Approximately 15 percent of all recorded pregnancies end in miscarriages. The first three months of pregnancy is the crucial period when such a spontaneous loss of the fetus is most likely to occur. This is also fortunately the only time period during a pregnancy when the fetus poses very little of a risk to the health of the mother carrying it.

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Miscarriages can be caused by a disease known as toxoplasmosis, a condition leading to the swelling of the glands, the development of aching muscles and the development of persistent but low-grade fevers can indicate toxoplasmosis. This disease is also responsible for many stillbirths and some kinds of serious birth defects in babies.

At any rate, miscarriages have a huge emotional impact on the parents-the situation can be very traumatic for both mother and father, the trauma by its nature is greatest for the woman as she is the one who is physically conscious of the loss of the fetus. An emotional as well as a physical shock is induced by the occurrence of a miscarriage in the last three months of pregnancy.

The life of the mother is also directly imperiled by losing her child at this point of time in the term of pregnancy and such situation is and should be treated as a serious medical emergency, requiring immediate visits to the hospital.

A miscarriage can be on the horizon if there is any vaginal bleeding or spotting during the term of pregnancy-such events are considered to be triggers for miscarriages and the woman must be examined by a doctor immediately. Miscarriages are observed in approximately half of those women experiencing some sort of bleeding during a term of pregnancy.

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The occurrence of a miscarriage cannot be prevented if the cervix is already dilated. Other conditions such as the presence of abdominal cramps which affect the woman during the term of pregnancy can also lead to miscarriages and such situations must be treated as very serious events.

The death of a fetus inside the women is known as a missed miscarriage, the fetus in these cases is not miscarried and is not ejected automatically-this is a serious event and the woman must be treated immediately. A miscarriage is also on the horizon if many of the usual indications and signs of pregnancy become muted or disappear completely.

Such a situation is life-threatening for the mother and immediate medical treatment is necessary. It is strongly recommended that all such indications of a miscarriage occurring be checked and investigated thoroughly under the guidance of a professional medical doctor.

It is very normal for women to express extreme sadness and strong emotions following a miscarriage-this emotional outburst must be considered a normal part of the grieving process. The situational grief displayed by the woman will often includes overwhelming feelings of guilt, flashes of anger, a very low self-esteem and many other strong emotions which may come and go for days after the event.

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It is normal for each partner to be affected in a different way by the condition, and each of the partners will find a way to deal with the event in a slightly different way. Arriving from both an emotional and a physical perspective and in considering issues of health, all women are generally advised against another term of pregnancy following a miscarriage.

The occurrence of a miscarriage in many cases is often the natural response of the body to the abnormal development of the fetus within the womb. Miscarriages are usually not caused by physical shocks or physical injury to the mother unless the accident was severe-this is possible because the fetus is entombed in a well padded and protected womb deep in the body of the mother.

In addition, under normal circumstances, any sexual intercourse will not cause a miscarriage. However, the presence of a cervical instability can often initiate a miscarriage. This comes about when the cervical opening has weakened or is injured from the rigors of a former term of pregnancy and labor.

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Miscarriages can also come about due to other causes, such as the presence of a physical abnormality in the uterus, it can also result due to an under active thyroid or because of a viral infection in the body of the woman. A mystery still surrounds the actual underlying causes of many types of sudden miscarriages and the abnormal development of fetuses resulting in such events.

Possible factors for miscarriages which have been implicated in some studies include the presence of toxic pesticides in the food and water and the presence of certain synthetic chemicals in the water and the external environment. A parasite spread by contamination of food through cat feces is the factor responsible for the disease called toxoplasmosis-this disease is responsible for many miscarriages.

Since the kitty litter is a potential source of infection, the pregnant women must not undertake to change the litter during her term of pregnancy. Another possible cause for miscarriages is the presence of certain nutritional imbalances within the body of the woman. Miscarriages and birth defects are also caused by the exposure of the woman to very high doses of the vitamin A-this nutrient must be avoided or taken in moderation if necessary during the term of pregnancy.

