When an injury occurs in the body or where the skin breaks and is destroyed beyond repair, a scar is formed in that area, it can be defined as a shiny piece of shrunken connective tissue that comes in the place of the destroyed tissue on the skin. This tissue does not have the normal complement of pigments and hence cannot react to the ultraviolet rays of the sun; it is also not flexible and much tougher than the normal skin tissue.

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As time passes and the scar fades away, flexibility is regained in the area and it starts to perform normally as before. The scar tissue is more resistant to injury than normal tissues because it is much tougher comparatively. Extremely painful forms of scar tissues called keloids are sometimes formed on the body when the scars undergo excessive growth. These regions can develop on the body even without any injury under some very rare circumstances.

Repeated injuries on a single area of the skin and burns or cuts that are really deep are the usual causes of scar tissue and scarring of the skin. Minor and small cuts or abrasions on the skin can bring out scar tissues in certain people. Genetic factors play a part in the formation of tissue and overgrowths of scar tissue often come due to hereditary reasons, and also following burn injuries to the skin.

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Supplements and herbs

The formation of scar tissue is easily prevented and alleviated by the vitamin E used as a supplement. Cuts and burns or internal injuries due to surgery or infection can lead to external or internal scar tissue formation respectively. Restoration of tissue affected by keloid formation and the restoration of scar tissue that is already present in the body is achieved through the utilization of this vitamin as a supplement. Broken and injured skin must not be treated with external applications of this vitamin.

A nutritious and healthy diet should accompany the use of this vitamin in the person for effective results. Collagen and other connective tissues are healed and restored by vitamin C, which is a very important vitamin in the formation of collagen, the use of the vitamin C combined with plant based natural substances called the bioflavonoids increases the rate of tissue healing and deals effectively with all wounds.

The skin and the restorative powers of the skin are promoted and increased by essential minerals like silica and zinc when they are used as nutrient supplements in the person.

The following herbal remedies are very effective in eliminating scar tissue and in restoring the health of the skin.

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The aloe vera herb can be used in a gel form as a topical massage on areas of old scar tissue, this treatment helps improve the condition of the skin and restores the affected areas to their pristine state. Swedish bitters can be used as moisturizers to be used on the scarred tissue on a regular basis; the scar tissue is healed by this treatment of continual moistening.

This treatment is very effective against old scar tissue as well as new scars. A salve made form the calendula (marigold) herb can be used on scar tissue that forms as a result of an operation or other surgical procedure, the scar in this case heals imperceptibly and at an increased rate.

To prepare this herbal salve, heat a quarter cup of coconut butter in a large pan, to this butter mix one cup of fresh marigold blossoms; the leaves and the stems can be included. Let the concoction foam up and keep heating till it does so, cover the pan once the foam comes and leave it to cool overnight.

After it has been left overnight, gradually warm the pan for sometime; use cheesecloth to press the juices of the herb after having strained the fat away. To this liquid the oil of almond or the olive can be added, about 5tbsp. of one or the other, glass containers can be used to store the herbal liquid in the refrigerator.

Use a cotton cloth and spread the salve thickly onto this cloth, tie this cloth around the area of the scar tissue and leave it there, this cloth can be replaced daily or as and when it become necessary. A hot poultice for topical application on scar tissue can also be made from the leftover herbal pulp.

Restoration of the destroyed tissue can be achieved through the use of the horsetail herb as a topical treatment. Tea can be made form the horsetail for daily consumption, drink thrice daily, or if your prefer horsetail can be taken in tincture form. A single dose being 20 drops of the tincture mixed with water or other liquids thrice a day, and alternately 2 capsules of vegetal silica from aqueous extract of the horsetail thrice daily will also suffice as a dosage regimen to heal scar tissue.

As a topical measure a poultice made from the horsetail and the comfrey herbs can be applied on a daily basis in the evenings. After applying this poultice on the areas of the scar tissue, it is best if possible to leave the application over the course of the night.


Commonly used essential oils for scarring:


Specific remedies to different scar tissues are sometimes hard to suggest and differentiate as such, as most scar tissues are quite similar in origin as well as effects. Prolonged treatments involving months and utilizing a variety of herbs and herbal remedies are usually required in the sequential treatment of chronic scars, and scar tissue formation.

An extremely low potency alternating treatment utilizing two different herbal remedies, in potencies of 3x, 6x or 12x often achieves the best and greatest results in minimal time. All types of scar tissues can be restored by Thiosinaminum and tissue salts of Silicea and Calc. flour, which are usually available in health food stores, can be used at the same time.

