Teeth Grinding ( Bruxism )

The condition of bruxism or the grinding of the teeth takes place as a symptomatic activity in an affected individual in the unconscious state while he or she is sleeping; this also means the person is unaware of the condition. Some other person nearby or a family member is usually the first one to notice the condition in the patient; the activity is totally involuntary and unconscious.

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The consequences of bruxism can assume severe and serious forms over a protracted period of time and can affect a person greatly if left unchecked. The gums can recede from the base and the teeth are typically worn down and eroded over the long term as a result of continual grinding in the night.

Severe grinding can cause pain in the jaws while eating or in the morning and this is usually experienced as a symptom and in general the teeth of the affected person can loosen as a consequence of constant grinding. The involuntary grinding of the teeth while sleeping is very often noticed in children. The presence of a fever or a seizure can also being about this particular symptom in children.

The presence of underlying aggressive tendencies, the incidence of fears and emotional anxieties are all causes for the symptomatic appearance of bruxism in the person and all of these lead to the person grinding teeth at night.

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Physical dentition problems and malformations in the teeth like an overbite due to buckteeth, malformed teeth, or high crowns in the teeth can all cause this condition as well. Any activity or symptoms that lead to grinding teeth are usually worsened by habits such as the excessive consumption of alcohol by the affected individual.

The symptomatic habit can be reduced or prevented through physical means such as the use of a dentist supplied mouth guard, these can only prevent the occurrence of the symptom and will not cure or remove the condition of bruxism in the patient. The prevention of this condition can also be achieved in some circumstances through supplements of the nutrients like the essential mineral calcium and the B vitamin pantothenic acid.

Bruxism and its symptoms may also be due to the presence of other disorders like hypoglycemia in the individual, furthermore the grinding of the teeth can also be due to the reaction of the body to toxic compounds like mercury, which may leak from dental fillings utilizing amalgam. The grinding of the teeth can also be cause by the presence of parasitic infections in the patient and this possibility must also be investigated in the individual afflicted by bruxism.

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Supplements and herbs

The maintenance of proper muscular function and relaxation, and a properly functioning nervous system can be achieved through supplementation with the essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Since the grinding of the teeth as a symptom occurring in bruxism is often due to the presence of psychological tension and stress, supplements of the vitamins chiefly the vitamins C and the B complex vitamins are advised. The treatment of the chief symptom of bruxism in its most basic sense requires supplementation with the mineral calcium and the vitamin B5.

Herbal remedies given below can deliver the person from certain vitamin deficiencies and metabolic conditions like hypoglycemia leading to tension, which is the factor that brings of the grinding of teeth.

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Calcium can be replaced in the body of the affected individual through supplements using the juices of the herbs like, the juices made from the leaves of the stinging nettle, from the herbs like the horsetail and the watercress, all of these herbs abound in the mineral calcium and make excellent supplements in the affected individuals diet.

Dosage for these juices can be a combination juice of all three herbs, taken thrice a day for a period of two to four weeks as the dosage regimen or if preferred a the single juice of a herb can be taken thrice daily for the same dosage period.

The glandular regulation property of the seaweed known as kelp can improve impaired adrenal gland functioning, which is very often observed in many patient suffering from hypoglycemia and low glucose levels. Thrice in a day, use about a tbsp. of juice as a supplement to combat this condition.

Herbal teas made from the herbs like the hops, from the leaves of the passion flower, from herbs like the peppermint, from the fennel or the lemon balm can also be used. Prepare these herbal teas by steeping a tsp. of these herbs in a cup of boiling water for ten minutes, the resulting liquid can be strained and must be used hot in doses of three cups everyday during the treatment period.

Additional things you may do

The importance of exercise especially out of doors to relax and soothe the mind cannot be overemphasized for the patient suffering from bruxism, as typically the grinding of the teeth comes because of tension and stress, exercise on a daily basis by walking or cycling or through other means like swimming, relaxation and adequate periods of rest are also very important in reducing the levels of stress.

Tension can be relieved and the body can be calmed by regularly resorting to a massage of areas of the neck in particular. The glandular system in a person can be stimulated and its proper functioning is promoted through regular deep-breathing exercises. It is highly advisable to avoid all sweets and sugars before bedtime; these are very bad for dentition and play havoc with the glucose levels.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg two times a day

Vitamin B5, 25 mg two times a day

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg

Magnesium, 500 mg

Calcium, 1,000 mg

Other beneficial herbs


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