Retinal Detachment

The delicate layer of receptive visual tissue lining the inner eye is called the retina, this tissue functions as the visual recorder for the brain and is capable of transforming light into nervous impulses which are then passed on inside into the brain. In the brain, the impulses are translated by the nervous tissue into visual images and vision is the product.

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The vision of a person is affected adversely the minter, the retina detaches from the tissues surrounding it inside the eye. There is almost no pain when the retina detaches and at a time only a single eye tends to be affected by the condition.

The first symptoms of retina detachment are the appearance of sparks of light in the visual field; these sensations are combined with the appearance of floating black spots in the vision and the presence of noticeable blurring of the eyesight.

The area vacated by the retina within the affected eye begins to fill with fluid and the initial symptoms worsen very quickly as a result, as the fluid accumulates, it may seem that a dark veil is covering a part of the eye and vision is impaired. The detachment of the retina must be treated as a very serious condition and patients affected by this disorder require emergency medical treatment.

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The amount of damage is less and reduced the earlier treatment begins, and a doctor must immediately treat the eye so as to stop the worsening of the situation. In certain cases, vision will need to be restored via laser surgery conducted by a qualified visual specialist. Both the eyes must be checked even If only one of the eyes is affected, as a possible recurrence of the condition cannot be ruled out at any stage.

Tears in the retina often develop as a result of some severe physical injury to the eye or from the trauma following an eye surgery; these can include surgical procedures that remove a cataract from the eye for example. Retinal detachment without any underlying cause is also possible and at times retinal detachment can be caused without apparent reason, as can occur from the development of sudden changes in the fluids within the eyes fluid related to aging in the person.

As the retinal region is often stretched more or less to a greater extent in many near sighted individual, such people are at a much greater risk from being affected by retinal detachment. The rare cause of retinal detachment in some individuals can be the presence of a tumor in the eye and in rarer instances inflammation in the retina can also cause retinal detachment.

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Supplements and herbs

The following supplements and herbal remedies can be used in the treatment of individuals affected by retinal detachment. In addition to the treatment of the injured eye by a professional surgeon and the consumption of an improved and healthier diet, the following vitamin and mineral supplements are suggested for use on a regular basis by the patient.

Retinal detachment can be prevented and treated by regular supplements of the vitamin E as long as it is supplemented on a regular basis-this vitamin must be used more as a preventive treatment, it can also be supplemented while other physical treatments are undertaken on the detached retina.

Supplements of the vitamin E are necessary as the vitamin can lead to an improved oxygen supply to the eyes and it also aids in increasing the circulation rates in the smallest blood vessels which are found within the eyes. The antioxidant actions of the vitamin also helps prevents free-radical damage and acts as a free radical scavengers-the actions of these metabolic particles are often the cause for damages to the retina and other organs of the body.

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Supplements must also include the use of other antioxidant substances, the vegetable based beta-carotene supplements, and supplements of the vitamin C along with the mineral selenium can also help in the prevention and treatment of the eye in a person affected by retinal detachment. The action of free radicals is a major cause of the aging process and many of these helpful antioxidants combat the effects of premature aging in individuals-free radicals are also the cause of many types of cancer and organic deterioration including those factors responsible for weakening the retinal region.

People suffering from retinal detachment ought to eat lots of carrots and tomatoes and also include juices from these vegetables in their diet. However, it is important to note that only drinking fresh tomato and carrot juices is helpful in annulling the damage caused to the retina. In addition, consumption of fruits having high vitamin C content as well as vegetables enclosing the vital trace mineral selenium is extremely effective in total restoration of one's vision.

Provided you are working on computers for prolonged hours it is essential that you maintain a low wattage. At the same time, you should try and prevent going out in the sun or avoid sunlight as much as possible. Instead, you need to work in a place that is shady with a view to protect the eyes from additional harm.

Additional things you may do

Besides using conventional medications and herbs and supplements, there are a number of other things that you may do in order to cure the retinal detachment. Some of the things that you may do are discussed below.

Scleral buckle: This process involves attaching a minute belt or buckle in the front of one's eye with a view to press on the retina against its primary tissues. The surplus fluid in the eye should be drawn off and in case there is any tear, it ought to be sealed using cryopexy or laser surgery.

Pneumatic retinopexy: This process entails placing a gas bubble inside the vitreous space of the eye by means of an injection along with cryotherapy or laser surgery. The gas bubble works to push the rupture or tear in the retina into its original place against the rear eye wall. Occasionally, pneumatic retinopexy can be performed in the office of the ophthalmologist itself. Following the treatment, the ophthalmologist will tell you to maintain a specific position of your head constantly for many days. Gradually, the gas bubble will fade away.

Vitrectomy: This is a surgical process that is generally performed to reattach the retina and is always undertaken in an operation room. During the surgery, the vitreous gel that gets into the retina is taken out from the eye and it is normally substituted by injecting a gas bubble.

At times, ophthalmologists use an oil bubble rather than using a gas bubble in order to help the retina remain in its original place. Gradually, the body fluid of the patient replaces the gas bubble. When an oil bubble is used, ophthalmologists usually perform another surgery later on to get rid of it. In some cases, ophthalmologists use vitrectomy in combination with the process called scleral buckle (see above).

In case your ophthalmologist has injected a gas bubble inside your eye, he/ she may advise you to keep your head in a specific position for some duration. Unless your ophthalmologist has confirmed that the gas bubble has disappeared by itself, it is not advisable to travel by aircraft or go to high altitudes. When there is a sudden increase in altitude, it may result in the rise in eye pressure quite dangerously. However, if an oil bubble has been place in your eye, you can safely fly on an aircraft.

It may be noted that nearly all surgeries performed to correct retinal detachment (roughly 80% to 90%) are usually successful. Nevertheless, in some cases, there may be a need for a second surgery.

There are a number of incidences of retinal detachments that cannot be cured or attached even through surgery. In effect, the retinal detachment cannot be corrected if any scar tissue develops on the retina. In case it is not possible to fix a retinal detachment, the eye sight of the patient will continue to deteriorate and eventually, he/ she will become blind.

Even after the surgery performed to fix retinal detachment is successful, it may take several months for an improvement in the patient's eye sight and, in a number of incidences, normal or complete vision may never be restored. It is really unfortunate that a number of patients enduring retinal detachment never have any recuperation in their vision even after surgery. This is the main reason why you should essentially visit your ophthalmologist on a regular basis or whenever you notice having any problem with your eye sight.

Usual dosage

Antioxidant combination with vitamins C and E, beta-carotene, and mineral selenium.

Vitamin E, 400 IU.


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