Prostate Problems

The tube that is used to transport urine from the urinary bladder is called the urethra, this tube is surrounded in males by a walnut sized gland called the prostate gland, any impairment or problem with the prostate manifests itself in urinary difficulties or disorders together termed as prostate problems.

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The occurrence of a harmless form of prostatic disorder called a hyperplasia, or a prostate hypertrophy often termed BPH is the most common form of prostate disorder in men. It arises as a condition in men over the age of fifty, as a non-malignant enlargement or swelling of the prostate.

While the likelihood of prostate cancer occurring in the individual is not connected to the condition, the disorder or swelling in the prostate itself may persist without any apparent symptoms over a period of years before it starts to cause any significant discomfort to the individual.

The possibility of prostatitis which is an inflammation in the prostate gland and the possibility of cancer has to be examined by a medical practitioner as these conditions can possibly be present, and because they are far more serious conditions, one must make sure that adequate medical checks completely rule them out.

There is a connection between the enlargement of the prostate and aging in men, enlargement typically occurring in the gland, as the man gets older. There could be possible hormonal actions for the enlargement of the prostate gland caused by the male hormones, however the true causative reasons for the condition is unknown. BPH comes about whenever there is pressure against the urethra because of the enlarged prostate, the condition depending on severity of the degree of enlargement in the gland, as an extremely large prostate may restrict the flow of urine to a greater extent compared to a small prostate.

A bacterial infection that is present somewhere else in the urinary tract of the man may lead to the more uncommon disorder typically called prostatitis which is much more severe in its affect on health, additionally prostate problems could be the underlying signs of prostate cancer in the affected individual. Urinary discharge and function is typically disrupted and serves as symptoms in these two conditions as well, these conditions also cause a swelling of the prostate either due to the tumor or because of infection.

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Supplements and herbs

Supplementation must be done over a long period of time and on a regular basis to produce effective or optimal remedial actions against mild to moderate forms of BPH, these supplements are most effective against these forms of BPH and the dosage period should typically exceed a month or several months depending on the severity.

All over the counter drugs and other prescription medications are not affected or disturbed in their action by these supplements, rather these substances can be used in conjunction with those that your allopathic doctor has advised for use against a prostate disorder. It is important to look for results and consult with your doctor at least once every six months for sings of improvement.

Milder forms of prostatitis can also possibly be aided by supplements, however all prostate infections and cancers are extremely serious, will need examination, immediate medical measures, and cannot normally be helped in anyway whatsoever by prolonged supplement usage after they have progressed to some degree.

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The essential mineral zinc can relieve some of the symptoms of BPH while also being useful for general health in the body, this mineral can effectively minimize the size of the enlarged gland and its role in this respect has been documented through research. Levels of the mineral copper in the body may be depleted if a lot of zinc is supplemented as zinc restricts the absorption of copper into the body, and in order to prevent this from occurring, supplementation with the mineral copper can also be concurrently done.

Prostate health can also be maintained through extra doses of the vitamin E, the powerful antioxidant vitamin, this vitamin is important as an antioxidant because of its role in preventing cancer as DNA damage from free radicals is reduced by it within the body.

The enlargement of the prostate gland may be slowed down by herbs, which may in addition reduce and soothe some of the associated symptoms of BPH in the affected individual. By managing levels of fluctuating hormones in the body the well documented properties of the saw palmetto may come in handy when dealing with prostate problems, this very useful herb may also minimize the ensuing inflammation and can reduce swollen gland during sever or chronic prostatitis in the affected individual.

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The anti-inflammatory herb called the pygeum africanum may also be effective against forms of the BPH or prostatitis, when used in a combination with the saw palmetto, especially if the effectiveness of saw palmetto used alone is not sufficient. Another herb called the nettle may have an ability to improve their property of reducing the symptoms and can lower the rate of the progression of the BPH, the nettle may be combined with both or either of the two herbs in a supplement form.

