Mitral Valve Prolapse

The chambers of the human heart are guarded by valves, one of these is the mitral valve; it is one of the four valves separating the four chambers. When one of the cusp or the cusps of the mitral valve bulge into one of the chambers of the heart, it leads to a condition known as a mitral valve prolapse - MVP. This situation is quite common and can occasionally be considered a serious condition; this prolapse of the valve occurs when the heart is contracting.

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The defects or abnormalities associated with the structure of the mitral valve are the cause of this bulging and the resultant prolapse. Mitral regurgitation is the serious complication of a severe mitral valve prolapse, in this situation the valve is rendered unable to perform its normal functioning and thus is unable to keep the blood from leaking backwards into the wrong chamber of the heart and this may lead to very serious complication and fatalities.

Symptoms are not normally experienced by the majority of people who suffer from MVP. Symptoms such as fainting, light-headedness, tremor, or difficulty breathing during exertion or when lying down may occur in some other patients; spells of dizziness are also common.

Palpitations of the heart and a persistent and dull pain in the chest may also be reported by some patients. Additionally most of the other common symptoms associated with the "fight or flight" response system in the human body may be experienced during the condition. The related condition called dysautonomia syndrome is simply MVP that comes along with these symptoms.

Little or low consumption of salt may be part of the underlying reason as far as people who develop dysautonomia are concerned. This is the reason it is suggested that restriction of the salt intake should not occur as far as people with MVP are concerned and unless otherwise another health problem such as a high blood pressure exists that is worsened by high salt intake. Salt intake must be liberal.

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Supplements and herbs

One of the symptoms that occur in association with MVP is the deficiency of the essential mineral magnesium - this mineral is suggested to be essential to the maintenance of a normal mitral valve functioning. This is inferred from a study of people with MVP, where at least 60% of the people who had severe MVP symptoms, showed low blood levels of magnesium.

This was further studied on people with MVP where a placebo was used in a double-blind trial, one group was prescribed a placebo and another magnesium - at dosage regimens of 500 mg per day for one week of the trial, this was followed by a reduced dosage of 335 mg of the placebo or magnesium per day for a further four weeks of controlled trial.

The test subjects who were given magnesium experienced an appreciable reduction in all the symptoms associated with MVP, these included weakness and chest pain, the levels of anxiety also dropped, so did the symptoms such as shortness of breath, and the palpitations in the heart.

Five people with MVP were found to be deficient in the levels of L-carnitine in another study. In one of these patients at least a complete remission and resolution of the symptoms of MVP was reported when the patient was given L-carnitine at a dosage rate of 1 gram three times every day for a testing period of four months.

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In addition, you may also use CoQ10 to cure MVP problems. During the course of a clinical study, the partaking patients were given coenzyme Q10 in dosage of 2 mg for every kg body weight - approximately 1 mg for every pound of body weight. At the end of eight weeks, it was found that the heart function of over 80 per cent of the patients had been restored to normal.

Taurine is another supplement that is known to be effective in dealing with MVP. This substance is found in profuse amounts all over the human body and is necessary for bile formation. In effect, taurine is among the most significant as well as plentiful free amino acid present in the heart.

The herb kava kava is also useful in treating MVP. This herb ought to be taken especially when nervousness and tetchiness remain a major problem despite the patient having taken magnesium for some weeks. While kava kava alleviates nervousness, this herb does not make one feel reeling or cause any after effects like a hangover.

Numerous studies undertaken by scientists reveal the excellent therapeutic properties of kava kava. In one such study, the participants were given 100 mg of an extract obtained from kava kava thrice daily for a period of four weeks and at the end of this period, it was found that the patients suffered from lesser symptoms of anxiety. Moreover, the participants in the study were not as prone to report symptoms, such as headaches, chest pain, heart palpitations, and dizziness compared to people who were given placebo.

In case you are enduring MVP, you should also take less of fatty foods that have the aptitude to cause damage to your heart - both saturated as well as hydrogenated fats should be avoided. Instead, you may take additional amounts of essential fatty acids that aid in safeguarding your heart.

So, you would require a little omega-6 fatty acid and omega-3 fatty acid, which are present in a variety of percentage in flaxseed oil, fish oil as well as sunflower oil, borage oil or cold-pressed safflower oil. Moreover, individuals suffering from mitral valve prolapse (MVP) ought to take anything between 1,000 mg and 3,000 mg of a blend of these two essential fats (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) that are available commercially in the form of gel caps.

Additional things you may do

Stressful situations should be avoided at all costs by individuals affected by the symptoms of dysautonomia. They should take part in lessons or programs that teach skills on how to cope with stress. Stress is one of the major factors that can aggravate the symptoms and thus its elimination is an important first step in dealing with the condition.

Generally, people enduring mitral valve prolapse (MVP) do not need any especial treatment, barring comfort, as majority of these people do not endure any grave primary heart ailment. Instead, care and support concentrate on the trivial alterations that a person is able to make and those that will help in preventing the symptoms of this condition.

In addition, MVP also generally does not need any constraint of activities. However, the individual ought to keep away from competitive sports provided he or she suffers from an explicit tick or murmur of noteworthy mitral deficiency. Usually, majority of the people have a negligible, in case of any, mitral deficiency.

What is more, mitral valve prolapse (MVP) also does not require the patient to follow any dietary restrictions. However, he or she should essentially limit the intake of alcohol, caffeine and stimulants provided they have any irregularities of the heart. It is advisable that such people should take a fluid intake, as dehydration may aggravate this condition.

Here is a word of caution. When any woman suffering from MVP is pregnant, it is essential for her to tell her midwife or obstetrician that she has this condition. Nevertheless, it has been found that majority of women having mitral valve prolapse do not need to exercise any precise precautions. In addition, a woman with mitral valve prolapse may need to take antibiotic provided she requires a urinary catheter or is suffering from any infection during the time of delivery and is also enduring a heart murmur of mitral deficiency.

As aforementioned, an individual having mitral valve prolapse (MVP) generally do not require any medication to treat the condition, except a potent dose of care and comfort.

In the event of an individual suffering from anomalous heart rhythms, for instance, palpitations, he or she may require treatment using beta-blockers. In order to avoid an infection of the heart valve, an individual may also require taking preventive antibiotics prior to specific dental or surgical course of action provided he or she also has a murmur of mitral deficiency.


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