The presence of an inflammation in the prostate gland in men is known as prostatitis. The disease does not lead to an enlargement in the gland itself, while it tends to induce some enlargement and swelling in the tissues that constitute the gland. The inability to completely empty the urinary bladder often occurs similar to the situation in the event of a benign prostate gland enlargement, this is known as urinary retention and the situation arises as a result of blockage in the urethra, the tube that transports urine away from the bladder.

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There are two distinct form of prostatitis; the disorder can be acute or chronic in its effects on the body. The most common causative agent for the acute cases of prostatitis is the pathogen Escherichia coli, which is generally transferred to the urinary region from the colon area and this germ causes an infection in the prostate gland and the surrounding tissues.

The disorder can also be induced by the presence of certain sexually transmitted diseases-STDs, it can also result from infections by other bacteria, it can come as a part of other urinary tract infections, and any hormonal changes or imbalances in the man may also lead to the disorder. The physical symptoms which are typically seen during the onset of the disease include the presence of acute abdominal pain, the presence of chills passing up and down the body, the presence of a fever, and a low back pain which is very persistent.

Other symptoms such as a painful sensation coming along with the movement of the bowels, painful sensations that come with the ejaculation of semen, the presence of pain or a burning sensation when urinating-known as dysuria, the presence of a perineal pain-which is a pain present in the area between the scrotum and the anus of the person, and last but most common an urinary retention is also almost always evident as part of the condition.

Prostatitis of the acute form may also be associated with some other additional physical symptoms such as the presence of blood in the urine and the semen, the presence of testicular pain, and the urgency to urinate at odd times.

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A bacterial infection is also the usual cause of the chronic form of prostatitis, similar to the causes for the acute form of the condition. The chronic form of the disorder tends to follow or is often associated with some other urinary tract infection such as cystitis, conditions such as urethritis, disorders like epididymitis, and it can also come following a bout of acute prostatitis.

The chances of the disorder affecting an individual increases in risk with the age of the person. Chronic prostatitis is believed to affect as many as thirty five percent of all men over the age of fifty-with varying symptoms and complications.

The onset of chronic prostatitis is primed by the presence of certain factors in the body of the patient; these include the excess consumption of alcohol, the presence of some injury in the perineal region, and the development of infrequent ejaculation of semen due to other conditions. The presence of such risk factors may possibly lead to the development of severe congestion in the prostate gland of the individual; this congestion produces an environment which is excellent as a breeding ground for many different types of bacteria and other pathogens.

The development of inflammation in the prostate glands is very gradual in the case of chronic prostatitis, the inflammation continues unabated for a prolonged period of time and goes unnoticed by the person, since the condition typically has very few and subtle symptoms which are easy to overlook. The symptoms can include lower back pain, the presence of a slight burning sensation on urination, the presence of a painful sensation when the person ejaculates, and the presence of a painful sensation when the bowels are moved in the morning.

The benefits and effects of a strong antibiotic treatment are boosted and amplified by the use of herbs and herbal supplements. Only the specific herb indicated for specified and identified microorganisms, must be used during treatment-this is ideal in treating the condition.

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Supplements and herbs

Herbal remedies that can help in the treatment include the use of bilberry herbal tea bags; these can be prepared using a cup of water and placing the bags to infuse the herbal essences into the water. Dosage of this herbal remedy can be a single dose or a cup taken one to two times every day. This herbal remedy can help in keeping the E. coli bacteria from attaching themselves and proliferating in the prostate gland-thus the remedy will reduce the intensity of many physical symptoms which can affect the patient.

Another herbal remedy of the catuaba tincture can also be taken at the same time. Dosage of this remedy must be to follow the strict instructions present on the label of the medication. Prostate function is normalized and the remedy prevents any re-infection occurring from the E. coli organism.

The herbal Scutellaria capsules can also be used to treat prostatitis in individual affected by the affliction. Dosage of these capsules can be a 250 to 500 mg capsule taken thrice every day of the treatment period or till such times as symptoms abate. This herbal remedy is a multipurpose infection fighter and can result in a holistic treatment from infection for the person. The remedy can also be used in the possible treatment of the antibiotic-resistant strain of the intestinal parasite Chlamydia. The herbal scutellaria capsules must not be used by individual affected by diarrhea at the onset of prostatitis.

