The erect position of the human body is maintained by the spinal column, the spine prevents the collapse of the human body and helps prevent physical damage from occurring to the spinal cord which runs within its structure. The usual and normal position of the spinal column is straight, when affected by the condition known as scoliosis, however, the spinal column can often takes on a very acute 'S' shape and becomes bent at an odd angle.

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The disorder of scoliosis can be defined as development of a 'curving and twisting' in the spinal region that skews the spinal column sideways. The disorder also brings on a buckling of the back of the body to one side as a result of the disorder.

The first signs of scoliosis often become apparent when the person begins to notice that one shoulder is a little higher in appearance than the corresponding shoulder. The person may also notice that his or her clothes hang in a crooked way on the shoulders.

The early teen years are the typical age for the development of scoliosis, the development of the disorder ceases but at the age when the bones of the body have become fully mature in the early twenties. The occurrence of milder forms of scoliosis is also seen in some individuals and such cases of the condition are barely noticed by the sufferer, the condition in such cases is not noticeable except when the individual bends down for something.

The spinal curvature can induce a lot of complications and very often, many of the muscles in the back are not used in a proper manner, this situation can lead to the appearance of persistent tension in the muscles along with a lot of stiffness in the back of the body. Severe forms of scoliosis can induce intense muscle pain almost as a form of constant plague and discomfort.

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The most advanced cases of scoliosis can often be seen as very obvious deformation noticeable to others. Such serious forms of the condition can very easily hinder the normal upright posture of the body and put or place immense pressure on the circulation system and on the lungs of the person so affected. Some rare cases of scoliosis affect the person so severely that they become crippling, and can shorten the life span of the sufferer significantly.

The presence of genetic and heritable factors or the development of nutritional deficiencies is the main cause of scoliosis. In addition, the disorder of scoliosis is much more evident in women as a demographic group. The disorder of scoliosis only affects the person in whom the skeletal system is still growing as mentioned before.

For this reason, continued poor body posture, and continued participation in activities involving standing for long periods of time worsen the situation in individuals already affected by the disorder. The disorder is also aggravated and worsened in the long term by the continued lifting or carrying of heavy loads like baggage using only one particular side of the body.

Physical exertions repeatedly using only one side of the body increases the severity of the existing condition in young people. There are also conditions that resemble scoliosis and disorders such as neurofibro mastosis tumors present in the body can induce physical disfigurement along with different orthopedic problems which are similar to the scoliosis in the symptoms they generate.

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Supplements and herbs

The strength of human bones depend a great deal on the presence of adequate levels of the essential minerals silica and calcium inside the body-the deficiencies of these two minerals is responsible for many human bone disorders. The mineral silica can be brought from health stores in an organic form as capsules, at the same time; it is also available as organic gel silica for supplemental use by individuals.

The essential mineral magnesium can be used as a co-supplement to give the optimal balance in the body to intakes of the silica. Spasms in the muscles can be alleviated by supplements of both the essential minerals calcium and magnesium. The health of bones is maintained by the essential mineral boron as well and this mineral is essential for strong bones in the body.

The proper absorption of calcium from the diet requires the presence of the vitamin D at adequate levels, while the deficiency of this mineral is rare, particularly during the months of summer and in areas with exposure to adequate sunlight. The vitamin D is formed in the body when ultraviolet rays from the sun catalyze vitamin D synthesis in the skin-supplements of this essential vitamin can sometimes be required in special cases.

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For example during months of especially long and overcast skies in winter, vitamin D may be supplemented in a tablet form. All patients will benefit from the long term consumption of a good multivitamin tablet or capsule along with the essential minerals.

Patients can use all of the herbal remedies given below to relieve their symptoms.

The construction of healthy and strong muscles in the body depends a great deal on the adequate presence of the mineral silica within the body, the herbal horsetail remedy is very rich in this mineral, in general the tissues forming joints and other bone tissues need silica. The horsetail herb can be taken by patients as an herbal tea, three cups of this herbal tea or about ten to fifteen drops of horsetail herbal tincture can be mixed in a liquid and taken regularly by patients.

Alternately the patient can take a single tbsp. of herbal horsetail juice ever day, for a period of two weeks on and off basis. This herbal remedial supplementation can be aided by undertaking physical support exercises in the form of a muscle strengthening program regularly by all patients.

Additional things you may do

This condition can be improved by taking regular exercises and posture training along with exercises that strengthen the muscles-such a regimen will control or put the condition within manageable limits. The need for corrective surgical procedures later can be prevented by the early treatments utilizing braces along the affected parts of the body.

To relieve the strain on the spinal region, any situation that involves long periods standing must be kept to a minimum and such unavoidable periods must be interspersed with the conduction of some movement on the part of the sufferer. In addition, all children who are going to be involved in a lot of intense athletic activities such as ballet, sports like swimming or active gymnastics must be provided with adequate levels of all the essential nutrients in the daily diet so as to ensure the proper maintenance of physical activity level-and to minimize the chances of injury or strains on the skeletal system.

Usual dosage

  • Vitamin D, 400 IU.
  • Vitamin E, 400-800 IU.
  • Calcium, 1,000 mg.
  • Boron, 10 mg.
  • Silica, 1,000 mg.
  • Magnesium, 500 mg
  • Multivitamin, with minerals.


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