The prevention of the entry of pathogenic bacteria into the body via the mouth is the first and foremost role of a pair of organs known as the tonsils, these organs which are situated at the back of the throat, form a part of the general immune system of the body and aid in block the entry of all viral and bacterial agents through the mouth.

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Since the tonsils are involved in the filtration of bacterial and viral pathogens, they are at times given to infection, in a condition known as tonsillitis, the tonsils become inflamed and swollen, causing great pain and discomfort to each person especially when he or she is swallowing.

The presence of conditions like the cold or flu, accompanied by chills and a fever, including physical fatigue are symptomatic of an acute condition. Swallowing any food or water is a painful affair, and even swallowing the saliva becomes distressful, as the pain can be severe, the act of swallowing repeatedly also seems to increase the intensity of the sore throat.

Tenderness, inflammation and swelling are typically observed in the glands along the throat. With careful attention and care, the inflamed and sore throat so typical of tonsillitis can be made to decrease in intensity and will usually disappear by itself.

At times, pus formation may occur in the region of the tonsils especially as the soreness decreases or is reduced in intensity, this is simply the tonsils eliminating the toxins produced by the viral or bacterial pathogens, and the occurrence of such pus is a sure sign that the body is healing itself.

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Similar to the conditions observed in other causes of sore throat, the condition can sometimes and very rarely at that be complicated through the infection with strep bacteria. The occurrence of a sore throat and pain do not always follow the incidence of chronic or recurring infections. The presence of bad breath can be the only physical symptoms of infection in a person, in some instances. Tonsillitis as a condition occurs with very high frequency in children and during childhood.

The many types of viruses and bacteria like the streptococcus are the main agents that cause tonsillitis and its peculiar symptoms of a sore throat and inflammation in the glands.

Getting chilled and cold from water, or being exposed to wet conditions in the course of a day can all increase vulnerability of the person to tonsillitis as the susceptibility of the body to the viruses or bacteria increases, therefore though tonsillitis in theory should almost affect everyone, but can become a serious condition only in relatively few people, this is due to the increased susceptibility of such persons to the condition.

Chronic tonsillitis can take a lot of time to heal, and this condition or stage of the tonsillitis can be reached by the incidence of repeated infections from pathogens or because of a neglected case of acute tonsillitis. Many different parts of the patient's body can be affected or infected in different ways and the immune system of the patient can become greatly compromised during the occurrence of chronic tonsillitis. Impaired and infected tonsils can lead to the leakage of pathogenic toxins into the body, leading to the rise of illnesses like rheumatic fever in the person.

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Supplements and herbs

Tonsillitis and the symptomatic sore throat can be remedied through the use of lozenges made from the mineral zinc, the use of this essential mineral in the fight against infection is also important in that, the immune system of the person is greatly bolstered in its ability to fight infection by the presence of zinc at optimal levels.

The invading bacterial and viral agents in the tonsils can be cleared and eliminated by the use of grapefruit seed extract in spray form; this spray is directly used on the tonsils and bring relief from the condition. The antibiotic properties of the seed extract of the grapefruit plant can also be fully utilized through the consumption of tablets or capsules of the extract as internal medication.

The immune system is also greatly helped and aided by nutrients like the vitamin C taken along with bioflavonoids, the vitamin is both antibiotic as well an important antioxidant.

High doses of the vitamin C are recommended for effective treatment of cases of tonsillitis, however, the patient must be aware that the bowels may not tolerate such doses and he or she must make adjustments accordingly. Furthermore, the mucous membranes are healed and aided in their reconstruction after an infection by the use of the vitamin A, which is a great immune system booster.

The strength of the individual can be recovered after an infection though the use of the vitamin B complex once the fever passes, this vitamin is important in restoring health to the affected person.

Intestinal bacteria must be maintained for proper health and supplements of the Lactobacillus acidophilus complex should be used after a course of antibiotics to restore the normal complement of intestinal bacteria in the body, which often bring about the elimination of these beneficial bacteria.

