A plethora of intestinal and abdominal disorders can be confused with the symptoms and signs resulting from parasitic infection or infections. The diseases and problems experienced by many adults and children in North America has a connection to parasites, indeed many common health problems experienced by people tends to have a parasitic basis.

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The vitamins, the essential minerals and amino acids sourced from food required by the body is actively sought by the parasites as well and thus there is a competition between the host and the parasite for the same foods and organic compounds entering the digestive system. The toxic and waste compounds that these same parasites secrete or eliminate into the gut and bloodstream of the host are in addition capable of bringing on adverse reactions in the host and increase the various allergic and autoimmune reactions felt by the host.

The digestive tract is the usual entry point for parasites and such parasites tend to bring on acute changes in the appetite of the host, in addition to disorders in the stomach and may also cause a lot of abdominal discomfort to the host, such as the cramping of muscles and sudden changes in the stool, along with diarrhea and other digestive system problems.

Parasitic infections that are not detected or identified over long periods of time can cause malabsorption syndrome in addition to many other chronic digestive problems for the host.

The incidence of intestinal parasites is not confined to tropical regions and many internal parasites are cosmopolitan in distribution. Indeed, it is believed that one or more parasites may be harbored by eight out of every ten people in the North American population. International immigration and travel is increasing the incidences of parasitic diseases and the number of people who are affected by such parasites is really skyrocketing.

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In addition the contamination of water and food supplies is leading to an abrupt and widespread increase in cases of parasitic infections. The increase utilization of day-care centers is also fanning the spread of microbes, the increase in people with household pets, the increase in the number of chemicals used from day to day, the presence of mercury in food and the use of prescription antibiotics are also all fanning the epidemic and incidences of parasitic infection is increasing on a world wide scale.

The use of most antibiotics for example leads to the elimination of the body's own population of friendly intestinal bacteria, these are some of the body's first line of defense against many parasites and their removal leaves the body wide open to parasitic infection.

The size range of different intestinal parasites is vast and they come in microscopic forms to some worms that might extend a few feet in length. The infection is usually through the consumption food or water contaminated with the eggs and larvae of the parasite, these parasites may also be transferred directly from one person to another in some cases-needless to say, the means of infection differs for each parasite.

A very common way for the contamination is through the consumption of improperly boiled or unpurified water. High risk foods are all types of fruits and vegetables which are eaten without being peeled or cooked, the consumption of very rare, undercooked or even raw meat and fish, also posses a risk and the chances of infection, spreading is increased on the consumption such foods.

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The highest concentrations of intestinal parasites is found in the commercial pork products available in supermarkets, these products include processed pork products like bacon, ham and hot dogs, in addition to cold cuts and pork chops sold in packets. Contamination is also high in products made from beef, chicken, lamb, and even fish products especially the raw ones have high incidences of parasites.

For example, the Japanese foods sushi may be contaminated by the larvae of several parasitic worms though this may depend from place to place and the quality of sushi meat is likely to differ in many parts of the world. Parasites of many kinds are also very likely to occur in the meat of cows that have been consistently fed the dried dead flesh of other cows.

These cows are likely to be infected by parasites of many kinds which can become embedded in all the organs of the cattle and the meat sourced from such animals will always be contaminated. The use of Franken foods and is likened to cannibalism by many people, the use of these foods is a growing practice in many places in North America as the genetically engineered foods used often combine human DNA along with the plant cells in order to create new foods. Such food items are the new sources for many viruses, all kinds of bacteria, all manner of fungi and many intestinal parasites.

Good over all health leads to a significantly reduced risk of parasitic infections-thus healthy individuals are less likely to suffer from an infestation of internal parasites. An unhealthy intestinal environment is also the perfect place for many of these internal parasites to thrive and multiply uncontrollably.