Some other nutrient substances may help alleviate the condition when used as supplements against prostate problems in the affected individual. Inflamed prostate and swollen prostates especially arising due to prostatitis or BPH can be prevented through supplements rich in essential fatty acids, these acids are especially abundant in the oil of the flaxseed herb and this oil can be used as an extra supplement during prostate problems.

While they may not prevent or stall the enlargement of an affected prostate, some supplements such as the following amino acids including glycine, alanine, and glutamine, can relieve symptoms of the disorder when used in a combined form, and on an empty stomach.


Dosages involving the given homeopathic remedies below can be taken in levels of 6c strength, where even a strength of 6x can be tried, these remedies can be consumed thrice a day, over a dosage period of several weeks, or this regimen can be followed until the positive effects from the remedies do not seem to progress further.

At such a stage of progress, the dosage regimen can be increased to a strength of 12c, over the same period of time or several weeks and this time a single dose two times daily, when the improvements gained from this increased strength has leveled out, an increase dosage strength of 30c can be tried over the same long dosage time, with a single dose every day of the treatment period until the condition shows signs of improvement.

This ladder-like progression is open-ended, as everything depends on the response to the remedy. A reduction in the size of an enlarged prostate gland may be achieved through this dosage regimen over 6 months of regular use and may even take a year of treatment, though however it must be mentioned that the symptoms and discomfort resulting from the condition will significantly show signs of alleviation even in the early treatment period, and will disappear noticeably.

Baryta carb.

Baryta carb. is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of aged individuals suffering from prostate problems and especially those symptoms associated with prostatic hypertrophy. One of the physical symptoms immediately evident is that the testes show a typical reduction in size and have hardened in the affected individuals. The penis tends to be very flaccid.

Other effects of the condition are impotency a great lowering in libido and sex drive including the propensity to premature ejaculation during coitus. Other signs can also be the occurrence of nightly emissions in the affected individual. The urge to urinate is immense and comes on quite regularly at odd moments.

The flow of urine is disturbed and the urine tends to dribble out in small amounts. Other symptoms in the old man may be the occurrence of senility and forgetfulness. The area of the genitals may also be affected by a numbness and general lack of sensation. The region between the thighs and the scrotum can be marked by the presence of pain. Such individuals also tend to be overweight and have problems with obesity. The presence of any of these symptoms in an individual requires the utilization of Baryta carb. as a homeopathic remedy.


Chimaphila is to be used as a homeopathic medication in those individuals who have an enlargement of the prostate gland. The physical symptoms may include urinary problems and the retention of water in the bladder over prolonged periods of time. The testicular tissues in such individuals may atrophy and reduce in mass. Furthermore, there may be symptoms where the patient feels a sensation of being seated on a ball and this may cause some discomfort.

The urine may flow out in a forked manner, due to constrictions in the urethra. Other physical symptoms of the disorder include a tendency to strain while passing urine or when defecating. The affected individuals may also be afflicted by infections that bring on prostatitis as an added problem.

The afflicted patient finds it's hard to start urinating and the act itself is fraught with the presence of pain and extreme discomfort. Other problems may be the occurrence of chronic cystitis as an added problem. The appearance of any of these symptoms in the individual requires the utilization of Chimaphila as a homeopathic remedy to treat the problematic prostate gland.


Conium is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals affected by an enlarged prostate that has also hardened to a considerable degree. The reason may be the presence of tumors or growths in the prostate, which may be malignant or benign. Other symptoms are the appearance of a chronic form of prostatitis due to infection.

The urge to urinate and the urine flow may be erratic. Other physical symptoms include the presence of a constant and persistent urge to urinate and the retention of urine in the bladder; the enlarged prostate causing pain by pressing against the bladder can also increase discomfort.

The patient may also have enlarged and hardened testes as a further symptom. These conditions can all arise due to the suppression of sexual urges in the individual and because of the combined effects of long periods of sexual abstinence displayed by the person. The erection of the penis is very weak and feeble in such patients even when they are fully aroused.

