Skin Problems

The human skin and the integumentary system is the largest organ in the human body, it also constitutes the first line of defense in the human body and is, in addition, an important organ for detoxification. Another important function that the human skin performs is that of osmoregulation, maintaining the proper balance of important minerals and water within the body; additionally the skin also absorbs vital substances into the body and keeps out pathogens.

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Therefore the quality of the skin is of prime importance to a healthy body. The most important stigma attached to skin disorders and unhealthy skin is a superficial one; it is aesthetically unpleasant and becomes very obvious to onlookers, adding substantially to the discomfort of the patient. There is however one positive aspect to skin disorders, the majority of them are considered harmless and easily treated; at the same time treatment is always necessary and unavoidable, in order to restore the skin.

Some very commonly occurring skin irritations and disorders including the formation of rashes on the skin are normally experienced as a part of daily life and often have underlying causes such as internal physiological and chemical imbalances.

Many people seem to be more vulnerable to skin disorders when compared with others, these disorders and ailments can include scars and bruises due to irritation and injuries, the formation of blisters on the skin and the chapping of the skin, for example scar tissue tends to develop to a greater extent in some individuals than in others.

Other skin ailments and disorders can also have very unpleasant aesthetic outcomes, these include problems with fatty tissue deposition in conditions like cellulite, problems like birthmarks that do not fade with time, common and easily observable conditions like freckles, and other pigmentation problems like liver spots, all of these conditions of the skin can mar the aesthetic appeal of an individuals body and are treated as cosmetic concerns and not necessary as health issues.

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Additionally natural methods and treatment regimens are utilized to deal with common problems such as the excessive production of oil in the skin and in other cases where the skin is very dry due to the absence of moisture in the skin. Additionally common disorders like oily and dry skin conditions are treatable using natural treatment regimens and methods as these are simple conditions and do not reflect greatly on the health of the individual.

The vulnerability of the skin both to external and internal factors such as pathogens and to physicochemical changes is increased if there are any biological imbalances within the body. Both the internal and the external factors have to be accounted for and addressed when undertaking a treatment regimen to restore the health of the skin.

Some simple precautionary steps can also handle many common problems with the skin, exposing the skin too may times to soap and bath products is bad for the skin, as sensitive and even normal skin can react badly to an overuse of the chemicals used in many of the soaps on the market today.

Repeated use of such soaps can be detrimental to the skin and even mild soap can remove the skin's protective acid mantle layer, it is therefore advisable to use soaps and bath products that are mild on the skin and to use soap sparingly. In addition to bath products lotions and perfumes normally used on the skin can irritate skin to a great extent, this can come about because of the ability of the skin to absorb substances; minimal use of cosmetics and beauty products such as creams and lotions is therefore a good way to avoid undue irritation to the skin.

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For all household tasks involving chemicals and when washing clothes, the use of protective gloves is recommended at all times. Overexposure to direct sunlight is another factor that can seriously affect the human skin and proper protection from the glare of the sun must be taken when outdoors.

The human body rids itself of toxins and other harmful substances through organs such as the liver, the kidneys and the bowels, the skin is also very important in this role of detoxification. Most skin conditions can be alleviated by the simple expedient of bolstering the functioning of the renal and hepatic systems thereby boosting the performance of the liver and the kidney, while maintaining a balanced and healthy diet at the same time.

Many forms of skin ailments are caused by the presence of underlying and undiagnosed digestive conditions, particularly disorders like constipation that can lead to the accumulation of toxins within the body and can seriously impair nutrient absorption rates and the assimilation of vital substances.

The detoxification function of the human skin is also aided and bolstered by the maintenance of a regular and proper exercise regimen; this increases the metabolic rate and promotes sweating. A regular exercise regimen also increases the rate of circulation and aids the body eliminate toxins at a faster rate.

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Supplements and herbs

People deficient in essential nutrients such as beta-carotene, the B complex vitamins, and vitamins C and E often suffer from the drying of the skin. Skin disorders that involve fungal infections require supplementation with the strain of friendly bacteria called Lactobacillus acidophilus, this supplement will restore the complement of healthy bacteria in the intestines; aiding the body in its fight against infection and disease.

Free radicals running riot within the body are the reason for wrinkling in the skin, because of their ability to damage cellular structure, the use of antioxidants as supplements can remove free radicals from the body and aid in the alleviation of skin damage. Some excellent antioxidants are natural substances like the beta-carotenes and vitamins such as the C and E type; these can be included in supplemental form to combat the production of free radicals in the body.

