Phobias are very irrational and disabling fears that are felt by an individual against specific objects, events or situations. The bad experience or reactions to past experience may be responsible for the development of most phobias by an individual, on the other hand, phobias may also be learned from parents or siblings - they are not innate but develop as the psyche of the individual develops.

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Phobias affect the majority of people around the world and some are not even aware that they may have a particular phobia. Among the most common of all observed phobias is the fear of going outside in huge open spaces - called agoraphobia, another common phobia is the opposite of the first-it is the fear of being in confined or enclosed spaces-known as claustrophobia.

Other people have phobias or fear of dogs - cyanophobia etc. Some of the most common physical symptoms included in the individual by the phobia includes the presence of sudden and extreme anxiety along with great fear. The breathing rate is rapid, the person may break out in a sweat and the panic on exposure to the situation or object may induce other irrational fears and anxieties - typically the fear vanishes when the stressor disappears.

Phobias are not permanent conditions of the psyche and last only as long as exposure to the stimulus lasts. In addition, the terror experienced as a result of the exposure to the object, event or situation may be accentuated by a general depression in the affected individual, and this can sometimes prompt the person to abusing drugs or alcohol as a means of escape from the fear.

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Supplements and herbs

Many of the naturopaths who treat individual with phobias may typically suggest the complete overhaul or re-assessment of the diet the affected individual is consuming, such practitioners also would commonly recommend the use of supplemental and high-potency vitamin B-complex along with the supplements of the vitamin C.

Tensions and extreme anxiety felt by the affected individual after exposure to the source of phobia can be soothed down and reduced in intensity by drinking the herbal valerian tea. This tea can be prepared by using a cup of boiling water to boil one to two teaspoons of the dried herbal root, let the herb infuse into the water for fifteen minutes. This tea can be drunk as necessary during an attack of phobia.

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Anxiety and stress in individual affected by phobias have been seen to be immediately relieved by inhaling the essential oil of the lavender herb. To ward off anxieties and fears at stressful times and during phobic attacks, the person must keep a small bottle of the herbal essential oil with him or her, this can be put onto a handkerchief and inhaled at such stressful moments to relieve the tension in the body and to reduce fearful feelings.

The fear and anxiety can also be calmed down by the herbal essences of the sandalwood and the sweet marjoram herbs when the person is under a phobic attack of paralyzing fear.


Using homeopathic remedies is proven to be a safe as well as economical means to support the natural ability of the body to heal itself. In fact, all homeopathic remedies have definite recognized consequences on our body and the mind. Homeopathy is also effective in treating phobias and some of the medications that are recommended for curing fear and nervousness, frights and phobias, counting those related to people, animals, public speaking, loneliness, places, crowds, heights, bad luck, death, ghosts and even the unknown are discussed below.

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Aconitum napellus

This homeopathic remedy is effective for alleviating fright, nervousness, and suffering of the body as well as the mind. It helps to provide relief from physical as well as mental restiveness, terror and loathe to being touched by anyone. Aconitum napellus is also useful for providing relief from physical, emotional and mental strain. In addition, it is given to people, who have phobias related to crowds, are apprehensive, restive and worried.


Abelmoschus is also given to people who suffer from frights during night and those who panic unreasonably over animals. This homeopathic remedy is especially recommended for treating fears related to animals, spiders, flies, snakes and scorpions. It is one of the best remedies for people who are fixated of being assailed by animals having venom. It is a useful remedy for delirium accompanied with hallucination, a heavy sensation in the head and migraine headaches.

Arsenicum album

It provides relief from intense suffering, restiveness, changing positions continuously, suicidal thoughts, apprehensions regarding death, fear of loneliness, as well as illusions regarding sight and smell. People who require Arsenicum album are generally tight-fisted, malevolent, self-interested and require courage. In addition, such people are susceptible to confusion as well as chaos.

Cinchona officinalis

Cinchona officinalis provides relief when too many ideas jam the mind. In addition, it also alleviates unconcerned, uncaring and dejected attitudes. Cinchona (China) is also useful for providing relief from the temperament to hurt others' sentiments.

Calcera carbonica

This is an excellent homeopathic remedy for people who suffer from anxiety, and are afraid of troubles or bad luck, lacking reason and infectious ailments. People requiring Calcera carbonica are usually forgetful, have poor spirits, confused and suffer from nervousness accompanied with palpitation.