The best form of intake of the supplemental acidophilus bacteria is through capsules, which are stronger in effect when compared to many supplements like the live cultures abundant in natural brands of yogurt. Consuming the supplements in reduced dosage strengths can preclude repeated infections in the body.

Herbal remedies and treatments, which can greatly act in reducing inflammation and in the boosting and stimulation of the immune system, can aid nutritional treatments which reduce the recovery time.

Consume about 15 drops of the following herbal mixtures or tinctures in liquid form thrice on a daily basis, these herbs are about two tbsp. of nasturtium which has an antibiotic property, added to this should be a tbsp. of thyme which can provide strength to the body and boost recovery time of the patient, anti-inflammatory action is provided by the addition of a tbsp. of sage to the herbal concoction, and the resistance of the body to further infection via an improved immune system is ensured by the addition of a tbsp. of Echinacea to the mixture.

Daily use of these herbs can be made, the herbal tea of this combination of herbs can be drunk regularly to soothe and reduce inflammation in the tonsils, use the tea thrice a day on a regular basis during the infection.

To make a further herbal tea, a combination of two parts of sage, one part of the lavender herb, and one part peppermint, can be steeped a cup of boiling water for a duration of fifteen minutes, the resulting liquid must be strained and this tea can be used as a herbal tonic anytime during the day, as long as the infection lasts.

The inflammation in the tonsils can also be reduced through the use of tea made form the chamomile herb. The lymphatic system of the patient can be improved and the inflammation can be reduced through the use of an herbal tea made from the cleavers herb.

For fifteen minutes steep two tsp. of dried cleavers in a cup of boiling water, the resulting liquid can be strained and used as a herbal remedy thrice a day on a regular basis or as long as the tonsillitis persist in the patient.

The anti microbial and bactericidal effect of the humble garlic is very effective in treating infections. The problem with the use of raw garlic is the strong odor; the capsule form is equally effective in its properties and is odorless at the same time. Use the garlic capsules, about three capsules thrice everyday during the treatment period.


Commonly used essential oils for tonsillitis:

Additional things you may do

To recover completely within a reasonable amount of time, it is necessary that the person takes sufficient time off for relaxation and bed rest, this is a very important part of the healing process and the importance of adequate rest cannot be overemphasized.

Mix equal parts of water and vinegar and dip your cotton socks into this liquid mixture, wear or put on these socks whenever a spot of fever comes along with the sore throat, the socks can be dipped again in the liquid mixture every thirty minutes while following this treatment regimen.

Using cold neck wraps that are changed every half an hour can be used as a therapy in the case of acute tonsillitis, in the person. To allow for perspiration during treatment use body wraps and compresses in the throat, along with regular footbaths, sweating is good as it removes toxins from the body and aids in the recovery process.

To bring down the high temperatures associated with fever, the cold calf compresses that are used can be re moistened and changed every thirty minutes or so during the treatment regimen.

The affected region of the throat can also be aided by the external application of a hot clay pact on the skin. The use of flax seed neck wraps can be made when the tonsillitis results in the formation of a lot of pus.

The process of recovery is hastened and increased through the use of the disinfectant liquid whey concentrate; this disinfects the inflamed area of the tonsils. To soothe the pain resulting from swelling of the tonsils, use ice cubes as a temporary measure and melt a few in your mouth for a cool and soothing effect.

Be sure to report that you used ice cubes to soothe the inflammation to the medical practitioner you are consulting for he treatment of the tonsillitis especially in chronic cases. To aid in the healing of the infected tonsils and to soothe the inflamed tissue, two tbsp. of fresh lemon juice mixed with honey in a glass of hot water can be used on a regular basis during the onset of tonsillitis.

Usual dosage

Grapefruit seed extract, three capsules thrice a day

Vitamin A, 25,000 IU

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg thrice a day

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg every couple hours

Zinc lozenges, 25 mg every couple hours

Lactobacillus acidophilus complex, three capsules or one tea spoon a day

Other beneficial herbs


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