Muscle Weakness

Muscular tissue that is not in continuous use either due to injury or because of convalescence loses not only its strength, but over time its shape and weight as well-all these changes occurring rather quickly as time passes. Physical exhaustion is often marked by muscular weakness-this exhaustion often felt during an attack of the flu or in those with some chronic fatigue syndrome can result in weakened muscular tissues in the affected part of the body.

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At times an underlying neurological problem may be the reason for weakness if some other symptoms usually predominate over the weakening of the muscles. Muscular weakness and the deterioration of muscles due to an inability to use them can also come about because of an injured nerve that results from some physical trauma or due to a long-term inflammation in the body.

Weakening and paralysis of various muscles in the body can also result from a stroke occurring in certain muscles within the body-these effects can persist for a long time, and may at times be permanent resulting in debilitation of the affected individual.

Paralysis of the muscles is of many types and the common one sided facial muscle paralysis is often caused by a condition known as Bell's palsy in many individuals. Sudden weakening of many muscle groups and very poor or impaired muscular coordination results during conditions such as multiple sclerosis-a serious and debilitating disease that affects some individuals.

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The weakness of muscles due to a nervous system disorder is also apparent during the condition known as Guillian-Barre syndrome. During this disorder, muscles in the arms and the legs are affected first; however, this weakening of muscular tissue can spread all over the body and bring about severe respiratory distress in the affected individual.

This serious illness often affects an individual following an immunization, or it can come after an infection or following some surgery-the disorder is considered severe and requires medical care.

To maintain their shape and for their proper functioning, the muscles within the body need to be used regularly and continuously-similar to any organ system in the body, not using them results in the loss of shape and function. If at all possible, exercises however limited must be undertaken even when a person is bedridden for weeks at a stretch or even longer.

If muscles are severely weakened due to lack of use or because of illness, then muscular strains can occur frequently and recur again and again. Therefore, before a person engages in any kind of strenuous physical exercise, he or she must use appropriate warm up techniques and good stretching exercises-he or she must also ensure that the muscles receive adequate rest following the period of heavy activity.

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Supplements and herbs

Muscular function and its coordination are necessarily maintained by all types of nutrients and all of these minerals and nutrients must be present in the diet. Muscular development in particular relies heavily on a good source of proteins; this is the vital nutrient in food in the form of amino acids.

Nervous function and muscular coordination also requires the presence of several of the B vitamins along with the vitamin E in good quantities within the body, any resulting or existing deficiencies in these vitamins will ensure weaknesses to overcome the musculature. A good energy supply within the muscles is promoted by the vitamin E by its ability to boost the oxygen supply.

Since nutrients such as the vitamin B12, the mineral calcium and the essential mineral magnesium are vital for nervous system, which in turn regulates muscles-these nutrients must also be taken in regular and consistent amounts with the diet. Poor absorption of the vitamin B12 through the intestinal tract in certain individuals can give rise to deficiencies of this nutrient. Such individuals must take supplemental sublingual tablets of the vitamin; these are absorbed through the mucous membranes within the mouth itself, and are recommended to beat deficiencies of the vitamin B 12 arising due to poor intestinal absorption.

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The essential amino acid called lysine is necessary for strong bones, cartilage and connective tissue; in addition this important compound is also involved in the production of all sorts of antibodies, many types of hormones and other enzymes within the body. Diseases such as herpes and many types of heart disease can be dealt with lysine, particularly when the supplement is combined with other compounds such as the vitamin C, and the other amino acids like taurine, proline and the essential compound coenzyme Q10 in the diet. Coenzyme Q10 also helps the body in the absorption of the essential mineral calcium from the diet.

Physical symptoms such as persistent fatigue, poor or loss of concentration, emotional irritability, the presence of bloodshot eyes, diseases such as herpes, retarded physical growth, problems such as hair loss, sudden onset anemia, the weakening of muscles and many kinds of fertility problems can result if there is a deficiency of lysine in the body.

The compound known as creatine monohydrate is found in abundant amounts naturally in all sorts of red meat that is taken in the diet-this compound is an essential component of all muscles. The body requires at least a gram of creatine daily as a part of normal metabolism, however, athletes for example take additional supplementation to boost muscular strength, and power lifters in particular make great use of this compound.

