Memory Problems

Age is one of the biggest contributing factors the onset of problems associated with the memory, as dementia and senility strike in old age, moreover the capacity to store information or short-term memory endues on the person a certain insignificant but relevant storage space where daily tasks and objectives are "filed" so to speak by the brain, old age may also affect this short term memory bank, in an adverse manner.

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Unless and otherwise accompanied by severe forms of more serious problems such as confusion and changes in behavior leading to an unstable mental condition, the disorder and forgetfulness appearing as symptoms of dementia are not seen as debilitating, as memory decline is quite inevitable in an old person.

The presence of factors such as stress and nervous conditions like a lot of anxiety and the lack of proper periods of rest and sleep can also cause a decline in the memory and recall abilities of a person. Short-term functions of the memory can also be affected from not using it, this can result form prolonged periods of boredom and from conditions like chronic or acute depression present in a person.

With old age, a median level of performance as far as long-term memory is concerned is often reached, and unless memory is impaired by other graver disorders this equilibrium is hardly ever breached. The memories collected and remembered from childhood compared to those generated in adulthood persist longer and are remembered better in many people.

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The loss and displacement of entire areas of our past through lost memory can come about due to a variety of causes. Factors that can lead to the erasure or rubbing out of memories in a person include surgical processes, the onset of a high fever, intoxication from high levels of alcohol and epileptic shocks in disorder such as epilepsy, which may be present in a person.

The memory can also be wiped out in a person by situations like the incidence of a stroke, which is usually accompanied by slurred speech and visual disturbances and physical signs like buckling and weakening knees, the sudden loss of memory that comes with a stroke is also followed by different neurological symptoms, like a feeling of intense dizziness and the other signs mentioned before.

The incidence of a stroke can also be heralded by an unexplained and temporary loss of short-term memory known as an ischemic attack, these incidents may take place over a few minutes at a time after which memory recall is restored and a stroke might strike at such moments.

The slow and inevitable deletion of all traces of personality to severe loss of memory in Alzheimer's disease and in other forms of memory loss like senile dementia are considered to be disorders of old age and the memory loss that occurs during their incidence may have other factors and causes.

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The mnemonic abilities and the function of retention and recall of memory can be directly affected by many external factors and substances, some of these substances include large dosages of alcohol during chronic alcoholism, compounds found in sleep inducing drugs and antidepressant medications and many types of prescription medications.

With particular reference to the loss of memory in old people, the presence of deficiencies of essential nutrients must be thoroughly identified and dealt with, as old people are often nutritionally deficient in at least one essential substance due to poor dietary regimens. The presence of factors such as intense physical fatigue and the subsequent loss of concentration can also create problems with memory in a person. The imbalance of hormones that results due to the onset of menopause in middle-aged women, often leads to impaired memory.

An overburdening of the mind with information and the constant stress of daily life is the usual cause of loss of memory short-term and reducing levels of anxiety in a person may help that person in improving short-term memory retention. Unconnected and different serious conditions such as anemia, the presence of an under active thyroid gland and hyperactivity in a person may cause fatigue and the disturbance of an ability to concentrate, thus leading to the rise of loss of memory.

Psychological reasons underlie severe mental trauma and or emotional pain, where whole sections of the past have been suppressed or disappear completely; this situation is a not uncommon psychological system that humans use to cope with bitter realities. It is important to immediately seek professional help and examination in cases where incidences of loss of memory have begun after a person has sustained severe physical trauma or injury to the head.

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Supplements and herbs

The bolstering of an active memory-recall and retention-and proper brain function and the concomitant reduction of levels of incident stress are some of the properties that supplements such as inositol and choline and the B vitamins can play in the affected person.

Both these substances are present in abundant quantities in compounds such as lecithin, which can be used as a source supplement for these two substances. In order to preclude the appearance of imbalances in nutrient levels and to help strengthen the nervous system, supplementation can also be carried out using the other B complex vitamin at the same time.

To maintain proper and healthy states of mental activity, it is important that circulation to the brain is at an optimal rate and that free radicals are not allowed to interfere in the due cellular processes of the brain, the utilization of the supplement having the most effective antioxidant property, vitamin C which can restrict the damage due to free-radicals and eliminate them from the body is an important step in recovery and health.

A red flushed face can result as blood rushes to the facial region during supplementation with niacin, a vitamin that improves the rate and flow of blood by widening the arteries and the veins, this vitamin also stimulates the functioning of the nerve tissue in the brain and is an effective supplement. An essential complement in all neural functions is a hormone like fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid, this fatty acid or GLA is abundant in the oil of the evening primrose herb, and the oil may be used as a supplement to help out during memory dysfunction.