During chronic disorders of the skin, it is important to bolster the function of the detoxification organs such as the liver, the bowels and the kidneys in order to relieve the pressure on the skin, which is an active eliminator of toxins from the body.

Detoxification via the liver can be boosted in the body through supplementation with certain lipotropic factors. Supplementation can also be carried out through the use of fermented bee pollen which will supply the skin internally with restorative hormones.

External use of herbal treatments and herbal teas can be utilized to moisturize, cleanse and tone damaged skin and disorders. Such traditional herbal treatments can heal and treat damaged skin in no time at all.

To heal and cleanse damaged skin internally as well as externally, the herb known as the aloe vera can be used; this herb is effective and excellent for healing all types of skin conditions. In order to fully utilize the beneficial properties of this herb snip off a small piece of an aloe vera leaf, take this piece and slice it open lengthwise and gently dab the gel onto the skin before going to bed.

Damaged skin is healed and rejuvenated in this way especially if this treatment is carried out in a regular fashion; the herb also tones and strengthens the skin. Another great way to utilize the herb is to drink at least a quarter cup of aloe vera juice thrice weekly on a regular basis.

Dry skin

For the treatment of dry skin types in affected individuals take bath using bath water treated using about five drops of the oil of the lavender herb or water to which an extract of the oat herb has been added. For further treatment an application made from the diluted oil of the evening primrose (or black seed oil)  or a cream made from the aloe vera herb.

To aid in the restoration of damaged skin prepare herbal teas from herbs such as the chamomile, dandelion or the peppermint, drink these herbal teas for maximum benefit on a daily basis. The health of the skin can also be improved through drinking herbal teas made from herbs such as the borage, the fennel, and herbs like the coltsfoot and the calendula.

It is very easy to prepare these herbal teas, mix about a tsp. of the herbs of your choice to a cup of boiling water, strain this mixture and drink on a regular or a daily basis. The restoration of the skin at a cellular level is believed to be achieved using the tea tree oil when used as a topical treatment. To aid in the restoration of the moisture level and to bring back the smoothness in the skin, just take the simple step of adding a drop of the oil to your favorite cream for use during the day or the night.

Sensitive skin

To treat sensitive skin types in affected individuals combine a tbsp. of freshly-pressed onion juice, add to this a tsp. of honey and a tbsp. of the oil of the lily along with some water, add a yolk of a single egg into the mixture at the end and mix thoroughly. This mixture can improve the tone of the skin and restore skin health when it is rubbed onto the skin and then left overnight; this mixture can be used on a regular basis or as and when needed.

Pale skin

Iron is a very important and essential mineral in maintaining the health of the skin, to treat pale skin, use supplements such as the juices of herbs like the stinging nettle, chives and the watercress. These herbs are rich in iron and can correct any deficiency of the mineral in the skin. The treatment regimen can include about a tbsp. of the fresh herbal juice at least once everyday of the treatment period.

Drink at least three cups of an herbal tea made from the borage herbs on a regular and daily basis for a treatment period lasting at least three weeks; this can also be followed by supplements of a tbsp. of celery roots which have been boiled for ten minutes using three cups of water. The herbs in general can be steeped in boiling water and used as a drink for several weeks on a daily basis during this period.

Sagging and tired skin

For the treatment of tired and sagging skin use the following methods and herbs, to treat the facial skin, follow this preparation. Allow three handfuls of the chamomile herb to simmer for half an hour in three qt. of water. After the mixture has been simmered for the requisite length of time, remove it from the stove and expose your face to the rising steam from the mixture; expose the face to the steam in this way for sometime and allow the skin on your face to absorb the steam from the herbal bath.

To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, use a towel as a covering over the head and the mouth of the pot to maximize exposure and to channel the steam in a proper direction. To further treat sagging and tired facial skin a refreshing skin mask can be made from a mixture of a single egg yolk taken along with a few drops of the wheat germ oil.

Use this facial skin mask and let it soak into the skin for about twenty minutes in a single session. Use cold water to rinse off the mask after enough time has passed. Additional treatments can be done utilizing an herbal tea made from three parts walnut leaves along with two parts black currant leaves and a part of meadowsweet, a part of peppermint and a part stinging nettle. Mix these herbs well and prepare the herbal tea by pouring a cup of boiling water over a tsp. of this mixture.

These herbs can then be steeped for about fifteen minutes; once they have been steeped in the water, the resulting mixture can be strained and the herbal tea can be drunk after meals, this tea should not be sweetened. Drink this herbal tea thrice a day after every meal for a total treatment period lasting three weeks.


