Involuntary shaking of the body or limbs owing to a disease, debility, fear, or excitement and its continuous repetition is known as tremor. While tremor may affect any body part, it usually afflicts the head and hands. In addition, it may also cause the voice to shake. Occasionally, tremor also caused the feet as well as the torso to shake.

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One of the most widespread form of tremor is called essential tremor, which occasionally runs in some families. You generally realize that your hand or body is shaking when you perform some tasks like pointing towards something or are trying to lift a cup. However, shaking or tremors do not usually take place when you are motionless. In some cases, tremors can be cured by undergoing brain surgery.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, medicines and some health conditions that have an adverse outcome on the nervous system, such as Parkinson's disease, alcoholism, malfunctioning of the liver, poisoning due to arsenic, or mercury, lithium as well as a number of anti-depressants can also cause tremors. Sometimes, the adverse or side effects of using some medications may also be responsible for tremors.

When you have a tremor, it is advised that you scrutinize it vigilantly and make a note of what may possibly make the condition better or worse and then call your physician. You should know that some dissimilarity exists between the tremor due to Parkinson's disease and essential tremor. If you can diagnose the cause of the tremor, it will be possible to cure the disease responsible for it, instead of just treating the tremor.

Apart from prescription drugs, you can use homeopathic remedies and herbs and supplements to treat tremors, especially essential tremors, as these will not have any adverse side effect.

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Supplements and herbs

The most effective treatment for essential tremors is herbal therapy, whose main aim is to reduce nervous as well as muscle tension. This, in turn, helps in controlling essential tumours of various body parts.

Reducing caffeine levels and augmenting the intake of nutrients like vitamin B complex together with vital minerals like calcium and magnesium helps to deal with essential tremors better. In fact, people who take excessive amounts of caffeine usually have depleted levels of vitamin B complex.

You should know that vitamin B complex, particularly vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 helps to sustain the health and functioning of our nervous system. Similarly, magnesium not only supports the nervous system, but also the muscular system. Therefore, employing herbal remedies that support the nervous and muscular systems is helpful in relieving the symptoms related to essential tremors of different body parts.

Use of specific herbs may also lead to essential tremors. This, however, does not suggest that there are no good herbal therapies that may aid in alleviating essential tremors.

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You should essentially bear in mind that different herbs have dissimilar properties and they also act differently. While some herbs work to invigorate the nervous system, there are some others that help the nerves to unwind.

For instance, caffeine is one herb that invigorates the nervous system and people suffering from essential tremors should make an extra effort to stay away from it. On the other hand, many herbs sustain the nervous system and they are also not very toxic. People who are enduring essential tremors may consider herbs like oat straw, skullcap, passion flower and lady's slipper.

The herb passion flower is especially useful when it is used in combination with L-dopa (levodopa) - a drug that is commonly used for treating Parkinson's disease. While there is no relation between essential tremors and Parkinson's disease, some of the symptoms are common to both these conditions.

It is established that passion flower offers effectual support to lessen passive tremors when used together with L-dopa. While this herb has been found to be more effective when combined with the drug, passion flower also helps to lessen the symptoms of essential tremors when it is used alone. In addition, passion flower also lowers anxiety and stress effectively.

Normally, essential tremors worsen when the patient undergoes stressful conditions, or experiences heightened emotions or anxiety. Therefore, use of passion flower helps to lessen essential tremors by reducing anxiety and stress. People suffering from insomnia will find passion flower very beneficial.

Oat straw is another herb that treats essential tremors effectively. This herb encloses a variety of important nutritional elements that sustain the nervous system as well as the muscular system. Oat straw contains elevated levels of iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Apart from essential tremors, oat straw is also useful for treating conditions like depression and sclerosis. In fact, this herb is a potent general tonic without any adverse side effects. The grains as well as the straw of this plant are valuable, but oat straw is commonly used as a herbal remedy. Oat straw is relaxing and, at the same time perks up the energy levels.

American skullcap (scientific name S. lateriflora) is another wonderful herb that works to sustain the nervous system and ensure that it functions effectively. Nevertheless, in recent times, scientists have undertaken more studies on the Chinese herb called skullcap baicalensis. The Chinese herb is effective in treating hepatitis as well as lowering high blood pressure (hypertension).

