Neck Pain

Many complaints are raised these days due to the increase in the occurrence of a persistent or repeated pain in the neck. The cause of this condition is connected to the maintenance of a poor posture in the body when this is accompanied by tension and stress that is continuously borne by the shoulders.

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The muscles in the neck become sore, heavily ache and become stiff leading to the appearance of pain in the neck. The reason for other related complaints such particularly headaches, feelings of light-headedness and dizziness are due to the tensed and stiff muscles in the neck.

The sensations of numbness and tingling in the hands and arms can be attributed to spasms which generate pressure on a nerve, eliciting either an over function or under function. A prolapsed disk may also be the underlying cause in such cases. A situation known as torticollis develops whenever there is a twist in the neck, in this case the neck is rotated wholly to one side, and becomes stiff and painful bringing on the typical features of this condition.

Many situations such as repeatedly tilting or rotating the head for a prolonged period of time during the day, the habit of sitting in the same position throughout the day and unsatisfactory maintenance of proper posture of the back can all lead to chronic neck pain in a person. Neck disorders can also be brought on because of bunched shoulders and a stiffened back occurring because of being seated in front of a computer throughout the day.

Cramps and tensed muscles can also be brought on by stress and anxieties, which often occur in the region of the neck and the shoulders. Relax them from time to time by being wary about the amount of tension your shoulders may be bearing. Situation such as a pulled muscle or conditions like whiplash causing pain and other conditions connected to an injury.

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Severe spasm and spasmodic reactions on one side of the muscles of the neck lasting for a few days can sometimes come about because of a cold draft or as a result of lying in a cramped position asleep for prolonged periods. Where there is tingling and numbing sensations and pain in the fingers of the arms in particular, the possibility of a slipped disk should be examined and cannot be ruled out.

Pain can also often be caused because of the presence of food allergies. The nerve tissues can become inflamed and irritated due to a chemical reaction when sensitivity to certain types of food is present in a person.

Symptoms of the flu, can lead to aches all over the body, including headaches and stiffening of the muscles in the neck. A medical practitioner must rule out the possibility of meningitis if the symptoms are serious and come along with fever an increased sensitivity to light or with nausea.

An overabundance of sugar in the diet along with an excess consumption of caffeine can lead to tremors and spasms in the muscles of the neck. An accumulation of the metal mercury in the body causes this condition known as torticollis and its symptoms such as tremors. The eroded dental amalgam being ingested and the consumption of contaminated seafood are among the sources for this mercury in the body.

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Supplements and herbs

Spasms in the muscles and rigid muscles can be caused by a deficiency of the mineral magnesium, this also causes the muscles to tense up and brings about and general nervousness in an individual. Because of its ability to control muscular growth and the regular contraction of muscles, the mineral calcium is an excellent supplement to combat this condition; it also stalls muscle cramps and prevents their occurrence.

Heavy metals that are very deleterious to health and the state of the body can be removed from the body through the action of chelating agents and oral chelation with the patient being administered increased and high doses of the metal selenium, vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin E, and somewhat lowered levels of the L-glutathione compound can detoxify the body, removing many heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury, these also work against metals like aluminum, arsenic and copper if they have accumulated to any substantial level in the body.

Pain can be removed by the analgesic action of the vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B3 administered in high doses to the patient. Minerals like potassium, zinc, other compounds and extracts like brewer's yeast and lecithin including the vitamin E can all be supplemented as additional and supplemental compounds to aid in the treatment of the patient.

B vitamins, the vitamin B12, in particular may effectively enhance the functioning of the nervous system function. And these vitamins must be injected into the patient who may have a low acid secretion in the stomach or where the stomach produces no acids at all.

All of the herbs and herbal remedies given below can offer you relief from stiffened muscles, which may be the underlying reason behind the pain in the neck.

The neck can be rubbed and a massage using Swedish bitters may be utilized for the purpose. Healing of constricted muscular tissue and relief from pain may be obtained by massaging the stiffened muscles of the neck with the oil of St. John's wort, in combination with the oil of the arnica herb and a salve made from hops along with beeswax as a base.

In certain cases and for the same condition tea made from the chamomile herb is effective, so is the tea from the lady's slipper, the tea of passion flower, the skullcap, tea from the wood betony, the hypericum herb and valerian tea can greatly ease the symptoms, all these herbs may also be if preferred taken in a tincture or a capsule form for those who may dislike the teas.


Doses almost every 15 minutes, as a dosage regimen should be followed whenever symptoms are acute or severe, since the repeated use of the herbs is likely to bring on the most effective results in the quickest possible time. This can be lowered to a dosage regimen of a single dose per hour after two or three hours of following this 15-minute repeated dosage. A dosage strength of 30c every day and 6c or 12c taken two or three times a day, should be followed where the condition is chronic in nature and the symptoms are persisting over sometime.


Bryonia is to be used with those patients with neck problems who experience stitching sensations in the shoulders and in the region in the nape of the neck. The sensation travels and radiates out along the shoulders to the arms and there is a swelling and hot feeling along with it which is extremely painful, and stiffening of the region may also be brought about due to this pain.

The person is very weak and tired. He or she is also very irritable and the affected parts may become tender and painful. The person in addition is beset by worries. The patient will worsen, even when she or he moves a little, to touch things or even when slightly tilting the head to look at something.