All of the herbs given below can be used to make herbal teas by mixing a tsp. of the herbs in a cup of hot water, steeping it in the water for ten minutes. This herbal tea can then be drunk as an herbal aid to memory function and health.

Problems with impaired memory recall and retention can come about because of the depletion of the mineral silica in the cells that make up the nervous tissues and the cells of the brain. Drink tea brewed from the horsetail herb, or if you prefer the juice of the herb as the plant is very high in its silica content.

Alternate on and off for a period of two weeks using a tbsp. of juice once in the mornings and once in the evenings daily, alternately you can instead use a capsule of aqueous extract of the horsetail herb on a daily basis for a total treatment period of from two to six months in total. Impaired memory can also benefit from supplements that use a combination of ginkgo biloba with the oil of the wheat germ.

By its ability to increase the rate of circulation and its promoting of increased amounts of the flow of blood to the small capillaries in the brain, the herb ginkgo biloba can greatly stimulate circulation and oxygenation in the cerebrum, and promote the state of mental clarity, improve levels of alertness and memory function in retention and recall.

Dosage of the wonder herb can be about two to three capsules once a day. Its regular and systematic utilization is important and does not pose a problem, as the ginkgo biloba herb does not have any chemical conflicts with standard medication. Stress reduction is another notable area where supplements of ginseng can help, besides its usual role in increasing capillary circulation.

Memory is enhanced and improved and the staying power or mental stamina is increased through the use of gotu kola as a supplement. The brain is also supported in a secondary way through the use of the root of the licorice, which plays a main role in the adrenal glands functioning. Memory can be significantly improved by the use of the leaves of the sage herb as supplements.

Memory and nervous function can be bolstered and strengthened by the use of the eyebright herb. Memory strength and the improved oxygenation of the brain are brought about by the use of the blessed thistle as a supplement.


The homeopathic remedies given below can be taken a dose a day at dosage levels of 30c, in order to alleviate the symptoms of memory disorders which are not very severe, including things like forgetfulness. The potencies of the homeopathic medicine used should be in the low potency range of 6x to 12x for more severe forms of the disease, as the medication regimen progresses, the potency of the substance used can be increased every month or two, dose per day should be thrice in one day.

If there is difficulty in identifying and telling the symptoms apart, it is best to use separate substances to cure it over a prolonged period of time.


Alumina is to be used as a homeopathic treatment option in cases where the person has problems with his or her identity and forgets who she or he is. The person may feel that time is dragging and passing very slowly and he is thus frustrated.

The person displays quick and alternating moods and has symptoms of senility and dementia; he is also not in a position to think things thoroughly and has an illusion of things being unreal. He or she is also irresolute and forgets the names, words and does not think clearly when speaking or writing things down.

The loss of memory also brings its own psychological problems that are manifested in defiant and arrogant behavior alternating with dependency and timidity. The person in addition to the aforementioned behaviors may display fears of going insane; he or she is fastidious about things.

The patient will also have developed deep feelings of guilt and can be reproached easily at such times. The patient may worsen, and stress is evident when ever he or she has to hurry about, the patient may also get worse in the mornings. The person's condition shows signs of improvement slowly as the day progresses. Therefore in the appearance of all such symptoms alumina can be used as a homeopathic cure.


Anacardium is to be prescribed in people who keep forgetting things and events, which include general forgetfulness in remembering people and their names, or things that they have seen or read from a book, in general the person forgets all kinds of things due to the development of an extremely weak memory.

The symptoms of senility and dementia can appear quite suddenly, the person may experience events in a dreamy state, he or she is also often confused, absent-minded, and is muddled because sense perceptions is weakened to a great extent. Psychologically the person may also show malicious and abusive behavior and cruelty, he or she may also curse a lot.

And is very suspicious about things occurring around him or her. There is insecurity and he or she may fear going insane. The insecurity comes about because of nervousness and the general loss of confidence; in fact the person is so insecure that he or she may constantly try things out to prove that he or she is not afflicted with loss of memory.

Psychological signs such as indecisiveness and apathy are displayed in behavior. The person may feel there are two people inside, one of these persons being good and the other one bad, he may feel both natures fighting for control.

Baryta carb.

Baryta carb. is to be prescribed when there is a loss of memory, and the person may display signs of forgetfulness about the names of things and people especially things that she or he has learnt. In addition he or she may repeatedly forget what was about to be said or done.

Psychological signs are also present and come out in the person through a general loss of self confidence, additionally the person is often confused, shows signs of disorientation and is not resolute when carrying out activities. The person may avoid social contact and is extremely shy.