Cocculus is effective for curing intense melancholy and is useful for people who are unable to tolerate contradictions, who find time is fleeing rapidly, whose minds are sleeping, those who speak very fast and are extremely concerned about other people's health.

Gelsemium sempervirens

Gelsemium sempervirens mainly works on the nervous system and is useful for people who want calmness and solitude. It provides relief from stage fright and also alleviates the terrible effects caused by any stimulating news, terror or fright.

Kali arsenicosum

Kali arsenicosum is primarily given to people who are restive, nervous and anemic.

Lycopodium clavatum

It is recommended for people who need respite from sadness, fear and loneliness. People requiring Lycopodium clavatum are very sensitive, reluctant to undertake anything new, have low confidence, rush while eating, and constantly apprehend that they might break down under pressure. In addition, they are extremely fearful, have a very poor memory, and annoyed by small issues. Such people also suffer from bemused thoughts and suffer from a declining brain power.

Lilium tigrinum

This is a potent homeopathic remedy for intense depression. People requiring Lilium tigrinum most have a regular tendency to weep, are nervous and need to keep themselves occupied always. Such people have a propensity to curse others, hit people, have obscene thoughts and do everything hurriedly. They are usually anguished about their salvation.


Phosphorus is given to people to provide relief from intense depression of spirits, fearfulness, losing memory, and getting vexed easily. People requiring this medication feel mentally exhausted, are too susceptible to external impacts and are restive as well as uneasy. Their mind is always in a perceptive state. They are always afraid thinking that something may be crawling out from all corners. They suffer from a sort of mental ailment and have an extremely overstated thought regarding their self importance.


This homeopathic remedy is prescribed mainly depending on the temperament and mental condition of the patient. It helps to alleviate emotional susceptibility and provides relief from nervousness, being depressed easily and sadness related to religious issues. People requiring Pulsatilla generally feel fearful during the evening - they are afraid of being alone, darkness as well as ghosts.


This homeopathic remedy works exclusively on the brain. Stramonium is indicated for people who are talking, singing, rhyming, laughing, praying, and swearing all the time - without any break. Such people often claim to see ghosts, hear mysterious voices, talk with ghouls and their expression alters from happiness to melancholy all of a sudden.

They are generally violent and vulgar and suffer from religious obsession. People who require Stramonium are unable to tolerate loneliness and darkness and always need to be in the light and have someone for company. They have hallucinations which are accompanied with a yearning to break out. Whenever they see water or anything that sparkles, they have convulsions.

Additional things you may do

Instead of taking three meals, change your dietary regimen and eat many small meals over the course of a day as this will reduce tension and act as comfort food. Diets must include a lot of complex carbohydrates, found in food items such as baked or boiled potatoes, in whole-grain breads and all kinds of cereals, in brown rice, and in pasta.

You must try to avoid including too many simple carbohydrates such as sugars, condiments like candy, all kinds of cakes and cookies in the diet. At all times, hunger can be allayed by keeping a small nutritious snack on hand, these can include items like mixed nuts or some fresh or dried fruit-these foods will act to comfort you when an attack of phobia seizes you suddenly.

Learn to relax and try to involve yourself in a yoga or alternative meditation class; such exercises will help in reducing the levels of anxiety and lead to a decrease in the incidences of phobic attacks that you may face from time to time. The way you gain complete relaxation will greatly change if you learn alternative relaxing techniques such as biofeedback - sleep well at night and take adequate periods of rest during the day as such a routine will keep you in a calm state of mind at most times and avoid the likelihood of sudden phobias from enveloping you in fear.

Hypnotherapy, which is founded on the principle that phobias exist in the subconscious or subliminal mind, is an effective way of treating unreasonable fears. When a patient is put in a hypnotic condition, it is possible for the therapist to directly gain access to the subliminal mind, leaving the conscious mind undisturbed. In such conditions, the patients become further exposed to the therapist's suggestions.

There are various types of hypnotherapy treatments and they range from guided relaxation methods to backward movement or regression, wherein the therapist directs the patient to face up to the memory that initially set off the phobia.

Other beneficial herbs


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