On the other hand, the American skullcap is effective for sustaining the nervous system. Recently, it has been found that use of American skullcap has sometimes led to liver damage. The Encyclopedia of Herbs says that this could be possible due to the used of the adulterated herb. Therefore, it is imperative that you always buy this herb from a dependable source.

Lady's slipper is native to North America and this herb can be combined with oat, passion flower and skullcap for treating essential tremors effectively. In fact, owing to its expensiveness and rare availability, lady's slipper has never been a widely used herb in present times. However, it was quite common as well as popular in the 19th century.

This herb is highly effectual for treating insomnia and, hence, is an excellent herb for use at night time. On the contrary, its use during the day should be avoided.

Similarly, fava beans are also effective for treating essential tremors. This herb not only has very rich protein content, but also encloses various other nutrients. For instance, fava beans enclose elevated levels of vitamin K, thiamine, vitamin B6 and essential minerals like copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc and the trace mineral selenium. Together, all these nutritional elements work to support the effectual neurological processing. This, in turn, results in restricted trembling related to essential tremors.

Mucuna pruriens, also known as cowhage, also functions in the same manner as fava beans. Cowhage also encloses very high and potent amounts of various nutritional elements that promote our overall health, in addition to treating various health conditions.

It is one supplement that encloses a chemical called levodopa, which is converted into the neurotransmitter dopamine in our brain and helps to control the nervous system, thereby treating essential tremors.

Lecithin is another essential nutrient, basically a fat that is present in the cells of our body. Inside the cells, lecithin is transformed into a substance known as acetylcholine that is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses. Taking a supplement of lecithin daily may aid in augmenting the functioning of the nervous system and, at the same time, restrict the symptoms as well as side effects of the condition.

Essential tremor is a very annoying and troublesome condition which makes it difficult for people suffering from it to undertaken even the simplest routine task. In fact, even such simple tasks become cumbersome for people enduring this condition. Nevertheless, using natural treatments helps to sustain the neurological functioning and also restrict the occurrence of essential tremors.


You can treat essential tremors very effectively with homeopathic remedies. Using homeopathic remedies for prolonged periods will not only help to lessen the acuteness of tremors, but they are also effective in decrease their progression. There are a number of homeopathic remedies that can be used effectively to achieve both.

Agaricus muscarius

If you are treating essential tremors with homeopathic remedies, it is advisable that you use Agaricus muscarius, which is very effective for this condition. In fact, Agaricus muscarius is effective in treating essential tremors of the hands, tongue as well as the head.

This homeopathic remedy is primarily recommended for patients who suffer from too much shaking of hands when in motion, particularly when they are writing.

Agaricus muscarius is also beneficial for patients who suffer from shaking hands when they are holding any object, which often leads to dropping them from their hands. In addition, people suffering from head tremors accompanied by a sensation of too much cold on their head will also find this homeopathic remedy very useful.

The use of Agaricus muscarius is essentially guided by a white coated tongue accompanied by intense thirst among the patients, who also experience tremors in their tongue. While trembling of the tongue leads to distorted speech, such patients may usually have a sweet tang in their mouth.

Moreover, patients who require this homeopathic remedy most are extremely susceptible to cold air. Therefore, it is not surprising that their condition deteriorates rapidly during the cold weather. Using Agaricus muscarius will not only help to alleviate these symptoms, but also reduce the severity and occurrences of tremors.

Gelsemium sempervirens

This is a natural homeopathic remedy for essential tremors, especially in cases where essential tremors also make the muscles of the affected body parts extremely feeble. Patients who need Gelsemium sempervirens most are those who continually complain of deep insipidness and lethargy.

This homeopathic remedy is effective for cases wherein fears or emotional excitement intensify tremors. Gelsemium sempervirens is particularly recommended and most effective for people suffering from the essential tremors that affect their tongue. In such cases, the patient's tongue is usually yellow coated, and they always experience a foul feeling in their mouth.

