A state of shock as defined in medical terminology is a physical state in which the circulation in the body becomes so severely compromised that blood is no longer able to reach the body's tissues and organs; this is contrary to the usual way in which most people describe shock, as more like an emotional reaction to something unpleasant.

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Because of this restriction in the blood supply, the body misses all the essential nutrients and oxygen in the blood, consequently it becomes less and less able to work at optimal levels and vital functions may stop albeit for a temporary period. Such as state of affairs requires immediate and emergency medical attentions as it can harm the patient if it is prolonged. The onset of shock brings about complete circulatory collapse and death in such cases if it is left untreated for any length of time.

Problems and conditions such as the presence of a severe allergic reaction to some substance, a major loss of blood, some medication overdose, and severe dehydration, including any serious infection, including any major emotional trauma which can occur particularly say after a serious accident can all lead to shock or state similar to it. Other causes for shock can be metabolic disorders in a person with diabetes, where a sudden and dangerous increase in the level of blood insulin can bring about shock.

Physical weakness and cold clammy skin along with nausea, vomiting, the development of a pale white or greyish skin color, problems like dizziness, the presence of a cold sweat, and increased respiratory and heart rate are all symptoms of shock. In addition restlessness or frightened behaviour is also commonly manifested by most patients affected by shock.

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There are a variety of categories of physiological shock as well as symptoms and they include the following:

Cardiogenic shock
This type of physiological shock takes place when the heart is damaged severely owing to heart failure or a heart attack.

Hypovolemic shock
This type of shock takes place when the entire amount of blood in our body falls lower than the normal owing to conditions like acute internal or external hemorrhages, diabetes insipidus, extensive burn injuries, dehydration or when the pancreas becomes inflamed.

Hemorrhagic shock
This type of physiological shock takes place owing to hemorrhage caused by physical trauma, for instance, injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes and/ or any piercing injuries like knife wounds or wounds due to gunshots.

Neurogenic shock
This type of shock happens especially owing to trauma that results in injuries to the spinal cord.

Septic shock
This type of physiological shock takes place when infections due to bacteria results in toxic shock syndrome and the blood pressure falls. Harm caused to the lungs leading to severe respiratory distress syndrome may also happen in such cases. In addition, septic shock may also result in kidney failure, liver failure and even coma.

Anaphylactic shock
This type of shock is known to be a fall-out of acute allergic reactions to a number of things, including wasp and bee stings, eggs, shellfish, nuts, latex as well as specific medicines, such as penicillin.

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Supplements and herbs

See age-appropriate dosages of herbal remedies

Once the acute phase of the shock has passed by, herbal supplementation can be started and the herbal treatment is mainly intended to support the recovery process, when the crisis is gone and the child is at home. Immediately search and seek emergency treatment for the child if there is any suspicion of shock.

The healing of wounds can be hastened by the use of herb gotu kola, which is an excellent general tonic. For an initial period of about one week, children can be given two to three doses every day.
For your attention: children under the age of four should not be given this herb in all circumstances.

The production of healthy blood cells is increased by the nettle and yellow dock herbs which aid the immune system. Children can be given a single dose of one or both of the herbs, two times every day for a whole week during the recovery period after the crisis is over.
For your information: the consumption of the nettle has been known to cause stomach problems in some children. Discontinue the use of this herb if this happens to a child. Children under the age of four should not be given this herb under any condition.

The energy levels in the body can be easily restored through the use of the American ginseng as an herbal supplement. For a period of two days after the use of the nettle or the yellow dock, children can also be given a single dose of this herb, two times every day as added supplementation.

For your attention: The presence of a fever or any other visible signs of infection if observed must lead to the immediate discontinuation of this herbal supplement.


Aromatherapy is an effective means to cure physiological shocks. In effect, numerous essential oils are actually helpful in dealing with shocks. Breathing in neroli or peppermint straight from the bottle or from a tissue or handkerchief may prove to be a helpful first aid in case of shocks.

Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy is known to be among the most effective therapies for shock. When any individual is affected by physiological shocks, the patient should be administered four drops of this remedy on the tongue as soon as possible and may be another dose repeated some time afterward if required.

Simultaneously, you may also provide the patient with essential oils for inhaling. It may be noted that the Rescue Remedy is an amalgam of five Bach Flower Remedies, including Clematis, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Impatiens and Star of Bethlehem. This remedy may also be given to an individual prior to any traumatic event and also following any type of trauma caused owing to hearing any tragic news ranging from a road mishap to any death, following an operation and also after a bad fall.

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Specific homeopathic remedies are effective in treating shock. A number of them are described below.


Aconitum is a homeopathic remedy which is basically an alkaloid variety of the stems and roots of the plant Aconitum napellus. Although Aconitum napellus is considered to be a toxic plant, this remedy is effective for shock treatment when employed in homeopathic doses. Despite being a poisonous plant, a little amount of tincture prepared from the roots and stem of the plant used in homeopathic medications makes it safe for human ingestion.

Arnica Montana

In homeopathy, Arnica Montana is generally employed for shock treatment. Homeopathic physicians recommend the use of this medication soon after any harm caused to tissues, particularly when there is swelling or bruising. Individuals requiring this homeopathic remedy may perhaps feel shoddier when they are touched by anyone. Arnica is easily available at specialty stores as well as several stores selling health foods. Arnica may be taken soon after the initial signs of shock or trauma are apparent.


Stramonium is a homeopathic remedy which is commonly employed to treat physiological shocks and night frights. Prepared from Jamestown weed or thorn apple, Stramonium is an effective remedy for shock, especially when it is caused by terror. This homeopathic remedy is also helpful for children who wake up at night following nightmare and become disoriented when waken.

Carbo Veg.

Carbo Veg. is generally prescribed to treat shock when an individual suffering due to shock also has a bluish dash to their skin or is undergoing respiratory problems. In order to counter shock, an adult may be given four tablets of Carbo veg. 6x at intervals of four hours. These tablets are meant to be placed under the sufferer's tongue. The dosage for children suffering from shock is two tablets of Carbo veg. 6x. In both cases, this remedy provides similar relief from the symptoms of shock.


The homeopathic remedy Veratrum is recommended when the patient experiencing a physiological shock also has nausea, cold sweats and vomiting as well as restiveness and nervous anxiety. The normal dosage of this homeopathic remedy for adults is taking four tablets of Veratrum 30x four times every day. The dosage for children suffering from shock is two tablets taken four times every day to alleviate the symptoms of shock.

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