Benign growth in the mucous membranes is known as polyps-these growths are quite common in occurrence and can affect anyone. The most common area likely to be affected by the formation of benign polyps is the nasal region-these growths can also form in the regions along the uterus and the lower area of the intestinal tract.

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The shape of these benign growths on initial formation tend to be teardrop like growths of tissues, these areas than round up later, into more grapelike shapes that seem to be attached by a stem of tissue along the area of growth. Bleeding is one of the symptoms if any are present at all, furthermore the presence of polyps in an area tends to increase the production of mucus in that area of the body.

A nasal twang to speech can result if the polyps occur in the nose, as the presence of polyps can lead to blockage in the respiratory passages, furthermore, the presence of polyps can also affect the sense of smell and the person may have difficulty identifying odors.

A mirror can be used to check for the presence of polyps-identification will depend on the size and the location of the growth in the affected region of the body. Surgical removal of nasal polyps is often carried out but the polyps formed in the nasal region have a tendency to recur after sometime has passed.

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Unless they cause bleeding, the presence of polyps in the colon normally does not produce any symptoms whatsoever. However, of the polyps become large in size, they may cause some pain in the affected area. Polyps tend to form in groups within the colon unlike the singular occurrence in other parts of the body.

The cervical region is the area where uterine polyps tend to form. Symptoms are not apparent even in such cases and it is only when such polyps cause the ejection of some watery discharge or the sudden spotting of blood in between periods or following sexual intercourse that they are identifiable as such.

To exclude the possibility of underlying severe problems and to probe for the presence of other disorders, the presence of any sort of vaginal bleeding present in the woman aside from the monthly menstrual cycle should be clinically examined by a doctor. Nasal polyps tend to be benign in all cases, even when they recur, while some uterine and intestinal polyps have a possibility if turning cancerous, if they are left untreated for a long period of time.

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When there is a recurring irritation to the mucous membranes or an injury in such membranes will give rise to the polyps, these benign growths thus have a tendency to develop in response to some external factor. An incidence of hay fever caused by pollen, any recurring sinus infections or some types of allergies, such as an allergy to the medicine aspirin can lead to the formation of nasal polyps.

On the other hand the presence of some kind of hormonal imbalances and injury to the cervix is responsible for the formation of polyps in the cervical region. Repetitive intestinal irritation is responsible for the development of intestinal polyps; this is particularly true if other conditions such as ulcerative colitis are already affecting the individual.

Regularity in the bowel action and dietary factors are important for the health of the colon health-a healthy colon is at a lower risk of being affected by the formation of polyps. The risk of polyp formation is also increased by the consumption of a diet which is lacking in fiber and relatively heavy in saturated fats-especially the animal fats, all of these foods will increases the risk of polyps forming in the colon of the individual.

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Supplements and herbs

Sufficient levels of the nutrients such as the vitamin A, the compounds known as the beta-carotene along with the vitamin E must be present in the body to ensure the health of the mucous membranes. Supplements of the vitamin C along with the plant based natural substances known as the bioflavonoids will promote the healing of affected tissues and will prevent the recurrence of all kinds of infections and allergies in the person.

All kinds of polyps forming in different regions of the body can be defeated by the use of these supplements-thus these compounds are suggested for daily use by individual already affected by polyps. Supplements of the vitamin C are in particular suggested for use, in high doses and as long as they are tolerated by the bowels.

The use of the vitamin C on a long term supplemental basis has been shown in recent studies to be capable of eliminating intestinal polyps, especially when it used along with supplemental digestive enzymes and other soluble fiber supplements on a long term basis by the affected individual.

The following herbs and herbal remedies can be used regularly to bolster the immune system and these will give an excellent support to the body in resisting the appearance of disease.

Herbal remedies can be taken in the form of herbal teas and the patient must drink three tbsp. of a herbal juice made using some green and leafy herbs such as those made from the dandelion leaves and the watercress herb-this dose must be repeated three times daily to promote effective relief from polyps.

These herbal remedies are rich sources for helpful compounds such as the beta-carotene, which is essential for a healthy colon, and they are also rich in many of the enzymes which are necessary for a strong immune system. Nasal polyps which cause a lot of discomfort can be relieved by drinking a strong herbal infusion made from herbs such as the hayflowers and the steam of such an infusion can be inhaled on a regular and daily basis.

Additional things you may do

The polyps already existing in the person can be reduced in size by taking part in regular sessions involving deep-breathing exercises, such external measure will also prevent the formation of polyps. These sessions of deep breathing exercise must last for ten minutes each morning, each afternoon and each evening every day as long as the polyps persist.

The nasal region can also be rinsed on a regular basis using a solution made by mixing a cup of lukewarm water with half a tsp. of Epsom salts - this will prevent the formation of nasal polyps. Intestinal polyps can be eliminated or their formation prevented by avoiding any chance of constipation-as such a disorder increases the possibility of polyps forming in the colon.

Usual dosage

Vitamin C, 1,000 mg.

Vitamin E, 400 IU.

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU. Avoid taking vitamin A during pregnancy.

Digestive enzymes, two capsules.

Other beneficial herbs


From Ana - Jul-26-2011
I am a polyp sufferer. I have had wonderful results with mega doses of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Homeopathy has helped in the past as well!
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