Mood Swings

The presence of sudden changes in mood are not necessarily due to the presence of psychological or other problems in a person, individual temperament and character are more likely to play a role in the occurrence of mood swings in a person. The typical signs and symptoms that are evident in a person who displays mood swings are unexplained anger and sudden fits of irritability, short-term feelings of melancholia and sudden recourse to weeping.

A mood disorder could be the underlying reason, and a physician must be consulted especially when the symptoms are very intense and show an alternation in feelings of complete euphoria and extreme sadness.

A related complication like the mental state known as manic depression brings an alternation in the person between the manic phase, witnessed by feelings of elation and buoyancy, an uncontrollable flow of thoughts, impulsiveness and restlessness, complete withdrawal marks the person during the alternate depressive state, tremendous feelings of hopelessness and anxiety come into play, during this phrase the person is unable to think about, let alone act on anything and is wholly withdrawn.

Fluctuations in the levels of hormones within the body especially during the premenstrual period, during the course of a pregnancy and on the onset of menopause in women have been connected to the development of mood swings in women, however the role of other factors such as the presence of an underlying nutritional imbalances within the body cannot be discounted.

Frequent and sudden fluctuation in the levels of blood-sugar, affect the brain and it has been suggested that this causes the appearance of mood swings in a person. Other signs and conditions in the body like the appearance of hypoglycemia due to a drop in the level of blood sugar, the lack of sleep leading to fatigue and anxiety and stress in a person can all cause irritability, and the presence of irritability alone therefore is not necessarily a sign of fluctuations in mood in a person.

The origin of mood swings due to the presence of psychological and emotional pain or trauma should also be probed further as a possible cause. However it can generally be said that there are many causes to the origin of mood swings in a person.

For example, along with the presence of other physical signs and symptoms, fluctuating levels of sudden euphoria and depression can also be due to conditions like multiple sclerosis. Serious and severe mood swings can also be caused by drug and alcohol abuse. While generally linked to the presence of severe emotional and psychological distress, the real or the specific cause of manic-depressive disorder as yet unidentified.

Supplements and herbs

The mind and the body are both benefited by the intake of a healthy diet in a person; moreover the emotions have a greater chance of becoming unstable if there is a depletion of nutrient levels in the body. So called energy pills with their claims to be able to bring quick fixes to the recovery process can injure the adrenal glands and aggravate the nutritional imbalances within the body and must thus be avoided.

Heavy fluctuations in the emotions and sudden highs and lows in mood can be attributed to abrupt changes in the levels of blood sugar. To control the craving for sugar and to regulate the level of blood sugars in the body, supplementation can be done with the mineral chromium.

Supplementation can be done with nervous system supporting B-vitamin that also alleviates stress related mood swings. Since feelings of irritability and edginess are increased by the depletion of levels of calcium or magnesium, these minerals must be used as supplements to restore their levels in the body.

During the period of menopause in women, mood swings and changes can be relieved by the utilization of yarrow. The use of yarrow juice combined with the juice of the dandelion, the borage or the rosemary as a long-term therapeutic supplement can often prevent the inclination towards irritability in a person. In an alternating dose with other juices of herbal providence, yarrow juice can be used thrice a day in about 1-2 tbsp. per dose.


Aromatherapy is an excellent way to enhance our health as well as well being and, hence, it is becoming increasingly popular. Most commonly, aromatherapy is administered by massaging the entire body or body parts with essential oils. It may be noted that the essential oils possess specific attributes that have relation with almost every ailment or disease that exists. During their menopausal period, several women experience mood swings and in case you too experience the same, using aromatherapy will help you considerably in providing relief from the symptoms of menopause.

Using aromatherapy has another advantage - it can be used at your home. When you are sure about the specific essential oils and the carrier oils that you require for your condition, you are already ready to use it at home and by yourself. Carrier oils are ordinary oils, mostly vegetable oils, which are employed to dilute or weaken the essential oils. In effect, essential oils are very concentrated and unsuitable for use on the skin in the full potency. It is very easy to blend essential oils with suitable carrier oils and it just takes some minutes to develop your personal essential oil blend.

Lavender, chamomile, sandalwood, frankincense and cedarwood essential oils are commonly used to treat mood swings. There are several other essential oils that can be used to cure mood swings, but the ones mentioned here are enough to get you started. It is important to note that essential oils of therapeutic grade are most excellent essential oils, because all of them are natural and unadulterated, without any chemical being used during the processing of these essential oils.

In order to cure mood swings by means of aromatherapy, you should use the essential oils as frequently as possible as this will help you to remain balanced. You ought to know that people experience mood swings simply because they lose their balance. Hence, when you are balanced, you will be able to put off mood swings.

