Chiefly occurring as a result of a physical injury, an inflammation in the tendons can lead to the condition known as tendinitis. Muscular movements in the body are soothed and eased, and the muscles as such are anchored to the skeleton by sheathed fibers of specialized tissues called the tendons.

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Any and every joint can be affected by tendinitis as the condition can afflict the tendons of any one of the many joints in the body the most famous of tendinitis is the commonly named and frequently occurring condition afflicting the elbows called tennis elbow.

Physical injuries can also be easily sustained in the tendons of the heels and in those of the shoulder, the risk of injury being very high in both cases when any form of physical exertion is carried out involving strain to the tendons present in both places.

Tenderness and soreness due to inflamed tissue is common in the areas where the tendons have become affected and painful sensations due to the inflammation is always present in such areas. Largely connected with the level or extent to which the injury has affected the tissues, the presence and incidence or sensations of the pain range from mild to severe forms.

The inflamed tendons can also cause problems in other parts of the body nearby, affecting the covering sheath and restricting the range of movement possible, tissues in the affected region are however not greatly swollen in most cases.

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Another related condition in the body is the disorder known as bursitis, the bursa is the space that holds the joints and this sometimes becomes infected and inflammation sets in causing pain and swelling, this pocket of fluid which lubricates and protects the joints the affects of friction due to motion can become problematic and sometimes the condition occurs along with tendinitis.

The restoration and recuperation of tendons from injury is very slow and sadly the tissues can take a long time to heal. Complete recovery and full capacity can often take months of recuperation and treatment particularly where the tendonitis has been brought out because of recurring and repetitive physical trauma to a single region of the body or to a particular tendon in the body of the afflicted person.

Vulnerability increases to the formation of deposits of calcium if the tendinitis is a result of recurring injury sustained in the same tendons time and again. The common condition of Achilles' tendon therefore usually has the development of a lot of bone spurs as calcium deposition leads to the formation of bony spurs.

A single tendon if repetitively strained or pressured will lead to the condition called tendinitis over a period of time. The condition becomes severe and its manifestation increases in its intensity when tendons are overstretched or partially torn, such injured fibers of the tendon if put to continual use and if suddenly moved in unusual ways will produce a recurring pain signaling the final stage of tendinitis.

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The affected tendons take a lot of time to heal and complete recovery is a complicated and long process. Inflammation and pain in the joints are also caused or brought about by very predictable injuries to the areas surrounding the joints. When people fail to warm up before heavy exercising or exertion as in physical sports, the chances of injuries sustained in the muscles and the joints increase and tendinitis usually result as a consequence of such injuries.

The presence of other disorders and conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, metabolic problems like gout or Reiter's syndrome which affect the areas of the joints with inflammation can also bring about the occurrence of tendonitis in an individual. The cartilaginous tissue in the body is exceptionally rich in the compound or substance known as glucosamine.

It is a chemical derivative of ammonia and combines an amine with the sugar glucose and it is made up chemically of nitrogen and hydrogen atoms and physiologically it is present in abundant quantities in the body. The stiffness, and pain in the joints along with the thinning of the cartilage in old age is caused by the cartilaginous tissue losing its glucosamine content over the years.

Supplements and herbs

Restoration of the tissues and the minimization of the inflammation are achieved through many nutritional supplements, which can be consumed by the person afflicted with the condition of tendinitis. Inflamed tissues can also be minimized, and the injured connective tissue can be repaired and recovered along with restored collagen through the use of a combination supplement of the vitamin C and plant based natural nutrients called bioflavonoids.

The anti-inflammatory substances produced by the body are called the prostaglandin's and these require an essential fatty acid called the gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) as a building block, this fatty acid is abundant in the oil of the evening primrose herb and this herb can be used as a supplement to provide this essential fatty acid GLA.

The pain and the swollen tissues due to an injury can be minimized and particularly where the inflammation is severe, through the use of bromelain which is an enzyme that can be taken between meals, as a supplement, this enzyme has very effective anti-inflammatory activities that can alleviate the symptoms of tendinitis in the affected individual.