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The first avenue by which the chances of infection increase is through the consumption of an unhealthy diet coupled with a poor or impaired immune system. All types of internal parasites are likely to be easily eliminated by the action of strong stomach acids along with the digestive actions of all the other digestive enzymes.

The large majority of people get infected and pick up parasites while traveling, thus people may get intestinal parasites while traveling either in North America or in other regions with a warmer climate-traveling puts the person in an alien environment where the likelihood of contracting disease is greater.

In addition the resistance of many travelers to germs and parasites is reduced and low as the traveler is physically exhausted and he or she is unused to the different climate, to the different foods and to the change in time zones, and all these factors combine to lower the resistance of the individual to infection from any germ or parasite.

Taking careful precautions and maintaining proper health will increase the ability of the person to resist disease and infection, the majority of parasitic infection that tend to occur during a time of travel are generally preventable-by and large, carefulness and precautionary measures are sufficient to defeat the chances of an infection settling on the person.

Some internal parasites can also gain entry via the skin especially when the person takes a bath and parasites can also come through he skin of the feet as when a person walks barefoot or they can be transmitted from insects via the bites of insects like ticks and mosquitoes, since such avenues for infection exist besides the main one, it is important to take all the extra precautions possible.

This prevention of infection is harder to gain against some disease and certain types of internal parasites, the best example being malaria-aside from avoiding the bite of mosquitoes-which is not always possible-there are really no good defenses against infection from the malarial parasite.

The chances and risk of infection is also greatest in children as they tend to touch everything out of curiosity, they will without hesitation touch everything including the soil and dirt, and they will also check out their various orifices and touch each other during playtime. To avoid the risk of recurring infection and to prevent the passing of infection to others, a strict rule of hygiene must be followed by the individual once he or she is infected-this is a very important step as prevention is the best possible of all choice in dealing with internal parasites.

Good hygiene practices such as regularly washing the hands extremely well following every trip outside or following the daily toilet is a good step, hand should also be thoroughly washed before and following every meal or snack taken during the day.

Supplements and herbs

Though it helps immensely in promoting intestinal health, supplements of the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus will not eliminate the internal parasites-though it can defend against infection. Its main duty is in preventing the onset of pathogenic populations of harmful bacteria and other germs, this is an important factor to achieve a full recovery from the infection in the intestinal region.

While supplements of the lactobacillus can be used to treat all manners of parasitic infections, the friendly bacteria is especially recommended for specific use during an attack of amoebic dysentery, this disorder might come on as a secondary problem during an infestation by an internal parasite.

Another effective supplement is the garlic used either raw or in the form of herbal capsules. Parasites are effectively dealt with using the raw form, however, patients tend to prefer the capsules as the odor is easier to tolerate and is almost nonexistent in the capsule.

An array of parasitic organism can be beaten back using the seed extract of the grapefruit, this herbal remedy is an excellent natural medicine against internal parasites, such as Giardia which is a common infection in some countries. The long tem use of this extract is possible and the body tolerates it even over an extended period of time.

The herbal extract can be taken in the form of an herbal liquid remedy or if preferred in the form of tablets. Both the friendly bacterial supplements of the Lactobacillus acidophilus, along with the common garlic or the grapefruit seed extract can be used as herbal preventive remedies and used on a daily basis. To help in the digestion of proteins and to destroy parasites before they reach the intestines take enzymes such as papain from papaya or bromelain found in pineapples along with the daily meals on a regular basis.

The parasites that come along in the contaminated food are easily dealt with using these supplemental digestive enzymes and the use of these herbal enzymes will afford some protection to the person.

The inhibition of parasitic reproduction and the prevention of parasitic multiplications can be achieved with the use of clay; this natural remedy has been traditionally used to deal with all types of internal parasites. Parasites are easily flushed out of the digestive system by the ingested clay; this natural medicine is also capable of absorbing poisons found in the intestinal tract.