Sexually oriented thought may bring out emissions of prostatic fluid in such individuals. The appearance of any of these symptoms in the person requires the utilization of Conium as a homeopathic remedy to treat the prostate gland.


Pulsatilla is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals with inflamed, enlarged and swollen prostate glands. Further physical symptoms may be inflamed and swollen testes. Other physical symptoms include the occurrence of painful sensations spreading out from the region of the abdomen into the testicular tissue.

There could also be the generation of pain and a sensation of eat in the perineum. There is a persistent urge to urinate. The swelling of testicular tissue is very noticeable. The underlying causes of this condition could be conditions like gonorrhea, or physical causes such as being seated on cold ground for prolonged periods of time.

Symptoms also include yellow discharges and the further emission of prostatic fluid. The patient may greatly worsen when he is lying on his back, or on being exposed to the heat of the day. The appearance of any of these symptoms requires the utilization of pulsatilla as a homeopathic remedy to combat the prostate problem in the patient.

Sabal serrulata

Sabal serrulata is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals with an enlarged prostate gland; this form of enlargement of the gland in particular affects the age and is very commonly seen in this demography. The desire for sex and sexual drive show a reduction in intensity and may disappear.

There are discharges form the prostate, and this fluid comes out during the acts of defecation or even while the person is urinating. Other physical symptoms may be the sudden loss of virility and consequent impotency in the afflicted individual; the ejaculation of seminal fluid and the process of penile erection produce painful sensation in the individual.

When those discharges form the prostate gland come out, they can generate hot sensation in the spermatic cord internally. The testicular tissue also tends to atrophy in affected individuals. There is also the possibility of the retraction of the testes and this drawing up can cause a lot of pain to the patient.

The region of the genitalia is typically very cold to the touch. The libido is lost and greatly reduced in the person. Further complications can come about with infections causing prostatitis, and even epididymitis in the person. The patient can greatly worsen in cold and damp conditions or places. The appearance of any of these symptoms in the patient calls for the use of Sabal serrulata as a homeopathic remedy to deal with the prostate disorder.


Thuja is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of patients with an enlargement and hardening of the prostate gland with the presence of symptoms such as: the issue of discharges from the prostate gland whenever person strains in anyway. There is a sense of incomplete urination with an uncomfortable need to urinate regularly and frequently.

The urinary volume is small and the urine comes out in a thin stream and the patient finds it hard to start urinating. Some of the reasons this type of prostate problem may have developed in the individual include any affliction or past infection of gonorrhea or if some conditions such as non-specific urethritis are present.

The presence of warts in the genital area may also bring on this condition and can possibly be connected with it. The region around the genitalia of such patients produces a lot of sweat. The occurrence of erections in such patient tends to be very painful events. Further more the testicular tissues may ache and cause much discomfort to the afflicted individual. The appearance of any of these symptoms in the individual signals the need to use Thuja as a homeopathic remedy.

Additional things you may do

The symptoms of the condition can be greatly aggravated by the utilization of drugs like various decongestants and some other types of prescription cold medications, therefore it is highly advisable to avoid these medications while suffering from this condition.

Beer and other fluids that bring on an urge to urinate must be avoided, to minimize and aid in the reduction of urinary problems and pain, other drinks like caffeinated and alcoholic beverages must also be shunned. The time of the day plays a role and towards the evening the patient must lower the consumption of all liquids and other fluids.

Usual dosage

Flaxseed oil, One tbsp (14gr) daily.

Saw palmetto, 160 mg two times daily between meals.

Nettle, 250 mg two times daily.

Pygeum africanum, 100 mg two times daily between meals.

Vitamin E, 400 IU a day. If you take anticoagulant medications, check with your doctor.

Amino acids, 500 mg each of alanine, glutamine, and glycine daily. Add a mixed amino acid complex after one month.

Copper / Zinc, 2 mg copper & 30 mg zinc daily. If you use zinc longer than one month, add copper.

Other beneficial herbs


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