Prevention Of Osteoporosis

Thinning of the bones is a natural process after an individual has lived for 30 years and it is not possible to stop the process entirely. Whether or not you will develop osteoporosis will not only depend on the width of your bones in your early life, but also on your diet, health as well as physical activities in the latter stages of your life.

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The more wide your bones are, they would be lesser prone to become thin enough to crack or fracture. In such a situation, especially young women need to be conscious of their risk of developing osteoporosis and initiate measures early in their life to retard or inhibit its progress as well as avoid facing complications.

An excessive physical activity during ones pre-teen years as well as teenage days enhances bone mass and significantly lowers the risk of osteoporosis during their adulthood. If you happen to eat a diet comprising sufficient amounts of calcium and vitamin D as well as undertake regular work-outs during the early stages of your life, it is advisable that you continue with these good habits, as this may help you to postpone or even avoid developing osteoporosis.

Hence, if you wish to prevent or diminish the risk of osteoporosis, it is important that you undertake regular exercises - as a minimum of 30 minutes' brisk walking every day, or opting for any other type of exercise that you take pleasure in. You may also undertake weight-bearing work-outs, for instance walking stair climbing, jogging, dancing, and weight lifting as well as maintaining the bones healthy by means of working the muscles and the bones against gravity.

At the same time, keep away from taking too much of alcoholic beverages, smoking, drinks as well as foods enclosing caffeine. Also ensure that you are taking lots of calcium in your daily diet. It is advisable that you also take a calcium supplement containing 1500 mg calcium every day along with a magnesium supplement containing 750 mg of magnesium in an attempt to avoid osteoporosis.

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In addition, it is advisable that you also take boron, present in fresh vegetable and fruits. Boron helps to protect the bones from losing calcium by lowering the excretion of this mineral. Boron also augments the estrogen and progesterone levels, the two hormones essential for sustaining calcium in the bones.

Also incorporate sufficient amounts of foods that are rich in magnesium content in your daily diet. As far as maintaining the density of the bones is concerned, magnesium is as valuable as calcium and it is essential for appropriate absorption of calcium by the body, as is also vitamin D.

In addition, it is also important to expose your skin to sunlight frequently to enable your body to make vitamin D. Also take zinc, vitamin B and vitamin E, as these nutrients facilitate in maintaining the levels of estrogen.

If you wish to avoid osteoporosis, you need to remember that you should not diet harshly, for it is always better to be somewhat chubby rather than being underweight. Nevertheless, it is important to keep away from foods that are rich in fat content and consuming excessive meat, since this has the aptitude to prompt additional health problems, for instance cardiovascular ailments.

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Also stay away from bran, too much whole grains, spinach and rhubarb, since taking these may lower the body's capacity to soak up essential minerals from ingested foods. Also avoid consuming too many dairy products, since taking a diet rich in dairy foods as well as meat (these contain high levels of phosphorus) has been related to osteoporosis. This is primarily owing to the fact that diets comprising high convenience foods often have a deficiency of vitamins B, C and E and magnesium and zinc. Moreover, foods that contain rich amounts of phosphorus also promote loss of bones.

Instead, ensure that you take lots of foods that contain vitamin K. Several studies have recommended that vitamin K may be important for preventing osteoporosis. In fact, vitamin K assists in synthesizing a substance known as osteocalcin that draws calcium to the bones.

It is also advisable that you avoid constipation which has the aptitude to disturb the normal bacterial population in the alimentary canal. Taking a diet rich in dairy products, meat as well as junk food will only promote constipation and when you have excessive inhospitable bacteria in the alimentary canal, it may enhance the risks of osteoporosis. In fact, presence of too many unfriendly bacteria in the gut has been associated with osteoporosis.

Several herbs are also useful in preventing or slowing down the process of osteoporosis. It is advisable that you take herbs or herbal preparations that enclose calcium, for instance, nettles, parsley, kelp, dandelion leaves and horsetail. You may include these herbs to your daily diet or even take them on a regular basis in the form of an herbal medication.