The risk of getting infected with intestinal parasites increases if individuals have a deficiency of the natural hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, this scenario is possible with particular reference to individuals over forty years of age, this deficiency in stomach acid heightens the risk of parasites settling in as the strong acids action of the stomach acids is missing in such individuals.

Most intestinal parasites are eliminated by the body's own digestive hydrochloric acid, however if the person has developed any food allergies, with specific reference to foods like wheat and to dairy products, then these might in their turn cause an inhibition of the acid and reduce its ability to kill parasites.

All foods that cause allergies must be removed from the diet of the individual-such individuals should in addition, use regular glutamine doses as supplements along with some digestive enzymes, and supplements such as apple cider vinegar, or even some Swedish or stomach bitters-these supplements will bolster and enhance the effect of the acids in the stomach.

The following herbal remedies do not produce any side effects in the person, they are effective in eliminating all known internal parasites-however, and they need to be taken continuously for longer periods of time. If parasites have managed to embed themselves in the intestinal walls and the muscles of the host, then no type of medication or herbal remedy used alone will be able to remove the parasites, this situation can prevail for years at a stretch.

The therapy must aim at initially exposing and softening the mucus-encrusted waste which surrounds the area in which the parasites have embedded themselves. A colon cleanser can easily achieve this end. A colon cleanser is a solution made from a combination of herbal soluble fibers such as those sourced from ground flax seeds, from psyllium husks, from agar-agar, the root of the comfrey, the beet root, the pectin of citrus husks, the pectin of apple and the dried fruit extracts made using fruits such as figs, prunes and dates and papayas.

This main action of the water-soluble fibers is their ability to remove the sludge from the colon, this sludge which coats the intestinal walls is made up of encrusted debris along with mucus-thus these fibers improve the body's ability to eliminate waste.

A yearly anti-parasitic health check must be adopted, a personal prevention program along with a thorough internal cleansing must be used to effectively eliminate all stages of a parasite's life stage-different internal parasites infect the human host at different stages of their life cycles. Certain health food stores will have some effective worm-and parasite-cleansing programs and ready made kits which can be used in this regard.

All stages of internal parasites in the body can be removed effectively by using a cleansing herbal combination made from the following herbs-a single tbsp. each of the wormwood, the husk of the black walnut along with the juice of clove-this herbal mixture will very easily cleanse the body by removing all stages of parasites that have infected the body.

Parasites are also eliminated and killed by the herbal remedy made using the root bark of the barberry herb. This herbal combination must be used every day, and drink at least three cups of this tea every day, the tea is prepared by adding a tsp. of the herbs in a cup of boiling water-let the herbs steep into the water, strain and drink.

To increase the removal of toxins from the body accumulated from parasitic activity and to cleanse the bowel, use a herbal tea made from a mixture or combination of herbs such as the witch hazel and the cascara sagrada, the seeds of the pumpkin, the cloves, the marsh mallow and the mullein, the violet and the slippery elm-this tea is also prepared in a similar way to the other herbal teas.

The juice or herbal tea of the silverweed herb is specifically suggested for use by individuals who are suffering from amoebic dysentery. Dosage of this herbal tea or juice can be a single cup of the tea or a tbsp. of juice in some water taken thrice each day for as long as necessary. Take some Swedish bitters, about a tsp. before meals to rid the body of all internal parasites.


Commonly used essential oils for parasites:


All the homeopathic remedies given below can be used at relatively low potencies at about (6x, 12x, 6c, 12x) strength, in addition they can be taken two to three times every day at least for six weeks of continuous treatment-this timeframe is essential as the life cycles of most internal parasites can often last this long.

Use the homeopathic remedy called Cina for several weeks at a stretch and its use is common at 30c potency for that long, this particular remedy must be taken only once every day throughout the treatment period. The homeopathic remedy known as Nat. phos. is utilized as a type of "tissue salt," at least in the 6x potency, and its must be taken thrice every day during the treatment period.

Nat. phos.