Supplements and herbs

A pregnant woman must be properly nourished during the term of pregnancy and good nutrition is very essential. The well being and the health of the mother and the child will depend greatly on the consumption of a well balanced and wholesome diet. If feasible, the use of any and all types of medications should be avoided during the term of the pregnancy.

By strengthening the weakened blood vessels and capillaries, supplements of the vitamin C taken along with the plant based compounds known as bioflavonoids is believed to be able to prevent the occurrence of miscarriages and the onset of premature labor in women. The imbalances in the hormonal system can be realigned by supplements of the vitamin E; this supplemental nutrient will help prevent miscarriages from occurring in those women who have repeated incidents due to hormonal imbalances.

Because of its ability to prevent the occurrence of certain types of birth defects, supplements of the B vitamin folic acid is often suggested as a supplemental measure for women who are pregnant. Supplementation should include the entire B complex vitamins. The B vitamin content of the body is destroyed by the antibiotics, these compound also eliminate the beneficial intestinal bacteria and lower the levels of the vitamin K.

A deficiency of the vitamin K within the human body can lead to an increase susceptibility to heavy bleeding and result in eventual miscarriage for the pregnant mother. Vitamin K supplementation is vital, and diets should include plenty of green foods and green food supplements as these foods are an excellent source for the vitamin K.

The health of the baby may be in danger, if the ovaries of the mother do not produce enough of the maternal hormone progesterone at the same time that the estrogen level remains high. The levels of these two essential maternal hormones can be normalized within the body by the use of herbal remedies as supplements.

Progesterone production in the body can be aided by supplements of ginseng and sarsaparilla herbs. Dosage of these two herbs can be a single capsule of the sarsaparilla herb or a mixture of both herbs taken on a daily basis. The use of plant based and natural progesterone cream will also help balance the progesterone levels in the mother's body.

This cream can be rubbed into the areas of fatty tissue covering parts of the body such as the hips and the thighs-rubbing in these areas will ensure optimal absorption of the cream through the skin. Herbal teas are also an excellent remedy in treating the imbalances within the body, sip a tea made using herbs such as the Mexican wild yam, the common ginger, the winter clover and the leaves of the raspberry leaves throughout the day, drinking such teas during the term of pregnancy will help prevent miscarriages from occurring.

These herbal teas can be made by mixing a tsp. of herbs to a cup of water, boil the water and let the herbs steep into the liquid, slowly cool the mixture, strain and drink at least three cups every day till the danger is past.


All the homeopathic remedies given below can be given at a potency of 12 or 30c, these can be taken as frequently as possible when the threat of a miscarriage exist-the preferred dosage is once every hour. The dosage of the remedies can be reduced to one to thrice daily as the situation improves or in less severe cases-the remedies can be used whenever necessary or when the threat of a miscarriage suddenly appears.


Caulophyllum is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of women who have a tendency to suffer from miscarriages and in whom there is a weakening of the uterine tissues. This remedy is for use in women who have habitually miscarried or who are under constant threat of recurring miscarriages, all kinds of bleeding from the uterus, and heaviness in the abdominal area when pregnant.

Physical symptoms evident during the condition include the presence of severe uterine spasms passing all over the body, the development of an excruciating pain that seems to radiate in all directions within the body. The woman may also suffer from a trembling physical weakness in the body. Symptoms also include the exudation of a profuse to thin and extremely acrid vaginal discharge from time to time.

The menstrual cycle of the woman may often come early, and is always heavy or prolonged in duration. In addition, physical symptoms that are manifest in the woman following the miscarriage can include the presence of extreme physical exhaustion, and sudden appetite loss, the woman may also experience the weakening of the memory, and she will also have a tendency to suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.

