Toxic Metal Poisoning part 2

Supplements And Herbs

All of the herbal remedies and supplements given below can be very natural means to eliminate the toxic materials accumulating in the body. These supplemental compounds can also be used in the treatment of aluminum toxicity and the toxic effects of radiation exposure. The toxic metals are eliminated by these supplements from the body as they act like extremely powerful chemical oral chelators; elimination of the toxicity is though the urinary system.

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Detoxification is carried out by using wheat and barley grass; these green foods contain large amounts of the helpful organic substances chlorophyll which aids in the cleansing of the human body. The other supplemental herbs which can be used in the treatment of heavy metal toxicity include the kelp-seaweed, the green alfalfa grass and the widely available green food spirulina.

These green food supplements can help prevent the body from absorbing too much of the radioactive materials such as the metals mercury, cadmium and manganese, and other common heavy metals like barium, tin and strontium-90 which are found in domestic environments around industrial regions of the world.

Supplemental use of the vitamin C is also strongly suggested for all patients, this nutrient helps protect the body from the deleterious effects of accumulated toxins and aids in the complete elimination of the toxic substances from the body - it is also very useful against heavy metals in the human body.

People suffering from a case of poisoning from heavy metals tend to have very little vitamin C levels in their bodies-supplementation of the vitamin is important to correct this imbalance in the levels of the nutrient within the body of the individual.

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As the tolerance levels for the metal varies from one individual to another, dosage levels must be reduced immediately when the stools lose consistency and a diarrhea like state exists.

Supplemental use of the mineral selenium and the vitamin E which have excellent antioxidant properties must also be done along with the supplements of vitamin C, all of these nutrients taken together will serve to combat the worst effects of toxicity and the deleterious damage done inside the organs.

The use of supplemental zinc is suggested if the metal cadmium is the cause for the toxicity, the presence of high levels of the metal cadmium in the body often leaches zinc away form the body - supplements of this essential mineral should work to correct the imbalance.

These herbal remedies can be used to fight toxicity from heavy metal poisoning in the human body. The absorbing powers of these herbal remedies will aid in the rapid elimination of accumulated toxins - a factor which is essential for the full recovery of the affected person. All of the herbs given here have been proven to be very valuable in engineering this recovery process in the human body.

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The heavy radioactive metal known as strontium-90 often accumulates in many edible green and leafy plants, which also have a high calcium content. Calcium in such plants is responsible for the transportation of the strontium-90 towards the bones where it may induce biochemical damages in the marrow of the bones.

The toxic metals accumulating in the body are also removed by the herbal garlic remedy, this antibacterial herb can aid in the elimination of all toxic metals from the body. The use of odorless capsules of the herbal garlic remedy may be preferable to the raw clove by the majority of patients.

Dosage of this herbal remedy can be three capsules of garlic taken thrice every day for as long as necessary. The healthy and proper functioning of the liver is assured by the supplements of herbal dandelion root, which actively stimulates liver function in the body.

This herbal remedy can be extremely vital to the complete elimination of accumulated toxins present in the blood of the affected individual. The action of the herbal dandelion inside the body is stimulated by the burdock and yellow dock root herbal remedies - these two herbs must be used in conjunction to the dandelion as treatment.

The absorption of lead in the body can be reduced by the high calcium content of the stinging nettle herb - supplements of this herb can also be taken on a daily basis by all individual affected by lead poisoning.

Additional things you may do

To prevent the risk of metal toxicity to you, try to avoid the following commonly found metals in your day to day life. Stay aware of the potential risk concerned with their utilization.


Be aware that many of the aluminum salts are often added to the common table salt. This is done for its affects on the appearance of table salt; the addition prevents table salt from clogging to clumping up. The salts of the metal are also found in many commonly available antacids used in the treatment of indigestion and it is also found in products such as deodorants and antiperspirants and in many other toiletry items.


To prevent cadmium poisoning over the long term, make sure that you flush out the pipes in the house before drinking water early in the mornings as accumulation of the metal occurs over night. The best option is to drink only filtered or spring water - though it may not be a cheap option. Try to avoid cigarette smoke and quit smoking.

Cadmium is present in very high levels in the smoke of cigarettes - it enters the smoker's lungs directly and causes many adverse reactions. The levels of vitamin C in the body are also lowered by smoking, the vitamin is a very effective agent against this toxic metal and sufficient levels of vitamin C must always be present in the body.


The accumulation of copper in the human body occurs as there is an excessive amount of copper going into the water, from the domestic water pipes made from copper or it is ionized into food from the use of copper cookware.

The presence of high levels of this mineral in the body can induce irritability and the affected person also shows symptoms such as the illogical and sudden outbursts of anger and displays of violent behavior. The disorders such as arthritis and scleroderma are also known to be induced by high levels of copper in the body in some individuals.


Lead must also be actively avoided and major sources for lead are the gases seen in petrol exhaust from automobiles, the gases from the burning of coal in the industrial and domestic arena, the dust and dirt of streets also contains lead.

Lead is also found as a component in many leaded house paints, it can also infuse into the drinking water from lead pipes, it has been detected in some canned foods, and vegetables grown by the side of roads may also have lead. Lead has also been found in the milk from cows that are grazed on polluted pastures near industrial areas.

The main action of lead toxicity is in the inhibition of the zinc - dependent enzyme within the body. Try to avoid eating any fruits and vegetables which are on display cases lying outside greengrocers' shops - particularly when heavy traffic runs through the area.

Usual dosage

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000 mg thrice a day.

Vitamin E, 400 IU.

Green food supplements, one tbsp.

Selenium, 200 mcg.

Zinc, 3 mg, with 6 mg of copper.

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