Ovarian Cysts

As a disorder the formation of cyst or encystations in the ovarian tissues of women is not a rare phenomenon and cysts are quite prevalent in the ovaries of women. Their detection is more commonly by accident as happens during a regular or routine physical examination of the pelvic region by a physician and as such the cyst can at most times emerge and disappear of its own accord and cause no trouble of any kind to the woman.

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Accumulated fluid in a particular area of the ovarian tissue forms the cyst. As to their position in the body and the numbers of cysts, the ovarian cyst can be located on or beside the ovaries and can appear singly or they can be multiple cysts at the same time. An ovarian cyst, the size of a grapefruit is probably the largest cyst possible, though minute and small cyst are more common.

There is very little pain and distress caused to the woman especially if the cyst are small and minute in size, however the presence of pain and discomfort can come about when the cyst are of significant sizes and arise if it presses against the surrounding tissue.

A persistent numb and sore feeling on either side of the pelvic region or a constant sore sensation or burning sensation inside and above the bones of the hip is the typical way pain caused by ovarian cyst is manifested in women. Sensitivity in the affected region increases especially where touch and pressure from the exterior are concerned and pain can also come about through sudden twisting motions by the woman.

The process of ovulation can bring about sudden painful sensations due to the cyst in some women. Abdominal pain during copulation, swelling in the abdomen and irritations to the bladder and the intestines can all come about due to ovarian cyst and the symptoms are proportional to the size of the cyst, larger cysts causing greater discomfort in the person.

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Pain as severe as one cause in an attack of appendicitis may occur in rare cases when the cysts have developed with a stem and if it then undergoes a twisting motion inside the body. Because the chances of malignancy is high in cyst that develop in women after menopause these should be checked for potential signs of cancer in them. Coming to the type of encystations polycystic ovaries are those ovaries possessing numerous cysts on a single ovary, particularly when symptoms such as excessive hair in the face and irregular menstrual cycles accompany them.

During the menstrual cycle and when the woman subsequently ovulates the ovaries produce a follicle and this releases an egg at the end of the cycle. A follicle that does not automatically disintegrate and or releases an egg into the ovarian space becomes a cyst and this is the usual way cysts are formed in the ovaries.

The follicle may accumulate and secrete a fluid growing in size and eventually forming a cyst in the area. In the course of a menstrual cycle or within two cycles these cysts very naturally disintegrate and disappear from the ovarian tissues.

A deficiency of fiber in the diet is blamed for the rise of ovarian cysts, particularly when the diet contains a lot of saturated fats and products from white flour, like pasta, excess meat or rice as a lot of these foods lack the fiber necessary for health, they may be the reason for imbalances in the levels of hormones in the body and could cause the repeated appearance of ovarian cysts.

A poorly performing liver could also be to blame as an impaired liver will not be able to contribute to detoxification of hormones in a timely manner, aside from the liver also possible causes for cysts is a congestion in the pelvic region due to an impaired circulatory system that hinders the flow of blood to that part of the body.

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Supplements and herbs

Due to its ability to restore the proper balance of levels of hormones in the body, the prevention and reduction of ovarian cysts is often effectively checked by the vitamin E when it is used as a supplement.

To enable the body to accumulate on compounds called prostaglandins which have an anti- inflammatory function, the body utilizes substances called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) which themselves are essential fatty acids, these compounds are extremely abundant in the oil of the evening primrose herb.

Additional sources for this essential fatty acid are from dietary supplement oils such as the oils from the flax seed, the oil of the olive, the oil of the borage and black currant oil. Both liver oils from the cod and halibut are rich in GLA and can be used as supplements as well.

The inflammation that often arises in the body can be reduced and minimized using the vitamin C in combination with plant based substances called the bioflavonoids. This natural plant based bioflavonoids have a role of preserving estrogen function and act along with the vitamin C in the body.

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They maintain the general activity of the hormone estrogen by the ability of stalling too rapid a disintegration process the hormone may be subjected to once the body starts breaking it down.

A variety of herbs and foods like commonly available garlic and onions, seasonal fruits like cherries and berries, the seeds of the grape, peppers and currants are rich in these bioflavonoids, citrus fruits being particularly rich in these compounds.

Compounds such as rutin, citrus fruit derived substances like hesperidin, the compound catechin, and quercetin, can all be used as supplements and are available in supplemental form, additionally the grape seed extract or pycnogenol can also be used in this role as supplements. Use can also be made of the vitamin A or beta-carotene to maintain a healthy and functioning ovarian lining, this will preclude the formation of cysts.

Starting from the fourteenth day and lasting until the twenty-eight day of the menstrual period, the external application of natural progesterone cream is suggested. To aid in the regulation of levels of hormones in the body, externally apply about 1/4-1/2 tsp. of the cream on the region of the thighs and the hips.

The regulation of the levels of the hormone estrogen can also be achieved through the use of various herbs like dong quai, the Chinese herb, the licorice herb, the black cohosh, and berries like the chaste berry and the raspberry, other herbs like the damiana, culinary herbs like the sage, the all purpose herb ginseng, the fennel and gotu kola can all also be employed for hormone regulation. As per directions given, these herbs can be ingested as capsules, taken in the form of a tea or in a tincture form.

Additional things you may do

Because of its propensity to bring about congestion internally temperature is an important factor in the condition, warm yourself and do not allow an overexposure of the extremities and the region of the lower abdomen to cold. Since they tend to inhibit the circulation in the pelvic region, make sure you do not wear shoes with high heels, too often.

Usual dosage

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU or 30,000 IU beta-carotene (avoid during pregnancy).

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 600 IU.

Oil of evening primrose, 2 capsules 500 mg thrice a day.

Quercetin, 500 mg.

Other beneficial herbs


From Evelyn Snook - Aug-12-2017
A very effective treatment for reducing the size of ovarian cysts is simply using a tea of equal parts mugwort, motherwort and chickweed, 2-3 times a day. Relief is almost immediate.
From Shirrie - Jun-26-2014
The best herbs for really big ovarian cysts are herbal combinations: vitex, black cohosh, pau d'arco, bee pollen, dandelion root, black haw 2 capsules per herb 2 times a day for up to 3 months but it will work some times in 2 or 3 weeks but please be careful because herbs are not for every one; I have been using them for over 30 years so yes I have done my home work so yes I really believe in herbs than meds from a doctor.
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