Slipped Disk

The sensitive and major nerve called the sciatic nerve which is present along the vertebral column is typically the most common nerve likely to be affected by a slipped disk in the lower back, the irritation of this nerve causes extreme pain which often extends downwards along the leg of the affected individual, and is a characteristic symptom of the condition known as sciatica affecting many people.

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The occurrence of this painful sensation is often very sudden and also induces severe reactions in the body. Physical symptoms can also include accompanying muscle weakness, with a tingling and numbness along major parts of the leg or in the foot, these symptoms indicate that the nerve is being pinched by the affected spinal disks.

A severe condition is indicated if the person has a great difficulty in coordinating the muscles in the legs. Some of the most serious physical symptoms which can often become apparent in such individuals include an inability to urinate properly or the presence of urinary incontinence. Extremely mild symptoms are also experienced in some cases even when a slipped disk is present for a long time.

If special attention is not provided to the injury, the occurrence of a slipped disk makes the spinal cord of the person vulnerable to re-injury-all cases of slipped disk must be treated as medical emergencies for this reason. Slipped disk can occur at any place along the vertebral or spinal column and while slipped disk occur most commonly in the lower back, it is also possible to suffer from slipped disk in the spines along the neck-such cases are often marked by the presence of extreme pain when the head is tilted or moved.

The function of the spinal disk is to act as a cushion between the bony vertebrae making up the spinal column, spinal disk lie between and separate each individual vertebra in the vertebral column. The main physiological function of such spinal disks is to act as shock absorbing organic tissues.

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Every individual spinal disk tends to be surrounded or ensconced in its own capsule or tough outer ring-this outer covering tissue also serves to secure the disk to the bones of the vertebra. Heavy pressure can sometimes cause the disk to slip, this occurs when spinal disks become unable to bear physical pressures.

As a consequence the tissues making up the tough outer ring often tear away, and this lets the disk continued within to slip out of the secure shape and this wayward disk can often press dangerously and heavily on the nerves lying close by-the pressure on the nerves is what actually causes immense pain and the symptoms of the condition.

Slipped disks tend to occur along the lower-back because people often lift heavy objects awkwardly and suddenly placing unbearable pressure suddenly on the bones making up the lower vertebral column-the vulnerability to slipped disks occurring is increased in such cases particularly when the muscles that support the stomach and the back along with the ligaments are very poorly developed in the body.

The single greatest risk factor for slipped disk is the chronic and long term misuse of the back by lifting heavy objects in an improper manner, in general, the actual appearance of slipped disk tend to come during an awkward movement of the body.

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Supplements and herbs

The use of the following herbs and supplemental compounds will bring relief to the individual suffering from slipped disk. Regular supplements of the essential nutrient vitamin C can help counteract the inflammation present in the body and it will also lead to better support and healing of the slipped disk. The absorption of the vitamin C is improved by the presence of plant based natural compounds known as bioflavonoids-these compounds must be supplemented together with the vitamin C to improve the absorption and uptake of the vitamin from the diet.

Supplements of the essential vitamin E also increases the rate of recovery from injuries and aids in the rapid repair of damaged tissues, the vitamin will also help reduce the inflammation in the affected part of the body. The vitamin E is also capable of preventing free-radical damage at the cellular level and heals the injury in the area at a faster rate.

Nerve irritation is additionally; relieved by supplements of the B vitamins, supplemental use of these excellent nutrients must be used on a regular basis by all patients. The use of a good B complex vitamin tablet will contain and provide all the needed B vitamins essential to the health of the person.

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The functioning of nerves and nervous tissues is aided by supplements of the vitamin B12, the presence of this vitamin is very important for the nerves, this particular vitamin can be supplemented as a sublingual tablet, the rate of absorption in this form of supplementation is better and the vitamin is absorbed through the mucous membranes under the tongue after dissolving in the mouth.

The compound known as bromelain (found in pineapple) can also be used as a regular supplement and this substance must be taken once between the daily meals-it is a very effective anti-inflammatory compound and will speed the rate of recovery.