The remedy is also to be used in the case of severe dysmenorrhea that has affected the woman since the end of puberty. The woman tends to be very nervous and excitable at all times of the day and night. Additionally, such patients tend to suffer from arthritis in the lower joints of the body. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Caulophyllum as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the condition.


Cimicifuga is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of women suffering from the threat of a miscarriage during the third month of pregnancy. The physical symptoms which are commonly observed include the presence of extreme and cramping pains that seem to fill the abdomen across from side to side, and tend to radiate left to right, or down to the thighs.

These symptoms are often accompanied by physical sensations such as nausea, and spells of fainting or dizziness. The woman may be so troubled by the symptoms that she is always borne down by the pain, the ensuing backache, and is often doubled up with the extreme painful sensations passing over the body.

Symptoms also tend to include the presence of ovarian neuralgia in such women. The woman may often cry out from the pain, psychological symptoms include feelings of insanity due to the extreme pain. Psychological symptoms also include the presence of a deep and persistent depression along with a feeling of constant dread about her surroundings and life in general.

Menstrual issues tend to be very dark, often clotted over, and offensive smelling, the menstrual cycle is also irregular, and the painful sensations often increase with the flow of blood from the uterus. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Cimicifuga as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the condition.


Secale is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of women suffering from the constant threat of a miscarriage during the third month of a pregnancy. These symptoms are often accompanied by extremely heavy flows of a black, and offensive smelling, watery looking or oozing blood during the menstrual period.

Physical symptoms also include the development of extremely cold and almost blue skin, there is often cramping in the fingers. Symptoms can also include physical feebleness and exhaustion. Pain forces the woman to bear or bend down; these forceful sensations are present at all times of the day and night. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Secale as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the condition.


Sepia is to be used as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of women who have a tendency to get miscarriages during the fifth to the seventh month of a term of pregnancy. Physical symptoms can include the presence of persistent morning sickness every day. Symptoms also include the sensation of a ball like structure within the uterus.

The painful sensations are so severe that the woman may be forced to bear or bend down with the pain. The woman may also suffer from a prolapsed, and can often be affected by fibroids in the uterine tissues. The woman also finds any motions performed by the developing fetus to be intolerable and extremely uncomfortable. Symptoms also include the presence of yellow colored discharges.

There are also extreme and severe itching sensations in the vulva which can trigger the miscarriage. Physical symptoms also evident in the woman include the presence of chills running down the body; the woman is also physically exhausted at most times of the day and night. The condition of the patient can greatly worsen in the mornings and in the evenings; conditions of dampness also affect the woman adversely.

Physically the woman is very weary, and worn out from fatigue. Psychological symptoms include the presence of depression, and indifference to most things, she hates sexual intercourse. The woman in addition desires to be left alone at most times. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Sepia as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the condition.

Additional things you may do

It is very important that you eliminate all sources of needless stresses during the first three to four months of a term of pregnancy. These includes abstaining from including yourself in many of the commitments to the community at large, stopping the trips to the library, and not participating in the grocery shopping for the home.

The risk of a miscarriage is greatly increased if you participate in night shift work, try to avoid such work timings or take a maternity leave. This is because hormonal imbalances are often created in the body when the twenty-four-hour cycle of sleep and wake is interrupted during a night shift-such hormonal imbalances in the mother can directly interfere with the development of the fetus inside the womb.

Placental detachment during an accidental fall can also lead to miscarriages; the occurrence of such an unfortunate event must be avoided at all cost by staying off heavy or strenuous physical activity. Pregnant woman must not use vaginal douches as these can directly threaten the placenta. Ectopic pregnancies have been known to occur because of vaginal douching. Besides this, certain chemicals contained in the vaginal douches can directly endanger the health of the fetus developing in the womb.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

Vitamin E, 400 IU.

Green food supplements, one tbsp.

Folic acid, 400 mcg with three tbsp. of fortified yeast supplements.

Prenatal multivitamin with minerals as directed by a doctor.

Other beneficial herbs


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