Nat. phos. is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals affected by intestinal parasites and those suffering worm related disorders. This problem also results because of excess sugar, milk and over acidity in the blood complicated by the internal parasites. Physical symptoms include the persistent sour belching, the production of abundant stools, and heavy sweats and persistent perspiration.

This remedy is also for use with internal parasites in babies who are still being bottle fed at the time of infection. Physical symptoms can also include the production of excessive gas and a persistent colic state in infants. The patients will crave and desire fried food-especially eggs, he or she will also love a lot of tangy foods and spices.

The saliva is yellow, and there is a creamy coating in the mouth and the tongue, this is accompanied by discharges in the eyes. An itchy nose also tends to be always present in the person. Psychological symptoms include apprehension and persistent anxiety. The person is apathetic and seems indifferent to everything happening around him or her.

The condition of the person may worsen if he or she eats bread and butter. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Nat. phos. as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of internal parasites.


Sabadilla is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals with internal parasites such as pinworms and related nematodes like the beef or pork tapeworms. Physical symptoms in the patients include anal itching which is very persistent; this sensation often alternates with a persistent itching in the nose or in the ears at the same time.

Physical symptoms also include compulsive muscular twitching, the sudden appearance of convulsions and constant trembling in the body. Other conditions that can be triggered are similar to hay fever, sudden bouts of sneezing. Conditions such as nausea, vomiting, and colic are also often seen.

The person is affected by a peculiar condition known as worm headache. Psychological symptoms include the presence of persistent and mostly imaginary symptoms. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Sabadilla as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the patient.


Spigelia is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of patients afflicted by internal parasites such as worms. The physical symptoms during the condition are an itching anal region and the presence of a persistent bad breath at all times of the day and night. The patient may also complain of a persistent pain around the navel area. The person is very sensitive to the effects of tobacco.

Physical symptoms also include neuralgia in the face, in the eyes, and a great sensitivity to being touched by others. Other symptoms often observed are the presence of a persistent headache from sunrise to sunset-this is repeated daily. Psychological symptoms also begin to manifest themselves, and the patients may be very fearful of the future and anxious about things.

The patient is also often affected by stuttering even though he or she may not normally stutter. Symptoms such as palpitations are also seen. The condition of the patient often worsens in cold and damp environs. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Spigelia as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the patient.


Tanacetum is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals afflicted with internal parasites. Physical symptoms include the persistent muscle spasms which occur over the course of the day and in the night. There is as lot of twitching during sleep, and the patient may often wake up in fright at night.

Physical symptoms also include physical fatigue, other disorders such as epilepsy, which suddenly arrives when the person is sleeping or while he is walking normally. Other symptoms also include the presence of sudden bouts of diarrhea accompanied by abdominal pain; this situation may only be relieved by passing some stool.

Psychological symptoms include irritability, and a great sensitivity to noises and loud sounds. The person may make many contorted gestures in the face at nighttime, and he or she may suffer from tics. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Tanacetum as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the individual.


Teucrium is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals afflicted by internal parasites such as pin and thread worms or even those affected by round worms. Physical symptoms include persistent nervousness and irritability. The person may be extremely restless and affected by sleeplessness at night.

Physical symptoms also include crawling and itching sensations in the rectum and the nose, the condition of the patients worsens from the warmth in bed. The person may also be affected by a chronic mucus production problem. The presence of one or more of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Teucrium as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the condition.

Additional things you may do

Make sure that you walk barefoot only along beaches which have clean sands or sands continually cleansed by the ocean waves or tides as contracting parasites via the bare feet is a very real possibility.

Usual dosage

Grapefruit seed extract, three capsules thrice a day.

Garlic, three capsules thrice a day.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, one tsp. or three capsules.

Clay, one tsp. in 1/2 cup of boiled water two times a day.

Digestive enzymes, two capsules.

Glutamine, 500 mg.

Other beneficial herbs


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