A common problem for many people that occurs during sleep is the phenomenon of snoring - this very common condition usually causes no problems for the person snoring. But, snoring can seriously disturb other people sleeping near the snorer. Men are more likely to snore compared to women.

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In any case, approximately half of all people will snore from time to time when sleeping, and among this one quarter will regularly snore every night. An obstructive sleep apnea may be the cause for snoring in severe and persistent cases, during this condition, a recurring inability to breathe will cause sudden gasps for air occur when the person is asleep.

The sleep pattern is affected by the presence of this sleep; as a consequence the sufferers will not be able to get complete rest during the sleep, despite never being woken from the sleep itself. Repetitive disruptions in the respiratory patterns will in addition affect the heart and may lead to other complications for the person.

A slight obstruction in the respiratory passages is the main cause for the occurrence of snoring in an individual who is asleep. The presence of colds, all kinds of allergies or even nasal polyps can induce the behaviour of snoring even in individuals who do not normally snore at night.

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The actual mechanism involved in snoring can be understood in this way, when a person lies down on his or her back, this will cause the tongue to sink back into the area of the throat-the result is a slight blockage of the throat making the noise typical of snoring.

The use of additional pillows and some other simple measures such as turning to one side while sleeping will greatly ease the propensity for snoring in the individual. Snoring is much more likely to be a problem with obese or overweight individuals.

This is because the extra weight in the body will add bulk to the throat, this result in a constriction of the throat and a mild blockage of the respiratory passages. Snoring can also be caused by the use of certain medications like sleeping pills and antihistamines - this can produce a lot of relaxation in the muscles of the throat and cause snoring.

Snoring is also normal after the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol and cigarette smoking just before bedtime - these factors will worsen the condition or bring it about.

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Supplements and herbs

The use of many supplemental vitamin and mineral compounds is not appropriate in treating this condition. A compound called N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC), which is a chemical derivative of the amino acid cysteine, may however be used to some extent, as it has a powerful ability to dissolve the excessive mucus present in the respiratory tract of the affected individual.

This is a good remedy for the person, patricianly when the snoring has come about as a result of mucus congestion in the respiratory passages; the results of the NAC treatment begin to be evident within a few weeks of supplementation.

When used over a long period of time, the following herbs and herbal remedies will bring relief from the snoring.

To treat a case of snoring, rub a few drops of herbal Japanese mint oil along the back of the hand and inhale deeply for some time just before sleeping. An herbal remedy made from mixing equal parts of the sage leaves and linden flowers can also be used in the treatment of snoring in individuals affected by the condition.

This herbal remedy can be prepared by using a single cup of water to boil a tsp. of the herbal mixture, let the herbs steep for ten minutes and then strain the solution. The patient must drink a cup of the herbal remedy every day for three weeks to gain relief from snoring.

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Oils that have a reputation for helping snoring are:


Specific homeopathic remedies are helpful in curing snoring. The homeopathic remedies that are effective in treating this condition include Carbo veg., Grindelia, Sulfur and Lachesis. Owing to continuous alteration of doses, every patient needs to make a decision for him or her irrespective of whether it is necessary or not.

Additional things you may do

Before going to sleep, ensure that the bedroom you are sleeping in has been thoroughly aired and has proper ventilation. It is also a good idea not to smoke inside the bedroom and also to avoid smoking at least three hours before sleep. Use a neck roll instead of a pillow when going to sleep. If you are persistently affected by snoring during sleep, lie on your stomach and go to sleep - this will bring temporary relief from snoring.

Even a slight weight loss has the ability to decrease fatty tissue in the rear of the throat and lessen or also put an end to snoring. In addition, undertaking regular exercises may also facilitate in bringing snoring to an end. For instance, exercising to strengthen the arms, legs as well as abs may also result in firming up the throat muscles, which may consecutively bring about much less snoring.

