Reiter's Syndrome

In some individuals three forms of inflammatory disorders are combined and afflict the person at the same time, this form of arthritis is known as Reiter's syndrome. The affected regions of the body include areas such as the regions of the joints, other symptoms like urethritis impairs the urethra and disturbs urinary function; the eyes may be affected by conjunctivitis.

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While in the sequence of events the appearance o f inflamed joints comes at the later stages, this condition is the easiest way to identify the onset of the syndrome. The physical affects of the symptoms are felt as pain, and as stiffening and swelling of knee and ankle tissues, which may be very persistent.

Urinary distress and discomfort while passing urine including the presence of strange discharges is the salient symptom of the condition known as urethritis, which comes on along with the syndrome. Urinary disorders are often passed over an not noticed as being the essential and initial signs of

Reiter's syndrome, the onset of urinary problems is followed by a sequence of other disorders. STD's or sexually transmitted disease must be eliminated as possible afflictions if the discharges are present during urination, these conditions are very serious and must be ruled out completely by consulting a doctor.

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A mild form of conjunctivitis is the third and final symptom that is very apparent, the eyes become inflamed and redden, a tearing or other painful sensation may be present and there is a lot of mucus produced during its occurrence. Other physical symptoms such as a fever are also common concomitant disorders along with those already mentioned.

Months may go by before a correct diagnosis is done, as the symptoms appear separately and at widely different times and intensities in the afflicted individual. In half of all person afflicted with Reiter's syndrome, the symptoms may bounce back suddenly and unexpectedly months and sometimes even years after the initial attack and long after the causes of inflammation has been removed.

Young men are typically affected by Reiter's syndrome, and the condition as such is rare and does not commonly occur.

Genetic factors and the presence of genes for the condition in people does not seem to necessarily predispose them to likely affliction and hence there are possibly other factors that come into play. The disorder as such is often started by the occurrence of a sexually transmitted disease or an infection in the affected individual. There is still a lot of research to be done on the causes and remediation of the syndrome.

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Supplements and herbs

The onset of further complications can arise due to the symptoms. These complications in the body can be prevented by using vitamins as supplements in the diet of the affected individual, and the vitamins have a positive role in alleviation of all symptoms. Moreover these substances can provide an immediate and effective relief from the symptoms of the syndrome wherever they may be present on the body.

The discomfort caused to the eyes during Reiter's syndrome can easily be minimized through the use of the vitamin A as a supplement. Tissue restoration and maintenance, and the strengthening of the immune system are achieved through supplements of vitamin A. The immune system is bolstered and there is a marked reduction in inflammation on the affected area when supplements of the antioxidant vitamin C are utilized, this substance also improves the flexibility and tone of affected tissues.

The role of the vitamin C is supported and aided actively by the effective antioxidant vitamin E within the body, therefore supplements of this vitamin must also be concurrently used during treatment.

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The herbal remedies given below can achieve a full and complete recovery from the syndrome through the restoration of hormone levels and the reduction in hormonal imbalances. These herbal remedies also play a huge role in the detoxification of the body and are important to other processes essential to health.

A tincture made form the Siberian ginseng combined with astragalus herb can bolster the adrenal glands and boost the glandular performance. Dosage of the tincture can be 20 drops of the herbal tincture thrice every day during the treatment period. Perspiration is promoted by the root of the devil's claw, and also by the roots of the sassafras and the licorice herbs, these herbs also cleanse the blood and aid in the detoxification processes internally.

A cup of boiling water can be used to steep a combination of these herbs and the tea can be drunk thrice everyday during the treatment period. An imbalance in the calcium-magnesium levels can also cause a hormonal disorder, use the tincture made from horsetail thrice a day to aid in the restoration of levels of the minerals the horsetail is very rich in silica and other minerals. Any inflammation if present can be reduced through the regular consumption of a cup of tea made form the alfalfa thrice everyday during the treatment period.

Additional things you may do

The painful and inflamed tissues can be alleviated through taking sitz baths on a daily basis, these baths bolster and revive the immune system, thus aiding in recovery and restoration of affected tissue. The detoxification of the body is bolstered and speeded up through activities such as dry brushing affected along with the sitz-baths. Normal metabolic functions can be restored through oral or intravenous chelation therapy, which also have the ability to reverse symptoms and causes of degenerative conditions.

Usual dosage

Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids) 1,000 mg to bowel tolerance

Vitamin A - 35,000 IU

Vitamin E (with tocopherols) 400 IU


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