The use of the following herbal remedies will bring fast relieve from tension and ease the accompanying painful sensations that come with a slipped disk, the following herbal remedies have been shown to be the most effective remedies in dealing with slipped disks.

Topical herbal remedies can be used to bring effective relief from the symptoms of a slipped disk; the use of hot, moist chamomile compresses, herbal horsetail packs or herbal hay flower compresses is suggested. These herbal compresses can be placed directly on the affected area of the spine and these will bring immediate reduction from the pain and they will also help bring an increase in the circulation of blood in the affected area.

The healing and calming effects of herbal remedies made from the chamomile have a very good effect on the affected areas of the body. This wonderful herb can be taken daily in the form of a herbal tea, dosage can be one to three cups of herbal tea, or if preferred ten to twenty drops of the herbal extract mixed in a cup of liquid daily, alternately daily dosage can also be undertaken with one to three herbal capsules following meals.

Damaged connective tissues due to the slipped disk can be restored by the horsetail herb. The dosage of the herbal horsetail remedy can be in the amounts suggested for chamomile, in addition, horsetail can also be taken as vegetal silica aqueous extract available in capsules-this herb must also be used daily.

The painful sensations in the affected areas of the body can be soothed and reduced by the herbal remedy made from the burdock; this herbal remedy also cleanses the blood and is an excellent blood purification remedy. Dosage of this herb can be one to three capsules daily or if preferred it can be taken as herbal extracts, ten to twenty five drops of the extract mixed in a cup of liquid taken on a daily basis will suffice.

To induce relaxation from the tension and emotional stress induced by the ailment, the affected patient can take herbal teas of herbs such as the borage, the St. John's wort herbal, the lemon balm or the valerian on a regular or daily basis. These herbal teas can be used as and when necessary.

Prepare an herbal topical treatment by warming a quarter cup of cold-pressed olive oil and to this add some tea tree oil as the main herbal ingredient. This blended oil mixture can be applied warmed gently along the length and breadth of the painful area on the spine for relief from physical symptoms.

Other effective and excellent herbal topical measures include the blended mixture of the herbal oils of the thyme or the rosemary herb. The painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects of herbal remedies made from herbals such as the curcumin, the feverfew, the whole-leaf juice of aloe vera and the devil's claw can all induce a natural relief from the symptoms of the ailment. All of these herbal remedies can be used by carefully following the directions on the product label or the instruction that comes with the package.

Additional things you may do

Topical treatment consisting of hot and moist poultices made from a mashed-potato can aid in bringing immediate relief from the pain and inflammation-such poultices can be applied directly along the affected area of the spine as and when needed. After the poultice has been placed on the affected area, the compress can be cover using a piece of cloth.

Regular session with a proficient chiropractor can help in the prevention of a slipped disk, and if you experience sciatic pain, you must immediately find a good chiropractor for regular massage sessions. It is very important to have extended rest in bed over a long period of time when affected by a slipped disk.

Healing rate and a quicker recovery from the disorder can be promoted by lying on your back with a pillow tucked under your knees; this position leads to the easing of the physical pressure present along the spinal disks and gives the affected area time to heal. A more comfortable variant of this position may be lying on one side of the body with a pillow tucked between the knees-any one of these two positions can be utilized to promote the removal of pressure from the slipped disk.

Try to avoid exertions that tax the back of the body in an awkward manner, these includes physical activities such as suddenly lifting a load by bending suddenly at the waist instead of at the knees, such repeated wrong body movements in a person already affected by a slipped disk will increase the chances of recurring problems in the spine.

Finally, while surgery may seem to be a good option to repair a slipped disk, the procedures are not without some attendant and real risks, in addition, surgical procedures often bring only temporary relief from the pain and symptoms. This is why surgery must be kept as a final option and must be considered only when other treatment methods have been exhausted or have been proven ineffective.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg thrice a day.

Vitamin E, 400 IU.

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg.

