Tinnitus ( Ear-ringing )

Tinnitus is a Latin word meaning "ringing" and describes a medical condition where there is a persistent ringing noise in the auditory canal of the ear. Psychological disorders like depression and anxiety can result in the patient and sleep deprivation is quite common in many other patients and especially in those elderly patients above sixty years of age.

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Physical problems like hearing loss have also been observed in about eighty per cent of those suffering from the disorder.

Nerve damage in the tiny hairs present in the inner ear which detect sound is the usual cause of the condition, this damage is sustained when the person is repeatedly and regularly exposed to harsh and loud sounds like the sound of gun fire, heavy rock music or from working constantly with noisy industrial machinery etc.

The presence of ear infections and other problems like obstruction due to earwax, physiological problems due to excessive alcohol consumption, an impaired blood circulatory system, and the side effects caused by antibiotics and pain killers like aspirin and other classes of medication can all also be a factor in the development of tinnitus in a person.

The problem is not localized to the ear, but also involves parts of the brain where nerves have some form of dysfunction, or so some recent research seem to suggest.

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Supplements and herbs

Supplements of essential nutrients and certain herbs could be a very effective treatment option especially in patients suffering from chronic forms of the disorder, which do not appear to be readily treatable through allopathic medicine.

While some benefits of the supplements given below will take effect in a months time, most of the treatments suggested are for use in the long term and will prove most effective over lone and regular treatment periods, all these supplements have no chemical conflicts and are perfectly safe in every way even when combined.

Taking ginkgo biloba for weeks and even months may alleviate certain symptoms in some patients, especially where the origin of the ringing sensation is connected to impaired nerve circuitry in the patients brain, along with this treatment, a blood vessel dilating agent which will improve nervous blood circulation can be taken, this is the B-vitamin inositol hexaniacinate, which can be very effective along with this treatment.

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Nerve tissue can obtain benefit from many other types of supplements, this is with particular reference to the nerves that enervate the region of the inner ear, which the main part of the ear that is affected in the patient.

Nervous function is improved remarkably and nerve health is maintained by the pyridoxine or vitamin B6, myelin of the nerves is manufactured in part from vitamin B12, this fatty substance forms the sheath that covers and protects the nerves, enabling electrical impulse conduction along nerves.

Supplements of folic acid should be added to any intake of B12 by the patient in order to preclude deficiencies of other B vitamins from occurring. The treatment method utilizing vitamins B6 and B12, folates and folic acid, and the inositol hexaniacinate must be stopped immediately if no improvement is seen in the condition after a full three months of supplementation.

The proper functioning of the auditory and nervous faculties in the human body also seem to be dependant on the presence of magnesium at optimal levels in the body.

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Circulation of the blood can be impaired and lowered, if there is a less than sufficient level of the mineral magnesium in the body, this can occur because of the blood vessels becoming constricted inside the body as they become starved of the vital element.

Depleted levels of the mineral zinc may also have some contributory factor on tinnitus occurring in the person, as compared the other parts of the body, zinc seems to be important to the proper functioning of the inner ears.

This is true especially with the aging related loss of hearing, as the mineral is very important in its effects in such cases. Supplements of the mineral copper must also be taken concurrent to the zinc supplements as the zinc may inhibit the proper absorption of copper.

The following herbs and herbal remedies can stimulate circulation and promote general health, use these in conjunction with a nutrient rich and healthy diet.

The circulation of blood in the minute and small capillaries is increased and promoted by the actions of the herb gingko biloba and this herb can be taken as a supplement. Use about 15-20 drops of the herbal essence diluted in water on a regular and daily basis, the herb has no side effects whatsoever and can be used in large doses.

Circulation and the activity of neurotransmitters is also regulated and promoted by the extracts of the passion flower, and this excellent herb can also be used as an herbal dietary supplement. Where other physical symptoms like constipation are connected with the condition, consume ramson juice on a daily basis, at a dose of about a tbsp.

A day, this amount will be sufficient to clear and clean the intestinal tract. The extract of the horsetail herb, which is an effective form of vegetal silica, has been shown to be very effective against tinnitus and hearing related problems in patients. Dosage on a daily and regular basis of the herb can be done with 3-4 capsules a day, during the treatment period.

The circulation of blood is improved and aided by the tea made from the mistletoe. Leave overnight three tsp. of the juice made from the mistletoe after adding three cups of cold water. Do not sweeten the concoction, warm the mixture in the morning after straining it well, and use three cups on a daily and regular basis for effective treatment.

