During the late stage of pregnancy in some women, a condition known as pre-eclampsia sets in over a period of time. The occurrence of headaches is one of the first symptoms and comes about because of the retention of water in the woman's body and due to hypertension (high blood pressure) that also becomes evident. Some of the regions that are very often affected and vulnerable to swelling are the face and the hands, and the feet including the region around the ankles, the woman's weight increases concomitantly and becomes very obvious as a tell tale sign of the disorder.

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The disease can be checked and stalled before the appearance of these symptoms by carefully watching for signs and by undertaking prenatal check-ups regularly, with a medical practitioner. The occurrence of acute pain in the abdomen, symptoms like nausea and vomiting which can become very uncomfortable are all signs of the more severe form of the disorder and measures to reduce it must be taken at once.

Visual senses are disturbed and vision may flicker and there could be signs such as double vision experienced by the woman as the condition progresses. All cases of sever or mature eclampsia is uncommon as a condition in this day and age, because of better medical detection and care.

Some of the conditions such as severe damage to the kidneys, or the brain and a dysfunction of the liver can come about because of serious symptoms connected with pre-eclamptic, all these conditions can become lethal, life can also be threatened through the occurrence of convulsions and sudden bouts of unconsciousness that come on as a result of the condition. A medical professional to ensure that symptoms do not progress to eclampsia should monitor pre-eclampsia closely.

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Medical research has yet not fully discovered the causes or the reason behind the origin of eclampsia or situations such as pre-eclampsia in women and the causes are still a mystery to researchers. However a history of high blood pressure and disorders in the blood vessels in first time pregnant women may be a clue to its provenance.

A diet lacking in proteins and deficient in minerals like calcium, some of the essential fatty acids, and particularly in the substance like pyridoxine or the vitamin B6 and an essential mineral like zinc are some of the factors that could most probably be involved as reasons for the disorder, so present research suggest, indeed malnutrition can be a very important factor in the onset of this condition.

Also suspected is a deficient consumption of proper quantities of fluids and salt and fluid intake in the diet. The consumption of excessive amounts of red meat may also play a role in the onset of the disorder. This might be a possible reason because vegans as a demographic group do not suffer from pre-eclampsia.

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Supplements and herbs

The reduction in the levels of water retained in the body is most effectively achieved through supplements using the vitamin B6 along with the diet. The early stages of the disorder can be stalled and precluded by the vitamin when used by pregnant women; additionally the vitamin also prevents the occurrence of eclampsia.

As essential fatty acid called GLA or gamma-linolenic acid in full is abundant in the oil of the evening primrose, this fatty acid can prevent, or stall onset of pre-eclampsia when the oil is used as a supplement. Physiological conditions such as toxemia and pre-eclampsia can also be treated by supplements of the essential mineral magnesium, and supplementing with this mineral is very important during the stages of the disorder.

Because of the deleterious effect that high levels of the mineral iron have on the levels of zinc in the body, leading to a zinc deficiency, which may also be responsible for the condition, supplements of the mineral zinc must also be included to avert this possibility.

Other usual suspects in the onset of the pre-eclampsia are a deficient dietary intake and other conditions such as hypertension in the individual. These conditions can largely be reduced or brought down in their effect through the utilization of the herbal remedies given below as additional supplements.

Daily dosages thrice in a single day of just a tbsp. of alfalfa juice can be very effective in eliminating toxins from the blood and in purifying blood. The incidences of swelling in various parts of the body due to the condition can be removed through drinking tea made from the motherwort herb.

A tsp. of the herb can be steeped in a cup of boiling water and the resulting liquid strained, the resulting tea can be used thrice a day as an herbal remedy against swollen areas. A tbsp. of potassium rich raw beet can restore levels of the mineral in the woman, herbs equally high in levels of the mineral like the mint and the dandelion can also be taken thrice a day as juices to boost levels of potassium in the body.

Levels of potassium are also high in herbs like the celery, the leaves of the comfrey and the raspberry, and the leaves of the alfalfa and the ordinary cabbage, these can all be used to make juices or green drinks that can be drunk as potassium level boosters. The combination juice of all the herbs mentioned can be taken half a cup two times daily by the woman. The incidence of a condition like toxemia can be eliminated by supplementing with cabbage as it contains high levels of methionine, which can reduce toxicity in the body.

Additional things you may do

The best and easiest remedy is to deal properly with stress by taking the time to rest and relax the mind and body.

Usual dosage

Oil of evening primrose, 2x500 mg capsules thrice a day

Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate or Vitamin B6, 50 mg

Zinc - 5 mg, with 3 mg of copper

Magnesium, 600 mg


From Lancy - Sep-22-2018
I had pre-eclampsia during my first pregnancy. I took alfalfa supplements and red raspberry tea and have not had it again in my next two pregnancies. I hope it works for you!
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