To treat wrinkled skin in the neck, use this herbal mixture: mix together a tbsp. of the oil of bitter almond and one and a half tbsp. of the juice of the stinging nettle juice, add to this mixture a single tbsp. of the moisturizing cream that you use normally. Use this combination as a topical treatment to massage the face and neck on a daily basis and do this regularly as long as required.


Commonly used essential oils for skin problems:

Additional things you may do

It is very important for the health of skin, to get enough rest and relaxation on a daily and regular basis, sleep times must also be sufficient and at regular times on a day to day basis. In addition outdoor exercises daily can rejuvenate and aid in maintaining the health of the skin. Perhaps one of the most effective and beneficial treatments possible for skin problems consists in having regular swims in cold water.

Such swims can have many beneficial effects, besides promoting a feeling of well being and bolstering health, the physical exertion that such activity involves can tone the skin and the muscles, and as a further benefit the entire circulatory system is also bolstered. The rejuvenation of the skin can also be increased and brought about by through activities such as regular dry brushing and massage of the entire body, such activity also stimulates the circulatory system and aids in the promotion of overall health.

Human skin undergoes a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis and as a part of normal life; these damaged areas of the skin and associated ailments can be treated using alternate treatments such as face masks, different oils and lotions utilizing a variety of supplements. Damaged and tired skin can be greatly eased and relaxed through the use of face masks that can tone and relax the tissues of the skin.

These face masks can stimulate the skin and increase the rate of detoxification of skin by increasing blood circulation in the skin. Some preliminary preparations will have to be undertaken before treatment can begin with these face masks, the pores on the skin should preferably be encouraged to open up by covering the facial region with a warm and moist cotton compress on the face for about five minutes before the application of the mask.

It is important to leave the mask on the face for about thirty minutes to let it dry up on the face, therefore lie down immediately after the mask has been applied on the face.

Dry skin

For the treatment of dry skin, utilize the following combination of herbs. Prepare a mixture by mashing half an avocado in combination with a few drops of lemon juice obtained from a freshly cut lemon, apply this mixture as a topical treatment onto the area of cleaned skin, this treatment will nourish and smooth out the dry skin.

After every such application, the mixture must be allowed to stay on the skin for fifteen to twenty minutes in order to allow the skin to absorb the substances, the excess mixture can be dabbed away using a soft tissue; repeat this treatment as often as required to treat dry skin. Another simple measure against dry skin is to splash the skin using alternate splashes of cold and warm water on a regular basis.

An additional treatment can also be carried out using a mashed ripe banana as a quick and simple skin pack, the mashed fruit can be spread using a fork onto the skin in the regions of the face and throat, and the application can be put onto the skin in thick layers.

This simple skin pack can be left on the skin for ten to fifteen minutes after application; the cream can then be rinsed off using lukewarm water after it has dried. Use this simple and easy to prepare skin pack as often required.

Eye lines

Follow these methods to treat crow feet and lines around the eyes. Prepare a paste using stiff-beaten egg-whites from four eggs, these can be mixed with about twelve oz. coffee grounds, stir this mixture into a paste. This paste can be used to massage the skin around the eyes as a topical measure to remove the lines around the eyes.

This massage can be carried out on a daily basis in daily sessions of about twenty minutes for a total treatment period of two weeks. Apply a moisturizer onto the area after the massage, after the area has been carefully rinsed, and dried using a soft cloth or cotton wool.

Oily skin

Treat oily skin in affected individuals using apple cider vinegar as a topical measure and by rubbing this onto the skin on a daily and regular basis. This topical measure will have a neutralizing effect and bring down the production of oil in the skin.

Sagging and tired skin

To treat this type of skin condition especially in the face, follow the given treatment methodology, splash the facial region using a mixture of half a cup of Epsom salts and hot water; this treatment will invigorate the skin and aid in the restoration of the skin on the face. The skin can also be treated using slices of freshly cut cucumber; these can be squeezed from time to time to allow the juices to seep into the skin.

To bring down the puffiness in the affected skin, these cucumber slices can be left on the skin for about fifteen minutes at every session. To rejuvenate and improve skin quality, prepare a natural skin revitalizing combination utilizing two tbsp. cucumber juice, along with two tbsp. of carrot juice and with about five tbsp. of fresh lemon juice; this herbal mixture can be rubbed on the affected areas to reinvigorate the skin.

Usual dosage

Vitamin E 400 IU.

Vitamin C (with bioflavonoids) 1,000 mg.

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg thrice a day.

Bee pollen, one table spoon.

Beta-carotene, 25,000 IU.

Lactobacillus acidophilus, one tea spoon or three capsules.

Lipotropic factors.

Other beneficial herbs


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