depression and excessive worry about their health (a condition called hypochondriasis), which is accompanied by an inclination to use aggressive language.

They are always in a state of confusion and are forgetful and absent-minded. Such people can easily get offended and become malicious, as if they are determined to do evil. They are also suspicious and do not have confidence either in themselves or others. They claim to hear voices, which actually do not exist. They suffer from senile dementia (onset of dementia in old age without any noticeable physical reason). They also do not have any kind of moral restraint.

Hyoscyamus niger

It is indicated for extremely disturbed nervous system - a condition similar to some kind of extremely evil or cruel force taking control of the brain and preventing its normal functioning. Such a condition makes the patient a complete maniac, and he/ she seems to have a confrontational and indecent nature. This type of people appears to be inclined to uncouth and immodest behaviours, gesticulations and expressions. They are usually envious people, who are always apprehensive about being poisoned.

They are also disbelieving by nature and suffer from nervous agitation. Hyoscyamus niger is effective for people who are imprudent and find almost everything amusing, having a tendency to make fun of everything. They experience hallucinations, which are accompanied by an endeavour to escape from the situation. Such people are generally baffled and light headed and speak in a very low voice, as if they are muttering something.

Lachesis mutus

Lachesis mutus is appropriate for people who are too chatty; feel sad during the mornings having no wish to socialize with others. Such people are usually restive and discomforted. They do not want to work or deal with business, but desire to leave their work and always be at some other place. They are generally envious, suspicious people who experience hallucinations of fire during the night. Their religious belief often reaches the stage of insanity and they are always confused about issues related to time.


Pulsatilla is an ideal homeopathic remedy for people, who are melancholic, cry easily, have changeable moods, suffer from contradictions and sob while talking. They are nervous as well as indecisive. Such people are afraid of darkness and ghosts and become apprehensive when they are all alone during the evenings. They like people to sympathize with them, but are easily disheartened.

In addition, they also have a dark fear regarding members of the opposite sex. This remedy is useful for people who suffer from religious melancholy and are extremely emotional. Their mood changes rapidly from extreme happiness to pain.


People who require Staphysagria are those who suffer from nervous affections accompanied with noticeable bad temper. It is also effective for treating the bad consequences of insults and anger on any individual. Staphysagria is appropriate for people who commit sexual offenses and excesses. Such people are extremely sensitive, impulsive, have violent flare-ups of infatuation, and suffer from hypochondria (too much preoccupation with their health).

This medication is useful for people who are irritable, unconcerned about all things, depressed, apathetic and have a preference for loneliness or privacy. They always suffer from nervousness and irritability and, therefore, are unable to rest. They do not like talking to others and have a very poor memory, while their thoughts are unbalanced.


People requiring Stramonium are usually religious, sober, beseeching as well as talk endlessly. Such people are also wordy, chatty, always laughing, rhyming, singing, praying and swearing. They often claim to see ghosts, talk with spirits and hear voices. Their mood may change rapidly from being happy to intense sadness. Such people may also turn out to be violent and indecent at times.

They have figment of the imaginations regarding their identity and believe that they are tall, double their size and feel that some part of their body is absent. These types of people are generally religious maniacs. They cannot tolerate loneliness or darkness and should always be in light and have someone accompanying them. Such people suffer from convulsions when they see water or any object that glitters. They also have hallucinations, accompanied with the craving to flee.


Tarentula is appropriate for people who undergo rapid mood swings and have destructive desires. It is important for such people to remain walking or remain busy most of the times. They are very sensitive to music and their conducts are guided by impulses. They are also very restive all the time and suffer from hysteria. People requiring this medication are generally unsatisfied and showing no gratitude. They loathe the company of others, but desire that someone should be present near them - always suffering from contradictions.

Additional things you may do

Alternative therapies which involve talking about the issue, such as community counselling, sessions of psychotherapy, or psychoanalysis, can be extremely beneficial to the manic depressive individual and help him or her deal in a better way with the symptoms and other effects of the condition. It is also important and beneficial if the affected person receives a lot of social support and emotional help from other individuals suffering from manic depression.

Mood disorders are often alleviated by undertaking physical exercise regimens and many studies have shown that such exercises can induce extremely beneficial effects on the person-especially in alleviating the depression and giving the person a positive outlook on life. The person must participate in regular exercise programs lasting at least thirty minutes of aerobic activity, at least thrice every week, this is the recommended regimen-at the same time, daily physical exertion will be much more beneficial.

The affected individuals can also benefit through the use of alternative healing techniques which are aimed at reducing stress, these can include sessions of massage by a professional masseur, techniques such as yoga, all sorts of meditation techniques, the use of aromatherapy, and acupressure, such alternative techniques are extremely helpful in alleviating the deep anxiety which is very commonly observed in individual affected by the condition.

The affected person must also undertake to avoid compounds such as caffeine-found in beverages like tea and coffee, foods like chocolate, and cola drinks, the use of alcohol must be avoided or restricted to small amounts. Biochemical tests are used by some naturopaths in order to determine the existence of mineral deficiencies within the body; these deficiencies may also contribute to the persistent depression felt by manic depressive individuals.


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