Herbal infusions made form the plantain or the calendula herb can be used to rinse the ears on a daily and regular basis. Place a cotton plug in the ear after having rinsed and dried them using a cotton swab; this will help you avoid a cold. The external ears are greatly soothed and aided by using the fresh extracts of the plantain as an herbal drink.

For a treatment period lasting six weeks, and a dose of two tbsp. of the juice thrice a day, effective results can be in the long term.


At dosage strengths and a potency of 6, 12 or 30. x or c, which are low to medium dosage levels, the given homeopathic treatments below can be used on a daily and regular one or thrice everyday during the treatment period. Most chronic conditions may take a longer time to show marked improvements even after prolonged and intensive treatment.


Causticum is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals with tinnitus where the impaired hearing includes, the occurrence of roaring, rushing and ringing sounds on a constant basis. The patient may experience physical symptoms like a burning sensation or a feeling of cold air pressing down on the ears.

Physical manifestations of the condition include the loud reverberations and effects that spoken words, other noises, the sound of steps, will elicit in the ear of the patient, these sounds coming to him or her in very strange ways. Whenever the patient turns their head or cranes the neck, some kind of cracking sound may be present.

There is a lot of earwax produced and this along with a gluey and wet discharge may lead to the blocking of the ear tubes. The patient may feel physically strained and contracted. Other symptoms that may appear include some aspects of vertigo; the condition of the patient is markedly improved when erect than when lying down.

The condition of the patient greatly worsens on being exposed to cold drafts, during the evening, and early in the mornings at around 3-4 a.m. the presence or appearance of any of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Causticum as a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of the patient.


Conium is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals suffering from tinnitus in which physical symptoms of the hearing impairment include the presence of humming, roaring and ringing windstorm like sharp sounds and noises on a regular and constant basis. The patient may emotionally feel stopped up and will exhibit signs of frustration.

The hearing in the person is dysfunctional and very sensitive. There is earwax produced in abundant quantities and this may physically hamper the auditory functions of the person. Aches and stitching pains may be present in the ears. These kinds of symptoms are most apparent in the tinnitus that affects the elderly, other people like celibate bachelors and spinsters, and also people with uterine disorders.

The condition of the patient will greatly worsen when the person is lying down, when he or she bend the head or puts it lower than the body, after having eaten, at specific times like at night, and when he or she consumes intoxicants like alcohol. The appearance or the presence of one or any of these symptoms requires the use of Conium as a homeopathic remedy in the treatment of the individual.


Tabacum is to be used in the homeopathic treatment of individuals with hearing impairment and tinnitus in which the symptoms include the presence of rushing, whizzing and humming types of sounds or noises. The hearing defect may include an echoing of the sounds heard; there may be a delay in hearing things.

Other physical symptoms in the patient will include the appearance of motion sickness, and problems like nausea. The patient will display a great deal of sensitivity to noise and loud music, and even from hearing people talking, these sounds or noises may be enough to bring pain in the ears of the patient.

The person may feel there is some thing blocking or obstructing the ears. The symptoms in the patient will generally worsen when awaking early in the morning, when staying indoors for long periods, in the slightest movements and smoking. The condition of the patient shows a marked improvement when exposed to cold and refreshing air in the outdoors.

The presence or the appearance of any of these symptoms requires the immediate use of Tabacum as a homeopathic remedy in the patient.

Additional things you may do

Some beverages such as coffee and tea are high in caffeine, this substance along with alcohol, nicotine, and medications like aspirin can greatly aggravate the symptoms of the condition and must be reduced or avoided. Regularly make appointments with your doctor to check your hearing.

The ringing in the ear can be reduced or wholly eliminated through the use of a properly adjusted hearing aid by the patient. Hearing aids that limit or mask the effects of tinnitus can be had from your doctor, and there are many devices that will help you accomplish this. Listening to the static of radio or television, which is essentially low-volume white noise, may also be of possible benefit in dealing with tinnitus.

The reduction of symptoms and an improved circulatory system can be achieved through regular and daily exercises. The buzzing noise in the ear may be dealt with or reduced remarkably through alternative methods like acupuncture and this should be considered as a possible option in treating tinnitus.

Usual dosage

Ginkgo biloba, 40 mg thrice daily

Folic acid / Vitamin B12, 400 mcg folic acid and 1,000 mcg vitamin B12 daily

Vitamin B6, 50 mg 3 thrice daily

Inositol hexaniacinate, 500 mg thrice daily

Copper / Zinc, 2 mg copper and 30 mg zinc daily

Magnesium, 400 mg two times daily, taken with meal. If diarrhea develops, reduce the dose.

Other beneficial herbs


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