Calc. fluor

Calc. fluor is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals who are injured or have stony hard and very white scars that have formed on the body due to injuries. The formation of keloids is common in such persons. The skin may harden and can get cracked, extremely dry and fissured in places.

Performing surgical operations on such individuals becomes difficult, as the tissue does not adhere easily once incisions are made. The lymph glands may harden in such individuals. Physical symptoms include pain, different kinds of infections and even ulcers among the different types of problems in the areas where old scars are present.

The scar tissue is given to a lot of itching sensations. There may be deposits and fibrous nodules in the joints, the tissues in the joints may harden, adhesions may be present. The presence of any of these symptoms requires the utilization of Calc. flour as a homeopathic remedy.


Causticum is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals experiencing the formation of scar tissue as a result of burn injuries, due to scalds and or as a result of burns from radiation sources. These scar tissues may have never disappeared or even faded since the accident or the incident occurred.

Causticum can also be used against wounds that are old and old scars that have cracked, and have broken or have become ulcerated with the presence of soreness as a symptom. As a further physical symptom the ligaments, and the joints including the tendons of such patients is given to contractions and adhesions.

The patient may experience a lot of stiffness in his or her body. The removal of warts may lead to the development of scar tissue or the reappearance of warts. Causticum can also be used to heal keloid scars. The scars in such cases can also be given to itchy sensations. The presence of one or any type of these scars in an individual requires the utilization of Causticum as a homeopathic remedy.


Graphites is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of patients with scarring who display the development of adhesions on the body, these adhesions can be dissolved using Graphites. The presence of skin disease can lead to the development of such scars in an individual. The formation of keloids is usual.

The scars are usually very hard and may harden. The patient may feel much better when walking in the outdoors exposed to fresh air to relieve the burning, painful and itching sensations in the scar tissue. Graphites can be used in the treatment of scar tissue formed on breast after procedures like mastitis and other surgical scars, also included are scars due to radiation and scars formed by ulcers in the body.

The glands of such patients tend to be swollen and enlarged. The development on the site of old scars of ulcers and extreme inflammation is usual and tumors including malignant forms like cancer often form. The presence of any of these types of scars and or symptoms requires the use of Graphites as a homeopathic remedy.


Phytolacca is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of scar tissue formation in the region of the breast and surrounding areas, this can also be used in cases of scarring around the lymph glands or in areas around tonsils in the neck. These types of scar tissues are characterized by the presence of keloids in the affected regions. Old wounds and scars that have developed into malignant or benign tumors and show the presence of abscesses and inflammation in the affected region require this particular treatment.

The patient may experience drawing or constricting pains in the scar tissue. The ligaments and tendons and musculature of the patient are almost always afflicted by the formation of fibrous adhesions within them. Contractions are experienced in all major muscle groups and in the joints of the body. The patient suffers from stiff muscles with the presence of drawing or constricting painful sensations.

The condition of the patient greatly worsens when he or she is exposed to any sort of pressure and to cold and damp weather. The appearance of any scars of these types or the presence of any of these symptoms in an individual requires the utilization of Phytolacca as a homeopathic remedy.


Silicea is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals with the presence of keloid formation in the body as a result of scar tissue. The scar tissue tends in appearance and feels to be nodular and hard types of scars, which have a glassy or shiny appearance. The bones of such patients may experience brittleness. Painful sensations seem to emanate outward from the region of the scar tissues in scars that feel very tender when felt.

Physical signs like the oozing out of pus is often observed as many of the old wounds on the body may reopen. Skin conditions such as acne and these types of scars can be stalled from appearing and prevented or eliminated from the body through the use of Silicea. Furthermore in the patients the rate of healing and restoration of health is very low especially in the case of wounds and injuries that are deep.

Glass and the presence of external objects in the body including splinters of wood, metal or stone can be eliminated through Silicea as it encourages their removal. The patient develops keloids on the scar tissue and may have ulceration on the affected parts as a symptom. The appearance of any scars of these types on the affected person or the presence of any of these symptoms requires the utilization of Silicea as a homeopathic remedy.

Additional things you may do

The oily form of the vitamin E can be used as topical massage oil, and can be rubbed on the affected areas of the body on a daily and regular basis to improve the condition.

Usual dosage

Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids) 1,000 mg

Vitamin E (with tocopherols) 400-800 IU two time a day

Zinc, 30 mg, with 3 mg of copper

Silica, 1,000 mg

Other beneficial herbs


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