In addition, such patients may also have a foul breath. On the other hand, patients needing Gelsemium sempervirens will never feel thirsty for water. These symptoms are the main guiding factors for prescribing this homeopathic remedy.

Zincum metallicum

Zincum metallicum is the ideal homeopathic remedy for patients with extremely weak nervous system as well as those who are extremely susceptible to noise. This is an ideal homeopathic remedy for essential tremors, especially those related to the head, wherein the head shakes involuntarily from one side to another.

Zincum metallicum can also be used to effectively treat essential tremors related to the hands accompanied by extreme weakness, especially when the patient is writing. You can consider using this homeopathic remedy in case the patient of essential tremor also has some kind of a history of inhibition of skin eruptions.

If the feet of the patients suffering from essential tremors are very restive it indicates that Zincum metallicum is the most suited remedy for that patient. In fact, this symptom is the most important guiding factor for prescribing this homeopathic remedy.


Similar to the mentioned homeopathic remedies discussed above, Phosphorus is also an excellent remedy for essential tremors. Phosphorus is especially beneficial for essential tremor patients who are very susceptible to external impressions such as touch, noise, light, and odours.

This homeopathic remedy is very effective for treating external tremors related to hands, especially when the sufferer complains of too much shaking of the hands after some hard work. In fact, when the patient's hands tremble excessively, he/ she may find it extremely difficult to hold any object.

Such patients may also experience a crawling sensation or numbness in their hands along with excessive trembling of the hands. Such patients may also have an extreme craving for meat, ice creams or cold drinks. These are, in fact, the guiding factors for prescribing Phosphorus to patients with essential tremors.


This is another homeopathic medication that is prescribed to treat essential tremors in patients who are of irritable, nervous, impulsive and stubborn nature. Essential tremor patients who endure profuse foot sweating, having an offensive smell, respond excellently to Silicea.

Such patients are very sensitive to cold air. They themselves are extremely chilly and cannot endure even the slightest air current. Patients who need this homeopathic remedy most are those who suffer from shaking hands when undertaking any manual task, particularly writing, eating, or holding any object.

In fact, these patients also find it difficult to undertake fine work like threading a needle, as their hands tremble excessively. Such small tasks may prove to be very burdensome for such patients.

Additional things you may do

Sometimes reducing the level of stress can also facilitate in reducing tremors. Therefore, people who suffer from tremors ought to learn how to unwind. In fact, it has been observed that anxiety and stress have a propensity to worsen tremors, while relaxation helps to improve the condition.

While it is not possible to get rid of all stresses from one's life, one can certainly learn to change the way they normally react to traumatic situations by employing several techniques to unwind like meditation or massage.

Some simple, but effective relaxing techniques are as below:

Wear a heavy watch or bracelet or hold some small weight in your hand. People suffering from tremors of the hand will find this technique beneficial, as the weight will not only lessen some tremors, but even return further control to the hands.

Another technique is to drink beverages from half-empty glasses or cups using a straw. This will also help in reducing tremors of the hands and restore control to the hands.

Often, fatigue or weariness worsens tremors and, therefore, it is essential to take sufficient rest and get enough sleep.

At the same time, be careful to stay away from caffeine as well as other stimulants, as these can worsen tremors.

People who are prone to tremors should completely avoid alcoholic beverages or reduce their consumption to minimum. In some cases, tremors somewhat improve after people take an alcoholic beverage, but this can never be considered to be a solution for essential tremors. In the long run, alcohol will cause severe damages.

Moreover, people who try to deal with tremors by drinking alcohol eventually require large amounts of alcoholic beverages in order to help them get respite from tremors. When this occurs, it can result in chronic alcoholism. So, it is never advisable to use alcohol to deal with tremors.

Those who are suffering from tremors of the hands should use the less affected hand more frequently, while resting the hand that is more affected. It is also important to find means so that you don't need to write with the hand that is more affected by tremors.

For instance, you can use debit cards or online banking rather than writing checks. Similarly, such patients may also try using their computers with speech-recognition software and dial their cell phone using voice-activated systems. In addition, therapists will offer various other suggestions that such patients can adopt to deal with essential tremors and lead a better life.


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