The damaged cells and impaired connective tissues in the body can be repaired and restored through the use of the vitamins E as a further supplement; this vitamin is also antioxidant in action and is essential as a nutrient in the body.

Free radical damage to the cellular framework and injury to the tissues can be alleviated by antioxidants like the vitamins A, the vitamin C and the vitamin E, these three vitamins can be taken in a combined supplemental form. Scar tissue formation and scarring of the internal tissues can be prevented through the use of the supplements of vitamin E along with other nutrients.

Because of the absence of side effects and due to its ability to improve and restore damaged cartilaginous tissues supplements of the substance called glucosamine are an excellent choice and these can be consumed and combined with a proper and nutritious diet and along with other essential vitamins.

Chronic conditions of tendinitis require treatment and care in the long term, because glucosamine is excellent as anti-inflammatory and because it is equally effective as a painkiller, its utilization in these long-term role is recommended. Glucosamine can deliver some relief to most patients if used continuously for six weeks, a study reports.

If some supplements are included along with it, the consumptions of a nutrient filled and healthy diet can and will heal and restore all damage tissue in the person provided physical exertions are carried out in the right way.

Herbal teas and compresses made using herbs are excellent as supplements and as topical remedies respectively, in patients with tendinitis, they can alleviate and soothe the pain in the tendons and reduce the inflammation in the affected tissues of the body. Some herbs that are useful in this role are given below.

The pain in the tissues due to tendinitis can be relieved through the use of the St. John's wort herb, which is also very effective in calming the nervous tension of the patient. This herb can be used in three forms, the oil made from the herb can be used as a physical or topical massage oil on the painful region of the body, the herb can be used in the form of a capsule or it can be used in the form of a tea, all these forms must be used just before bedtime for effective relief.

To bring about a reduction in the inflammation, to stimulate and strengthen circulation in the body and to neutralize the uric acid in the blood, a combination tea of the following herbs can be used, these include herbs like the horsetail, herbs like the devil's claw, the burdock herb, the centaury and the yucca herbs, these herbs additionally bring down nervous tension in the person.

To prepare the tea from the herbs steep a tsp. of the herbal mixture made form the above mentioned herbs in a cup of boiling water, this liquid can be strained and consumed as a herbal pain relieving tea. The inflammation in the body can also be reduced through topical herbal measures, dip a cotton cloth in some cold-pressed wheat germ oil and use this at night as a rub on the affected areas of the body, after rubbing it in, cover the areas with a dry linen cloth and leave it on overnight, repeat this daily.

The inflamed tissue can also be relived by rubbing on it a paste made of grounded seeds of the fenugreek and milk. The inflammation in the affected area is reduced and relieved through the anti-inflammatory actions of the fenugreek herb. The effective pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties of an extract of the turmeric herb, called curcumin can also be used as an herbal topical measure. The liver may also be benefited through this treatment as curcumin has very efficient free-radical eliminating properties, and its use is suggested.

Additional things you may do

The regions of the body and joints, which are affected, must be given adequate rest and should be allowed to relax in order for them to achieve full recovery. To achieve this end the affected region of the body must not be physically exerted and should not be repetitively used or strained in any way whatsoever while the pain persist.

Stretching exercises done slowly are the best form of physical therapy and these can be gradually increased in intensity over time as the process of recovery proceeds. Compresses made from cool clay can be used a topical application onto the affected areas of the body. The condition can also be externally relived through the use of soothing cold quark and yogurt compresses.

The joints and other affected areas can be wrapped using a cotton gauze warp made by spreading a mixture of quark and yogurt. The affected area can then be wrapped in a damp cloth and after this has been removed, a dry woolen cloth can be used.

Physical massages that work all the muscles of the body and especially the affected ones must be carried out at least once after three days of rest, by which time the acute pain must have reduced in intensity, massage the upper and lower parts of the limbs and other affected areas.

Usual dosage

Evening primrose oil, two 500 mg capsules thrice a day

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU. Avoid during pregnancy.

Vitamin B12 injections, 1,000 mcg intramuscular, once a day

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU

Bromelain, 1,000 mg between meals thrice a day

Glucosamine, 500 mg four months thrice a day

Other beneficial herbs


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