There are insecure feelings about being watched and gossiped about, the person may feel people are laughing at him or her. Other mental states displayed by the person include a child like behavior. Certain signs of senility also appear. The thinking and acting processes can be slow and unhurried.

Due to such displays of fear and insecurity the person may stay put at home and will only then feel secure psychologically. If this form of loss of memory sets in during childhood, it may lead to the stunting of normal development. Physical symptoms include the enlargement of glands in many areas of the body and feeling cold all over the body.


Conium is to be used as a homeopathic treatment option when there is a slow but steady reduction in the emotional and mental states of the person. The person may be very forgetful and easily forgets the names of people and places, words to use during speaking all because of a weakening of the memory.

The person also commits a multitude of errors while calculating, speaking or writing and in telling the time of the day. There is a weakening of the ability to concentrate and the person finds it hard to comprehend things and events occurring around him. The patient withdraws from the world and is extremely introverted. Insecurity may be displayed in the dislike of company while there is a fear of isolation and loneliness.

The person is emotionally indifferent and may have a case of depression. Other signs are a feeling of vertigo that strikes suddenly. These symptoms in the person are from the effects of old age or celibacy.


Lycopodium is to be used as a prescription homeopathic remedy when there is a lot of confused thinking in that person, an inability to concentrate may come about, there is a slowing of the mental faculties includes a weakened brainpower. There is severe loss of memory and recall, the person forgetting names and dates, words to music and certain events, music an inability to decide and aphasia- which is inability to get at the meanings of things.

Due to this forgetfulness the person may be unable to write legibly, utilizing the wrong words and omitting letters and choosing wrong syllables while writing. Thus all the symptoms point to the learning disorder of dyslexia since the symptoms are similar to that disorder. The person fears being alone, and is insecure and has a total loss of confidence about his or her own feelings and thoughts, the patient may additionally fear a nervous breakdown and is not enthusiastic about trying new things and going to different places.


Mercurius is to be used as a homeopathic treatment option during loss of memory, which is nearly total, and the person may even lose direction in streets and places, which are known, to him or her. The person acts slowly and may stammer, and sometimes shows signs of speaking too fast. He or she may feel disoriented with regards to the time of the day or the night, as time seems surreal and strange to the person. The person has problems making decision and is very easily distracted.

Skills such as the ability to write can be severely affected. The person shows signs of apathy and is indifferent to the surrounding. The person may like ordered and considered decisions and actions and withdraws him or herself compensating in a way for the mental instability he or she feels. Psychologically the person is suspicious of all around him or her and can act impulsive and violent. He or she also displays deep discontentment and in general displays low levels of confidence in his or her abilities.


Thuja is to be used in all cases where loss or weakening of the memory in a person leads to the inability to use the correct words; syllables, words and other ideas may be totally muddled up. The person has a difficulty expressing things in clear language and the faculty of speech slows down.

The patients are unable to concentrate on things and events and often lose their direction when going to familiar places. Metal states in such patient include the inability to articulate thoughts and a dullness or fogginess in the mind. They have difficulty with using time probably, and seem indecisive about proper usage of time. The persons may also show a dislike for company and guests.

There are signs of irritability and the person may be always in a hurried frame of mind. Insecurity and the feelings of wretchedness including a hatred of the self are manifested; the person may also be extremely insecure about his or her looks. Strange and inexplicable ideas are generated in the mind of such a person and the body feels a disconnection with a feeling of fragility and detached thoughts.

Additional things you may do

It is important to stay mentally active and alert to stimulus, by working puzzles and other memory games, this avoids the disuse and calcification of the brain. Going back to school to take up new subjects or hobbies and solving crossword puzzles, memorizing things and events and playing chess are all good stimulators of the brain.

The ability to retain and recall things and general memory can best be achieved when staying in a calm environment. Doing too many things at one and the same time regularly can bring about the appearance of a poor memory. Lifestyle must be free of stress and a hectic life or activity must be avoided. Small actions and concentrating on a single task at a time helps the memory therefore one must switch the television or the radio off when involved in other activities.

Exercising on a daily basis can help the body and free the mind; therefore it is good idea to walk for sometime everyday. Relaxation and sleep must be in optimal amounts, since the brain must have some rest to recharge and renew itself. If memory is already poor, a diary or a book is a good idea, as a device to help forgetful people, who can write or jot things down as an aid to memory.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, 2 capsules 500 mg thrice a day

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg

Lecithin, 3 tbsp. thrice a day

Niacin, 100 mg

Other beneficial herbs


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