You may use essential oils in many different ways. Mostly, they are employed in the form of massage oils. In addition, you may also spray a few drops of essential oils in your bath water for a comforting bath. Another way of using essential oils is employing them in the manufacture of aromatherapy candles.

Finally, you may add some drops of essential oils on your handkerchief and inhale the aroma, or spray some amount of these oils on your wrist and use it in the form of a perfume. You will be amazed to discover how soon and effortlessly the aroma of essential oils can alter an individual's mood.

Provided you are using the essential oils dependably and as necessary, they will work wonders. So, create a number of your personal blends and try using them to cure mood swings as well as the other problems you may have.

Other beneficial essential oils


Specific homeopathic remedies are effective for treating mood swings as well as restore the equilibrium of your emotions.


Apis is used to treat touchy moodiness as well as mood swings that occur during the beginning of depression. In addition, Apis is also useful for addressing feelings of imminent disaster, accompanied with the onset of abrupt anxiety as well as to treat problems related to restiveness. This homeopathic remedy can also be given to children in measures of two tablets, while the dosage for adults is four tablets daily to cure start of mood swings. Don't swallow these tablets, but place them under your tongue and let them dissolve.


This homeopathic remedy is appropriate for individuals who are enduring emotions associated with restiveness, frustration, tetchiness, nervousness and fright. This medication has its origin in a substance called metallic arsenic and is basically a type of white oxide. Arsenicum is given in the form of small tablets that are placed beneath the tongue and allowed to dissolve. While the daily dose for children is two tablets, the dosage for adults is a maximum of four tablets daily to reduce mood swings and associated problems.


The homeopathic remedy Calcarea is indicated for mood swings and low emotional conditions that change to sudden and inexplicable edginess. It is also given to cure restiveness and irritation. Calcarea is available in the form of dissolvable tablets that are kept under the tongue and allowed to dissolve. The dosage for adults as well as children aged between 6 years and 12 years is four tablets taken thrice every day, while children below the age of 6 years may be given two tablets thrice every day to treat mood swings.


Phosphorus is given to people who experience abrupt heated flare-ups; those who try to draw others' notice from laughter; or people who undergo sudden periods of elation. This homeopathic remedy is available in the form of pellets. It is safe for adults to take anything between 3 to 6 pellets thrice or four times daily to reduce occurrence of mood swings. The dosage for children is one pellet taken thrice every day.


Pulsatilla is given to people experiencing poor sense of worth; people who turn moody when others condemn them and also to people who experience abrupt angry emotions. This medication is available in dissolvable tablet form and the dosage for adults is four tablets taken four times daily to restore the emotional balance. The dosage for children is two tablets taken four times every day.

Nat. mur.

This homeopathic remedy is actually sodium chloride, the normal table salt which is necessary for balancing the metabolic system and also the functioning of the central nervous system of our body. Natrum muriaticum or Nat. mur. is generally recommended for people who are extremely emotional or sensitive people, in addition to those who are suffering from depression. Prior to using Nat. mur. it is essential to consult your homeopath regarding its proper use, particularly if you are using prescription drugs for your condition from before.

Calc. phos.

Calc. phos. is employed for treating exhaustion and stress that may possibly result in unpredictable mood swings. You ought to know that in case you are enduring persistent weariness, inconsistent mood swings as well as phases of petulance owing to pressure or stress in your life, it is possible that you are also suffering from dearth of vitamins or you may have an impaired metabolic system. Although using Calc. phos. will help to provide relief from such conditions, it is advisable that you consult your homeopathic physician before using this medication.


This homeopathic remedy is frequently employed to facilitate treating irregular thoughts as well as emotions; enhance concentration and attention in addition to pacify apprehensions, particularly feeling related to disaster or anxiety. Since Lachesis is prepared using the venom of a snake, you ought to be aware that this medication is likely to be toxic when taken in elevated doses and also have an effect on the functioning of the central nervous system.

Kali phos.

Kali phos. is also known as potassium phosphate, a compound that is frequently given to rejuvenate people. It is believed that potassium or the salt content of the medication is responsible for revitalizing. Kali phos. is said to help in maintaining the equilibrium of the pH as well as the hydration levels of our body. This homeopathic remedy is frequently employed for treating disorders related to the nervous system. Additionally, Kali phos. is also given to alleviate headaches attributable to stress, sleeplessness (insomnia) and tetchiness.

Additional things you may do

Adequate amounts of sleep and sufficient time given to rest and relaxation and regularity in lifestyle can alleviate the worst aspects of the disorder. When feeling its impending onset, take a nap to preclude its occurrence or go for a brisk walk outdoors, this will prevent the worst aspects of mood disorders from affecting you.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg thrice a day

Calcium, 1,000 mg

Chromium, 200 mcg

Magnesium, 500 mg

Other beneficial herbs