The herbal capsules of the uva ursi herb can also be taken to treat prostatitis in individuals. Dosage of this herbal remedy can be a single 500 to 1,000 mg capsule taken thrice every day. This herbal remedy can help fight off the infection arising as a result of E. coli pathogens in the body. If the urine is of an alkaline nature, then treatment with the uva ursi will be much more potent or effective. This alkaline state of the urine can be achieved, by avoiding any meat in the daily diet, at the same time the patient must also take a quarter of a teaspoon or 0.5 gram of alkaline baking soda in one third cup or 50 milliliters of water with every dose of the herbal remedy to ensure alkalinity in the urine.

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Commonly used essential oils for prostatitis:

Additional things you may do

You must ensure that the amount of water you drink every day is at least eight glasses and ideally as many as sixteen glasses of water-water is a great healer and aids in the smooth functioning and detoxification of all metabolic processes in the body.

This sudden increasing in the intake of fluids will in turn lead to more frequent urination and freer flow of urine, as a result all the excess urine will effectively flush out the proliferating bacteria from within the bladder and lead to a decrease in the urinary symptoms that often come with the disease.

A good herbal remedy is to eat plenty of blueberries, these berries are rich in chemical substances that can keep E. coli bacteria from attaching or inhabiting the lining of the prostate gland and thus the berries can aid in avoiding infection from pathogens. Because of their ability to irritate the tissues of the bladder, it is suggested that you avoid too some liquids foods and beverages such as alcohol, and the juice of citrus fruits, foods which are very hot or spicy, and the caffeine in coffee and tea must also be avoided for the duration of the treatment.

The patient suffering from prostatitis must avoid the use of all iron supplements and foods rich in the mineral. The mineral iron is very essential as an element in the promotion of the bacterial growth leading to prostatitis within the body. Topical relief from acute symptoms of prostatitis can be achieved by taking regular warm tub baths or sitz baths. Such topical baths will soother the irrigated perineal area and the pain in the lower back which often comes along with the acute form of prostatitis in many people affected by the condition.

Before handling the penis or following excretion, make sure that you properly wash your hands; this simple step may help in preventing the potential transfer of the pathogenic E. coli organisms from the rectal area of the body to the genitourinary tract via the penis. Keep your genitals clean and wash the areas regularly. It is also a good ides to wipe the area following bowel movements and the wiping must be carried out from front to back.

The discomforts associated with the movement of the bowels must not be treated using stimulant laxatives at any stage. Other treatments that can help include the use of bulking agents and chemical stool softeners. A physician must be consulted at once, if you develop any increased in thirst, if there is any unexplained or unintentional weight loss, or if the testicular area becomes painful. Exposing your self to very cold weather must be avoided at all times.

Caution must be maintained when using any of the over the counter cold or allergy drugs especially when the prostate already has some enlargement. This is because, the majority of such chemical drugs contain active ingredients can cause the development of an inflammation in the prostate and this can cause urinary retention at the same time-such side effects must be avoided by careful and selective use of drugs. It is very important to get daily and regular physical exercise preferably out of doors.

As riding a bicycle can place a lot of pressure on the prostate gland, you must make sure that you do not ride a bike while suffering from this condition. The best option and ideal exercise is to walk for an hour or two each day. The majority of antibiotics used in treatment may not adequately penetrate into the tissues of the prostate gland even though and in most cases the first line of medical treatment for prostatitis will be a combination antibiotic treatment.

This ineffectiveness of the antibiotics can often be very irritating, as the infectious organisms may continue to persist and proliferate within the prostate gland despite continuous treatment using a strict antibiotic regimen. In such cases, the recurrence of symptoms is often seen once the antibiotic treatment has been put to an end.

If the therapy using antibiotics is not successful, then treatment using a transurethral resection of the prostate also known as -TURP may be performed on the person. Younger men normally do not qualify for this surgical treatment of prostatitis, during which the tissues of the prostate gland is removed using a tube placed into the urethra-this surgical procedure carries some potential risks and is known to cause sterility, long term impotence, and urinary incontinence in the patient.

Prostatitis can also be effectively treated using the surgical treatment known as prostate drainage. The bacteria grow inside the prostate in sacs of tissues known as acini, the procedure which is similar to the procedures of a digital rectal exam and which is often performed two or three times a week is to release these bacterial populations from the tiny acini they populate.

Prostate drainage can be a very painful experience for the patient, this is more so when conducted for the first time on a patient. As the patient gets used to the process, it is less painful and the discomfort lessens with time. It is not necessary that only a doctor performs a prostate drainage, any person may do it, though it must only be performed using the finger enclosed in a non-latex glove and smeared with a safe lubricant-like the K-Y Brand Jelly lubricant.

Once performed, there is often an increase in the burning sensation following the first passing of urine after the procedure, this is not serious and comes because of the sudden release of caustic substances synthesized by the bacteria via the urine.

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