Sunstroke And Heat Exhaustion

Often people collapse or fall down following prolonged exposure to heat and this condition is described as the consequence of sunstroke or heat exhaustion. In effect, sunstroke and heat exhaustion are two comparable ailments triggered off owing to the collapse of dissimilar systems in our body.

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Sunstroke is also often referred to as heatstroke and it happens when the liveliness of the body to maintain it fresh breaks down owing to prolonged exposure of the head to direct sun. The consequences of such prolonged exposure to sun include severely high fevers and a red, hot, dry skin.

Even the pulse rate as well as breathing becomes extremely rapid owing to the extremely high fever. In such cases, the patient feels very hot and feeble and his/ her face turns awfully red. It may be noted that lightheadedness, headaches as well as tediousness are indications of imminent sunstroke.

Sunstroke is generally accompanied by two symptoms - nausea as well as vomiting. Sunstroke is basically an extremely severe condition and needs to be considered as a medical emergency. When an individual suffers from sunstroke, you ought to take instant initiatives to cool down his/ her body. In case the body temperature of the patient is incredibly high, caution should be exercised not to let the temperatures to drop drastically.

When an individual is affected by heat exhaustion, his/ her body collapses owing to extreme fluid loss due to profuse sweating and also owing to drinking very little fluid. Heat exhaustion may occur any time, not necessarily on a sunny day. Different from sunstroke, the skin becomes insipid, cold and damp, but the patient does not endure fever.

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In addition, the blood pressure also falls and the pulse rate becomes sluggish and feeble. Abrupt steeping sweats often indicate the commencement of heat exhaustion. The patient experiences nervousness, debility as well as exhaustion much before he/ she finally collapses. Compared to sunstroke, heat exhaustion is less serious. Nevertheless, this condition should not be treated lightly and the person enduring heat exhaustion needs to be monitored continually and cautiously.

It is possible to avoid sunstroke as well as heat exhaustion quite easily by adopting a few simple methods. Undertaking severe work-outs in the sun and heat may simply result in overtiredness and profuse sweating. In case you are unable to avoid doing work-outs in the heat, it is very essential that you drink plenty of liquids added with adequate minerals, especially salt.

In addition, it is advisable that you wear light and airy clothes with a view to enable the skin to sweat, thereby keeping the body cool. It may be noted that children, aged people, feeble individuals as well as those who suffer from seizure are more prone to the risks of heat. Moreover, consumption of alcoholic beverages lowers the ability of the body to react fittingly to heat.

The collapse of the circulatory system owing to standing in the heat for a prolonged period of time would result in heat exhaustion. When this happens, the venous system gives way enabling very little blood to return to the heart as well as the brain. This situation can be avoided best by moving around. In case the individual has a feeling of fainting or really faints, they would be benefitted if they are laid down keeping their legs in an elevated position. It may be noted that women who are enduring low blood pressure as well as have a poor venous system are most prone to heat exhaustion.

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Supplements and herbs

Some supplements and herbs may also be useful in preventing sunstroke and heat exhaustion. For instance, it is possible to keep away from sunstroke by taking sufficient amounts of vitamin C along with drinking enough filtered water.

In addition, the herb called cayenne is also effective in providing relief from fever as well as headaches caused by sunstroke. Put half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in one cup of steaming water. Subsequently, dilute one tablespoon of the resultant infusion by adding a cup of water to it and sip it gradually. This will help alleviate the symptoms of sunstroke.

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The objective of using aromatherapy in sunstroke is to help the victim recover rapidly once the intensity of the original symptoms has subsided to some extent. In fact, aromatherapy may be used as an alternative remedy in this case. It may be noted that aromatherapy is a therapeutic technique, which makes use of concentrated extracts of plants, such as essential oils, phytoncides, distillates, carrier oils and hydrates to treat a range of health conditions or ailments.

The details regarding aromatherapy to treat sunstroke as well as associated symptoms are programmed below.

Hypothetically, lavender oil is extremely effectual in providing relief from the symptoms of sunstroke. While using lavender essential oil you need to dilute it by adding a suitable carrier oil, for instance, mustard oil or sesame oil. It is advisable that you gently rub down diluted lavender essential oil on the palms, soles as well as the chest of the victim to treat sunstroke.

Alternately, you may also use lavender essential oil amalgamated with aloe vera, since this mixture would bring about a cooling effect to the victim's body, by this means helping to heal sunstroke faster.

Apart from lavender essential oil, other essential oils, such as rosemary and basil essential oils may also prove to be extremely effectual in treating sunstroke. You may use these two essential oils in the same manner as you would be using lavender essential oil to treat sunstroke.

Alternately, all the three essential oils mentioned here may be used in the form of compresses or use them for massaging. Nevertheless, you ought to be very cautious when you are organizing aromatherapy to treat sunstroke. As essential oils are extremely concentrated, applying them without dilution may result in adverse after effects. It is advisable that you dilute these essential oils by adding carrier oils like jojoba essential oil or olive essential oil.

In addition, you may haul out the juice of two big onions and gently rub it on the palms as well as the soles of the person affected by sunstroke.


Sunstroke can also be treated with homeopathic medications. For instance, the homeopathic medicine Glonoin 30 is an ideal option for treating sunstroke. The recommended dosage of this homeopathic remedy is giving the patient one dose every 15 minutes until the condition of the patient becomes better.

