An incidence of nervous inflammation, which does not always bring on pain, is called neuritis. The term polyneuropathy is applied to the onset of nervous inflammation in different areas of the human body. The condition beings about the development of sensations such as weakness, a tingling, numbness and even paralysis depending on the area of that it has affected.

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For example, the nerve function of the muscles in only a single side of the face are affected in the condition known as Bell's palsy, which is a form of neuritis.

Vision is affected in optic neuritis. Here vision slowly or suddenly blurs and is often lost totally, because the condition affects the optic nerve and causes an inflammation of the optic nerve, which sends visual information to the brain, this neuritis affects this vital link.

Though subsiding and disappearing by itself in a few months time, weakness and tingling and numb sensations result during brachial neuritis which strikes a set of nerves in the shoulder and the arm, this neuritis causes pain as a symptom.

An extracted tooth, an injured coccyx or tailbone, injured fingertips can all cause an inflamed nerve or a nerve irritation. When taken together with all other relevant factors including personal vulnerability the causes of neuritis become known, otherwise in a situation similar to the causes of neuralgia, the underlying causes are not very obvious or easily discerned.

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Unless and until the nerves in the body develop inflammations or are pinched and irritated the repetitive strain or injury to a nerve may continually go unnoticed by the person.

Inflammation of the nerves can also arise because of an infection that has set in on the area. The connection between a viral infection or immune system responses that are false to the development of Bell's palsy, optic neuritis and brachial neuritis has been observed in people, a chill has often been the trigger for these situations.

Nerve damage and inflamed nerves can also be caused by alcohol and tobacco, other chemicals and toxic metals. The risk of nervous disorders is greatly increased by a variety of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, metabolic disorders like gout and diabetes in a person.

The deficiency in the body of the B-vitamin can also bring about neuritis in a person, this depletion of the important vitamins can result because of disorders in the digestive system or due to a nutrient deficient diet, digestive problems that retard nutrient absorption and due to conditions like alcoholism which is considered a disease in itself.

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Supplements and herbs

Whenever there is the occurrence of inflamed or irritated nerves, supplements using the B-vitamins must be administered as these vitamins are essential to the maintenance of healthy nerves and it is not important even if a deficiency of the B-vitamin is the not the probable cause of the neuritis setting in on the person.

Nerve problems in particular can be treated using B12 as a supplement. Due to better assimilatory characteristics of the sublingual B12 tablets, these tablets are on the whole to be preferred over other regular tablets because of their ability to be absorbed readily via the mucous membranes.

Besides being building blocks for the nervous system and having a mild anti-inflammatory effect many of the essential fatty acids are excellent choices as supplements. Fatty acids are abundant in the oil of the evening primrose herb. The minerals essentials for muscle and nerve function include the important minerals calcium and magnesium which make very good supplements as well.

Where spasms and cramps are the main complaints, these minerals have to be supplemented. The immune system needs to be bolstered where the reason behind the condition is an infection. To help fight pathogenic and disease causing bacteria, supplements that boost the immune system such as the vitamin C along with bioflavonoids are to effective and highly suggested.

Different herbs and herbal treatments are effective against pain and inflamed nerves in the body; some of them are listed below.

Inflammation can be minimized by the use of the St. John's wort herb, which also acts in the upkeep of the nervous system, boosting its performance. Drink tea made from the herb daily, about 2 cups a session the alternate is to drink about 2-3 tbsp. of the juice, for a calming effect the lavender or skullcap herb can also be added to the tea or the juice.

For external and topical treatments cold medicinal clay combined with the oil of the lemon balm, oil of lavender or oil of St.John's wort can be used; the cream of the comfrey herb is also an excellent external rub. Antispasmodic properties and a sedative action are to be found in the vervain herb and compresses made out of this herb ca be used as a tropical treatment.

The healing and soothing action of the Swedish bitters can be fully employed as a rub onto the affected part to relieve the pain. This herb may also be consumed daily a tsp. in half a cup of liquid or water, this aids in the detoxification of the body. For another external treatment option, pour 5-10 drops of oil of the hayseed plant or a hayseed tincture onto a moist cotton cloth, this can then be used as a wrap around the painful area for half an hour to relieve pain.

The affected area can be rubbed or massaged for pain relief using the oil of the arnica herb, massage can also be carried out along the affected parts with the cream of the comfrey or equal mixtures of brandy along with cold-pressed olive oil. Teas made from a variety of herbs such as the tea from black cohosh, tea made from the lobelia herb, the lady's slipper, the root of valerian tea and skullcap herb tea can all be used in support therapy alongside regular treatment.

Mixing in boiling water a tbsp. of the herbs and letting the herbs steep into the water for ten to fifteen minutes can make the herbal teas. This tea can then be drunk in using a combination of herbs or one herb alone in dosages of about 2-3 cups a day. Some herbs are more effective when taken before sleeping and this includes the valerian herb.

Additional things you may do

It is very important to give a chance to during the acute phase of the inflammation, to give a chance to the affected area to recuperate. The affected area can also be relaxed and soothed by applying packs of cold clay and by using hydrotherapy as an external pain relieving measure. Using apple cider vinegar as a light massage on the area is beneficial especially if pain is present or noticeable.

The application can be done with a small soft cotton cloth, dipped in a mixture of 2 cups of lukewarm water and half a cup of the apple cider vinegar. Till the time the pain recedes lightly swipe the painful part with upward strokes of the cloth. Circulation is aided and bolstered by even a moderate amount of exercise, preferably undertaken in the fresh air of the outdoors. For half an hour each day, permit yourself to take sunbaths for health.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, two capsules thrice a day.

Vitamin B12, 1,000 mcg (sublingual tablets).

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg thrice a day.

Vitamin C, 1,000 mg, with bioflavonoids.

Magnesium, 500 mg.

Calcium, 1,000 mg.


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