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Taking an herbal tea prepared with stinging nettle, which has rich content of calcium, is an excellent way to increase the levels of calcium in the body to maintain healthy bones. In addition, drinking a cup of herbal tea prepared with nettle also provides an equal amount of calcium and boron as a tincture prepared with any other vital herb for maintaining the health of bones.

You should take estrogenic herbs that dissuade the loss of calcium from the bones. For this purpose, you may choose any of the following herbs: ginseng, calendula, sage, false unicorn root, wild yam, hops, licorice and blue cohosh.

You may also include herbs in your prescriptions with a view to promote digestion as well as soaking up of minerals and to augment the functioning of the liver as well as the gallbladder. Sufficient amounts of bile salts are essential for adequate and appropriate absorption of calcium. Keeping this in view, you may select yellow dock root, dandelion root, rosemary, calendula, yarrow or wormwood.

It may be noted here that the herb parsley has a lasting traditional repute as a highly effective remedy for arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica. This herb has an elevated concentration of boron as well as fluoride and may possibly assist in combating the thinning of bones and osteoporosis.

Several researchers in France have claimed that silicon, which is found in horsetail, may help in putting off osteoporosis and, at the same time, accelerate the healing process of bone fractures. Horsetail can be taken in the form of a tea, once or twice every day.


Homeopathic remedies are also very effective for preventing as well as treating osteoporosis. In fact, homeopathic medications are not able to overturn the loss of bones that has already occurred, but they are useful in balancing the body better as well as helping the body to absorb vital minerals and nutrients and use them effectively. In addition, homeopathic remedies are also useful for painful bones as well as in putting off or healing bone fractures.

A number of homeopathic medications are especially effective in inhibiting bone thinning as well as preventing and curing osteoporosis. Some of them are discussed in brief below.

Calcarea carbonica

This homeopathic medication is generally beneficial for people who get tired easily owing to exertion and have a propensity to become worried or nervous and beleaguered due to work or strain. Such individuals are likely to be plump or obese, chilly and feel shoddier when they are exposed to cold or humidity.

It has been seen that such people may often suffer from distended joints, back pain as well as a sweaty head during night-time. People who require Calcarea carbonica most usually also have an intense desire for eggs as well as sweets.

Calcarea phosphorica

People who need this homeopathic medicine most usually suffer from pain, inflexibility and debility of the bones and joints. Often the pain they experience in the bones of the neck, hip and upper back may prove to be agonizing. They frequently experience profound exhaustion, particularly following a work-out or exercise session.

They may experience deposits of calcium as well as bone-spurs, although there may be a continuous process of bone loss. In addition, when such people have bone fractures, they heal very sluggishly. People requiring Calcarea phosphoric usually suffer from a sense of unhappiness/ frustration and have an intense longing for travel or an alteration in the existing circumstances.


Phosphorus is generally beneficial for people who are responsive, ingenious, susceptible, but get exhausted very easily or become physically weak. The bones of this type of individuals are likely to be less tough compared to those of normal people, or their fractures may heal very slowly. They often feel frailty in their spine which is accompanied by a burning sensation of pain between the shoulder blades.

People who require the homeopathic medication Phosphorus most urgently are usually tall and slender having a face that flushes very easily. In homeopathy, people belonging to this category always have a longing for foods that refresh, particularly ice cream, and an intense thirst for cold or carbonated drinks. These aspects are hints that the individual needs Phosphorus most.

Silicea (Silica)

Individuals requiring Silicea most are generally nervous, get exhausted very easily, feel very cold and have a propensity to perspire during night-time. Such people have a sophisticated or fragile appearance and generally suffer from frailty in their spine.

When they sustain injuries, they heal very sluggishly. Moreover, such people are inclined to have very poor resistance to any type of infection. Undertaking some restrained work-outs or exercises usually helps to keep such people warm and enhance their energy levels.


When people suffer from osteoporosis, they also have frequent bone fractures even due to mild ordeal. Symphytum is effective for reinforcing as well as healing the bones when the victims suffer from new fractures. In addition, the homeopathic medication Symphytum is also beneficial when people experience pain in their old and healed fractures.


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