In case the patient has not responded to cold applications positively, you may replace Glonoin by Belladonna 30. The recommended dosage of Belladonna 30 is giving the patient one dose every 15 minutes until his/ her condition becomes better.

Additional things you may do

In addition to using allopathic medications, herbs and supplements, homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy, you may take additional measures to treat patients affected by sunstroke and heat exhaustion.

In the event of sunstroke, you need to shift the patient to a cool or shady place and spray the upper part of his/ her body with cold water. Also apply arm baths, wet socks and leg wraps with a view to remove the congestion from the head of the patient. Simultaneously, keep fanning the patient to accelerate evaporation of the water from his/ her body and apply cold compresses on the patient's head, stomach and chest. Ensure that the patient remains lying till medical help is available. In addition, water stepping and dew stepping or simply walking barefoot are also beneficial in removing the excessive body heat.

Heat exhaustion
When any individual has been affected by heat exhaustion owing to prolonged exposure to heat, place him/ her in a shady place or somewhere out of the sun where there is fresh air. Immediately, remove the clothing of the patient to facilitate cooling his/ her body and simultaneously apply massage. Provide the patient with hot beverages along with a small amount of cognac. It is important to ensure that the patient remains lying down and resting until medical help is available.

In addition, there are a number of simple as well as useful remedies for sunstroke and heat exhaustion and they are mentioned below. It is a fact that home remedies offer quick relief from the different symptoms of sunstroke. However, in case the conditions persist even after using these home remedies, it is essential that you seek immediate medical help or scuttle the patient to a doctor.

There are a few things which you should follow in order to avoid sunstroke or heat exhaustion. Most importantly, you ought to drink plenty of liquids, especially water, this is essential to avoid dehydration. You would be wiser to drink oral dehydration solution - a solution that contains adequate amounts of sugar and salt.

This solution is especially beneficial as it helps to restore the minerals, lost through sweating, in the body. The second most important thing that you ought to do is to unwind in the shade. It is even better if you clean yourself with icy water during hot weather conditions. In the event you are wearing tight-fitting clothes, it is advisable that you take those clothes away and wear something lightweight and loose.

Onions are known to be very useful when an individual suffers sunstroke. In such cases, the patient would feel better if you chafe onion juice on his/ her palms and soles. Alternately, you may also get a whiff of cut onion pieces as this would facilitate in controlling sunstroke symptoms.

When one suffers sunstroke, it is always helpful to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in water content. For instance, you may eat lots of cucumbers, watermelons, oranges, and pineapples and so on. In addition, buttermilk is another useful home remedy to treat sunstroke. You will feel better if you drink a minimum of two to three glasses of buttermilk every day till you are completely cured of sunstroke.

It is advisable that you carry an umbrella or put on a hat prior to venturing out in the sun as this would help you to avoid being affected by sunstroke. In addition, always try to wear light-hued and lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, as this would ensure air to pass through your clothes. Last, but not the least, drink plenty of water. It would be wise for you to carry a water bottle along when you go outdoors, especially in the sun.

For kids

When children are affected by sunstroke, it is really a grave condition. They generally experience symptoms, such as headache, absence of sweating, hot skin and very feeble muscles, which the caregiver may easily fail to notice. In fact, children are likely to be more vulnerable to sunstroke as they usually spend additional time playing outdoors in the sun as compared to most adults.

Fortunately, there are several ways by which you are able to treat sunstroke at home. These ways facilitate the children to recover from the consequences of exposure to heat as well prevent a medical crisis.

Hence, it is important that you educate your children as well as the caregivers to identify the symptoms associated with sunstroke. In addition, the moment a child starts feeling overheated, remove him/ her from the sun and, if possible, shift them to an air-conditioned room. In case you do not have an air-conditioned room nearby, you may also take the child to a shady place or somewhere out of the sun.

As the heat of our body gets away via the feet and the head, you should immediately remove the socks and sneakers of the child when he/ she begins to feel overheated. In addition, you should also right away remove any sports helmet or other head wear the child may be wearing.

One you have removed the tight clothing and head wear, put a wet towel on the child's forehead and also on his/ her lower back with a view to facilitate in bringing down the body temperature of the child. In addition, drenching the feet of the child or getting his/ her hair wet would also prove to be effective in bringing down the body temperature of the victim.

Also allow the air to blow sweeping the damp skin as it is one of the quickest ways to get rid of the excessive body heat. In addition, ensure that you are checking the body temperature of the child at frequent intervals and also keep an eye on the victim continuously until their condition becomes normal again.

At the same time, give the child enough liquid, particularly water, to drink. Also egg on the children to drink sufficient water while they are playing outdoors in the sun with a view to keep away from being affected by sunstroke. In addition, it is advisable to keep off drinks containing caffeine during hot weather conditions since it has been found that caffeine possesses diuretic properties and may result in dehydration.

In case your child becomes unconscious, vomits or displays signs of mental disorder or trouble, it might become essential to seek immediate medical help. Remember, people affected by sunstroke may suffer from enduring damages to the internal organs. What is worse is the fact that very severe cases of sunstroke may also result in untimely death.

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