The condition of the patient improves immensely when he or she is given sufficient time to relax and rest, when heat or pressure is put on the affected parts as a topical measure as massages or rubbing action.

Calc. phos.

Calc. phos. is to be prescribed and used in patients with neck problems who are immediately affected with pain when exposed to a cold draft and wind or when moved slightly. The neck is extremely painful, the individual weakens considerably.

On the other parts of the body localized areas may be affected by pain shooting up from within. One side of the neck is first cramped and this alternates to the other side, the cramping does not remain on a single side of the neck.

The patient will worsen when exposed to the elements and to movement and damp cold and windy weather including when performing physical work like lifting things. The patient improves significantly when allowed to lie down, well covered and in a dry and warm place.


Causticum is to be used in cases of problems of the neck where the tendons and muscles have contracted and are extremely stiff. The patient may have a persistent desire to stretch the neck and to crack his or her joints in the neck. The muscles of the neck weaken considerably. The person may in addition show restlessness and cannot stay in a single place.

Physical symptoms include an inability to bend backward and the he or she cannot draw the head to the right direction. The pain is extremely raw and there is a burning and tearing sensation in the neck of the person. Psychological symptoms include a chronic mental stress. The patient will worsen when even undertaking a slight movement, and when exposed to dry cold windy conditions.

The patient will significantly improve when exposed to heat, to damp and cold weather, or when he or she bend the neck forward and backward.


Chelidonium is to be prescribed as a homeopathic treatment option in cases of problems of the neck where there is a tenseness and a heaviness in the neck along with pressing pain. The head seems to be rotated towards the rightward direction.

There is the appearance of pain in the region of the inner area of the right shoulder blades and affects the right shoulder, the arm, and the wrist. The patient will greatly worsen when even undertaking slight movements, on being touched, or when there is change in the weather, or when pressure is applied on the region of the spine. The person will significantly improve when exposed to heat.


Cimicifuga is to be used in cases of problems of the neck where the pain radiates out and these pains are like electric shocks, spreading and shooting into the left arm affecting this particular side of the body. Consequently there is a sensation of stiffness and pain when the head is pulled back. The person may feel heavy.

The person may not like being touched in the region of the upper spine as it is very sensitive. All the large muscle groups in the body seem to have spasmodic contractions. Psychologically the patient is very restless. He or she likes to talk and appears sad and withdrawn, feeling insanity coming on.

The patient will worsen under cold and damp conditions, and when exposed to drafts, under the slightest movements, in women the worst symptoms may come out during the menstrual cycle. The condition of the person improves when pressure is applied onto the affected area and sufficient rest and warmth is given.


Gelsemium is to be used when the neck problem includes soreness and tenderness in the region, there is a dull but persistent headache in the back of the head along with a stiffened neck. The spine is sensitive and becomes lame and stiff. The sensations of pain and relief from pain alternate in turn.

The patient is very weak, becoming lethargic and dull. The patient will worsen when lying still or when moving about and in humid conditions. The condition of the patient significantly improves when he or she lies with the head raised and when the patient passes urine.

Additional things you may do

Use a hairdryer to blow warm air onto the neck to get a measure relief, as a quick solution. Monitor your position when sleeping or lying down, especially the posture adopted when you are seated as these can all affect the way your neck muscles undergo strain. Use a neck roll instead of a pillow if the neck pain is of the chronic type.

A lot of the pain can also be minimized by heat therapy and electromagnetic therapy, in addition warm baths may also greatly help, while exercises, massages, and many relaxation techniques, including deep breathing will all aid you in overcoming the discomfort and the pain. Turn your head gently to a side, and using the right hand search for the largest muscle that lies between the head and the collar bone and using your thumb and fingers put pressure and rub slowly along the length of this muscle to relax it.

This particular neck massage can also be repeated along the other side of the neck by the simple expedient of turning gently in the other direction and repeating the same steps. Half an hour in a hot bath will ease and relax tensed up and sore muscles in the body. For eliminating toxins from the body and from muscle tissues, Epsom salts can be added to the bath water, about a cup to 2 cups per session. Taking rest and relaxing in bed for at least an hour after taking this bath is necessary and beneficial.

A compress can be made of coarse salt, by warming coarse salt in a pan and placing this in a linen sack, this sack can then be pressed onto the region of the neck, this is only effective against neck pains without an inflammation, the painful area can be warmed by the sack and will greatly relieve the pain in the neck.

In cases where amputation has occurred in people the use of magnetic cloths is made theses are designed for the so-called "phantom pain" of amputated legs or arms. Use of these cloths can be made by people with rheumatic and other neck pains and they are very effective in this role, being particularly recommended for those who cannot sleep due to the pain in the neck. Rest in a relaxed manner for around fifteen minutes after wrapping or covering the painful area with the cloth to fight the pain effectively.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 100 mg.

Vitamin B3, 100 mg.

Vitamin B12, sublingual, 1,000 mcg.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400-800 IU.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU.

Calcium, 1,000 mg.

Magnesium, 500 mg.

Potassium citrate, 30mg.

Selenium, 100 mcg.

Zinc, 15 mg with 3 mg copper.

Reduced L-glutathione, 75 mg.

Other beneficial herbs


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