B12 sublingual tablet, 100 mcg.

Bromelain, 500 mg two times a day.


From Amber G. - Nov-12-2014
Like the previous comment-leaver, I definitely agree about the bad idea about going to see a chiropractor, but from a different profession. For one, a chiropractor deals primarily with issues within the skeletal system - it is a structural study: he or she does not massage. It is not within his or her scope of practice to spend a session time manipulating the soft tissue surrounding the bones, as it is not within a massage therapist's scope of practice to re-position or "crack" bones.
They intertwine and work hand-in-hand, yes, but they are two entirely different studies. As a massage therapist in training, we are generally taught that a slipped disk is a contraindication, meaning the therapist is technically and ethically supposed to explain that the client cannot be worked and to preferably refer out the client to another professional who deal with/ specializes in such issues.
Because it is a structural injury, the blood flow that is being encouraged during massage here will most likely cause inflammation around the injury which may result in pain and further complications. Word of advice for dealing with the pain at home: relax. When you stress, your muscles automatically tighten as a guard, (be it physical or emotional), and hold in toxins, which are a major source of all physical illnesses.
Take warm baths and use calming essential oils such as lavender, which I know is the most recommended, but it is the most healing, especially with pain, and it is the safest to use. Hopefully this helps: just needed to clear that up.
From Jaded - Dec-18-2012
Initially, I had began to feel hope when I started reading the article on slipped disks. While I do fully realize that there are numerous homeopathic and herbal remedies for any number of medical conditions - *anything* dealing with the spine, well ... to put it gently, it's nothing but a pipe dream (and a bad one at that).
Almost as soon as my hopes of living out the rest of my life without having to take pain medications or - surgery looming over my head (granted, that is my final resort, but I know that eventually, over time - it will become a reality that nobody in their right mind would consider this as something to look forward to) ... those hopes quickly began to dwindle away as I realized that I am already taking most of the supplements mentioned in the article for various reasons.
Has my pain been reduced by any of it? No. Warm oil massages do help - however, it helps to the degree that prescription pain medications, epidurals or surgery will. In other words, it's only temporary. When you have a slipped, bulging, cracked or shattered disk - it's nothing short of life altering, there is no other way of describing it.
None of the methods listed within the article, no pain medication, not even epidurals will keep you from having to literally crawl to your bathroom in the morning upon occasion. I am living it, so I know from personal experience that nothing in this world is going to give you permanent relief.
By the way - forget all of the fancy, high priced beds and mattresses you see advertised on television that promise you the world - none of them help! Your best bet is to actually purchase a high quality sofa or recliner, surround yourself with pillows and sleep in an upright position. That, in combination with prescriptions and epidurals is the only way I have found any form of relief.
Now, as for the advice in regard to "immediately finding a good chiropractor for regular massage sessions" is concerned, that is the absolute worst advice I've ever heard. Thirty something years back, I attended junior high with an individual who has become a lifelong friend. That friend is now a chiropractor for the past ten years. When I presented my situation to my friend and asked for that type of treatment, the answer was a resounding no.
Why? The explanation was this: "I'm not refusing to treat you because of professional restrictions ... I'm refusing to treat you because you are my friend. Any chiropractor who really knows what they are doing would never treat anyone with a slipped disk, not even with a single massage. Do you want to know why "Jaded"?
Because one single wrong move has the potential to permanently paralyze their patient - I don't want to see that happen to you, and I definitely wouldn't want to be the one responsible for putting you or anyone for that matter in that position - as in being wheelchair bound for the rest of your natural life". Not that I don't trust my friend - but, I did ask another chiropractor who does not know me. I got the same exact answer from that one.
So, take my advice: trust me when I say hold off on surgery as long as you possibly can. Take your pain medication as directed, have your epidurals done when necessary - and by all means, invest in either a high quality recliner or sofa, surround yourself with pillows and sleep in an upright position. I promise, you won't be crawling to your bathroom in the mornings quite as often as your used to ... and your back will thank you for it!
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