If you have the habit of smoking and also suffer from snoring, you should immediately give up smoking. When you smoke, it augments the risks of snoring. This is primarily owing to the fat that smoking obstructs the airways by means of causing irritation to the membranes in the throat and the nose.

People suffering from snoring should essentially keep off alcohol, tranquilizers and sleeping pills, particular prior to retiring to the bed since these substances unwind the throat muscles and hinder with breathing. You should talk to your physician regarding any prescription medicines that you may be taking, since some of them stimulate more profound sleep often making snoring worse.

At the same time, begin habitual sleep patterns. Also make a bedtime habit with your partner and follow it strictly. If you hit the sack in a regular manner together can facilitate in sleeping better and frequently diminishing snoring.

In case you are suffering from snoring, you should take care to ensure that your nasal passage is always clear. If you have a stuffed nose, you will find it difficult to breathe and this will result in a vacuum in the throat, which will consequently cause snoring. In fact, you may easily keep your nasal passage clear by using nasal decongestants, use a neti pot to decongest your nose or use nasal strips to assist you to inhale more effortlessly, especially when you are asleep.

In addition, ensure that the air in your bedroom is always moist. You may use a humidifier to do this. Dry air has the aptitude to irritate the membranes in the throat and the nose.

Repositioning your sleeping posture would also help you to stop snoring. Keeping your head elevated about four inches may prove to be helpful in breathing more easily as well as support your jaw and tongue to move frontward. In fact, especially designed pillows are available in the market that help in preventing snoring by ensuring that your muscles of the neck are not folded or tucked.

People who are bothered by snoring should also keep away from caffeine or taking a heavy meal two hours prior to retiring to bed; particularly soymilk and dairy products should be avoided. In addition, it is advisable that you should sleep facing one side, rather than sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back, your tongue as well as soft tissues are more likely to drop and thereby block the airway owing to gravity.

Using nasal strips enable you to inhale properly and may also assist you to stop snoring, even as they provide respite from any type of nasal blockage owing to ailments or allergies. When you wear nasal strips, you actually facilitate in opening up the nasal passage to inhale in a better manner.

It has been found that several people actually snore via their mouth during the night owing to a blocked nasal passage. However, when you are wearing nasal strips, you help to clear your nasal passage for superior inhalation. In turn, this will promote you to inhale by means of your nose rather than your mouth.

Usually, a person snores when the air flow is blocked when they are breathing while asleep, and this may be related to even more grave health conditions, such as sleep apnea. In order to make the air passage clear, a number of people recommend using additional pillows to their bed to keep the head in an elevated position and preventing the rear of the throat from giving way. In case adding more pillows does not yield the desired results vis-à-vis snoring, you may also try to get rid of all pillows from your bed.

It is likely that when you have too many pillows, your air passage will be stretched, making you to snore all the more. In such cases, you may limit to using just one pillow when you are sleeping and watch if this facilitates in putting an end to your snoring.

Some people have a propensity to snore while they are struggling against a spell of cold or flu owing to a stifling and blocked air passage. As mentioned earlier, use of a humidifier may help to contract any surplus mucous and enable you to breathe in an improved manner, which, consequently ought to assist you in diminishing your snoring problem.

In addition, when you use a humidifier, it may also prevent the tissues of your mouth and throat from turning out to be dry owing to the presence of excessive moisture in your bedroom. As snoring is actually a quivering extending from the mouth to the throat, it will help if you keep these areas humid.

It may be noted here that honey is considered to be a natural comfort for wounds and sores. The therapeutic as well as healing attributes of honey have been identified several thousand years ago and it has been recommended for treating an assortment of conditions. According a number of people, consuming honey helps the air passage by ensuring that the throat is lubricated.

This, in turn, avoids the occurrence of the snoring vibrations. Therefore, you may try to consume honey by including it to some tea prior to retiring to bed with a view to ease the snoring problems you may be facing.

Usual dosage

N-acetyl-cysteine, 3000-5000 mg in divided doses.

Other beneficial herbs


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