The rate of muscle fatigue is reduced significantly by the presence of creatine within the body, this compound will let athletes perform for longer periods at their peak levels and it also enables them a faster recovery after intense physical activity during sports. This compound produces no side effects and is an effective anti-inflammatory-it is also used as a potent pain killer or analgesic.

The heart is an organ made entirely of muscle-cardiac or smooth muscle and this fact is often not known. Heart muscle also needs strengthening and such supplements include the compounds carnitine along with the coenzyme Q10 taken on a regular basis.

Stamina and the muscular strength in the heart are increased by supplements of the compound carnitine when used over a long period of time. In men with a heart disease or in those who die from a heart attack, the compound DHEA which is a steroid hormone manufactured within the adrenal gland is significantly reduced-this compound can be supplemented in such cases to bring about improved health in affected individuals.

Serious illnesses such as coronary arterial disease are controlled and treated through the antioxidant action of the coenzyme Q10-the use of this compound leads to the prevention and complete treatment of the individual suffering from any form of coronary artery disease. The reduction of pain and angina attacks is also achieved through regular supplements of the compound and the compound also combines well with the other antioxidant substances such as the essential vitamin E, compounds like beta-carotene and the vitamin C-all of these can be taken together for maximum effectiveness.

High protein foods included in the daily diet such as granola and oat flakes and in particular wheat germ contain many of the natural muscle enhancers compounds such as the essential amino acids valine, leucine and isoleucine-such foods must be incorporated in the long term diet for all individuals who suffer from a weakening of the muscles.

Muscular strength and coordination is controlled partly by the trace mineral manganese-this compound also helps in the reduction of inflammation in all affected muscles within the body-it must be included in the diet.

All of the following herbs given below will help in the development of healthy and strong muscles, these herbal remedies can be taken on a daily and long term basis by the affected individual.

Muscle strength is increased by the presence of silica in the diet, the herb horsetail has very high silica content and can be used as an herbal supplement. Prepare an herbal tea and take three cups of horsetail herbal tea on a daily basis, alternately 10 -15 drops of horsetail tincture mixed in some liquid or abut two tbsp. of horsetail juice taken daily, for a period of two weeks on an on and off basis will also give similar results.

Muscular contraction can be reduced by the compound known as forskolin, which is an excellent natural bronchodilator. This compound forskolin taken in supplemental form has been used in treating other disease such as high blood pressure, disorders like asthma, other conditions such as congestive heart disease and even glaucoma in patients-the compound works wonders for weak muscles. Energy and stamina is also increased by the use of the herb called schisandra, which is an herbal Chinese tonic, traditionally used in Chinese medicine.

This Chinese tonic is not known to be toxic, its use is however, not recommended for patients suffering from either epilepsy or if they have intracranial pressure in the skull. Plaque formation in the arteries can be reversed and prevented by supplements of hawthorn berries, these berries also help bring about a reduction in the increased cholesterol, while also increasing the flow of blood to the muscles of the heart, this herb also helps in increasing the force of contraction in the heart muscles, while bringing about an overall reduction in high blood pressure.

Additional things you may do

Regular exercise is important for overall health as well as strong and supple muscles-the more regular the exercise regimen the greater the strength and health in the muscles. By slowly increasing the rate of physical training, all the weakened muscles in the body can be strengthened and their performance can be increased.

Metabolism is also directly benefited by this as all the glands, the skin, the nervous system and the circulation is improved by this regular use of muscles. Very simple physical activities such as regular walks not only lead to the strengthening of muscles, but it also increased the rate of healing of injured tissue and helps prevents the onset of all kinds of chronic ailments and other conditions such as thrombosis, embolism, and heart attack, it also aids the alleviation of digestive problems, and avoids the development of cold extremities, such exercises also reduce the tendency for colds and chilblains inherent in the body of a person.

The best natural therapy to prevent the occurrence of angina is a simple daily walk. The oxygenation of muscular cells is aided by deep breathing-which itself is greatly improved by regular walking sessions and exercising.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B12, 100 mcg.

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg two times a day.

Vitamin E, 400 IU two times a day.

Magnesium, 500 mg.

Calcium, 1,000 mg.

Manganese, 5 mg.

L-carnitine, 150 mg.

DHEA, 5-50 mg.

Creatine monohydrate 5 g 4 - 6 times a day for 3 days, then 5 g 1 - 2 times a day.

Other beneficial herbs


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