Trichomonas vaginalis, often also referred to as trich, is basically a minute protozoon, a single celled microorganism present in men as well as women and is considered to be a common cause for vaginitis - inflammation of the vagina. A bare minimum of 50 per cent of every woman has trich microorganisms within their vaginas; however, in most cases no symptoms are apparent.

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On the other hand, men having trich are generally asymptomatic or do not have any symptoms. When there is an excess or accumulation of trichomonads inside the vagina and the urinary tract, it results in the development of an infection. It may be noted that trich develops best in somewhat alkaline conditions.

Since our blood is alkaline, women are generally more susceptible to this infection during their menstruation cycles. In addition, trich may also develop beyond control and result in infections when one is under stress/strain, is suffering from nervousness and poor health.

Normally, trich becomes evident when there is a yellow or yellowish-green excretion or seepage that is thin, frothy and has a foul smell, which is usually expressed as 'fishy'. When there is a build up of trich in the urinary tract, the patients are likely to experience a burning sensation when they are passing urine and, sometimes, there may also be a distention or bleeding of the walls of the vagina.

Additionally, chronic cervicitis, a contagion of the endocervical glands that line the cervical canal, may take place. As trichomonads move by means of minute lymph channels between the vagina and the urethra, related infections of the urinary tract, for instance, cystitis, are widespread.

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Performing self-examination is one of the easiest as well as effectual way of identifying an early infection caused by trich. First and foremost, examine your discharge. Find out whether the discharge is thin or foamy. Also notice if the discharge has a gray, yellow or yellowish-green color.

Making use of a speculum, which is available at clinics as well as women's health centers, you will be able to try to find the discharge that accumulates just under the cervix. At times, the discharge may seem to have air bubbles in it. In addition, the vaginal walls and the cervix may have elevated, red patches, which is an indication of inflammation and annoyance.

In addition, you may also go for a diagnosis at any of the women's health centers or clinics, where pathologists would examine a sample of discharge using a microscope.

If trichomonas is left untreated, it may generally result in more intense pain and uneasiness as time passes and eventually cause infertility. What is worse is that women developing trichomonas are also more susceptible to contract HIV if they are exposed to or come in contact with the virus. Especially pregnant women are at great risk of delivering low birth weight babies, also known as preterm babies.

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Supplements and herbs

There are a number of natural remedies, including supplements and herbs, which are effective in treating trichomonas. Since treatment with most contemporary medications may result in adverse side effects, it is always prudent to try these natural remedies first. The best part of treatment with natural remedies is that they can be used along with the allopathic medicines.

The first and foremost natural therapy that a woman suffering from trichomoniasis should do is abstinence from sexual activities. In effect, trich is infectious and can be transmitted easily from one individual to another, especially to and fro between partners. Moreover, indulging in sexual intercourse may aggravate the inflammation in the vaginal lining further.

Next, if you have been infected by trich, you ought to take garlic pills every day. It has been established that the herb garlic is especially beneficial for people suffering from trichomonas. Since garlic possesses antibacterial properties, it has been able to establish itself in traditional medicine for several years as it is effective in treating worms as well as other parasites.

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Some people have an aversion to garlic owing to its odour during cooking. Such individuals may take odourless garlic tablets which are available commercially to combat any type of infection. In effect, garlic is a natural antibiotic that encloses a powerful compound known as allicin.

Allicin is known to lower blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels naturally. In addition, this compound is also effectual in curing different infections, including trichomonas. The normal dosage of garlic tablets is taking a 500 mg capsule daily. In addition, you may also include garlic in your regular diet as this will help you to obtain utmost benefits.

In addition, vinegar douches too are extremely beneficial while treating trich infection. As trich develops best in somewhat alkaline conditions, douching the affected area with acidic solutions, such as vinegar, may help to get rid of the infection. Douche the infected vaginal area gently several times for a few days regularly using Douche for Yeast Infections.

You may also use oat straw herb (not the oatmeal we consume), which is a particular herbal medication for combating Trichomonas vaginalis. Oat straw herb can be used along with other herbal teas. You may also drink the tea prepared with oat straw since it not only helps to cure the infection, but also facilitates in preventing it.

Yogurt and different other fermented foods contain 'good bacteria' known as probiotics and they are believed to neutralize or work against protozoa, which are responsible for the infectious condition trichomonas. Applying a dose of lactobacillus acidophilus to the affected areas of the vagina as well as taking an oral dosage of the same helps in curing trichomonas.

In addition, people suffering from trich infection can benefit by drinking a tea prepared with the Chinese gentian root (also known as Long Dan Chao). The root of this herb works by obliterating the germs in the vagina and, at the same time, reduces the pain and get rids of the horrible excretion from the vagina.

You may buy Chinese gentian root tea from any Chinese pharmacy or Chinese supermarket. The standard dosage of this herbal tea is drinking it thrice every day for four consecutive days.

Herb that works wonderfully for the liver is milk thistle. This herb facilitates the healing process as well as helps in cleansing the body of the toxins produced by the infection. It is advisable that if you have been infected by trich, you should take milk thistle capsules.

It may be noted that milk thistle encloses a potent phytochemical known as silymarin that has the aptitude to help the liver to get rid of toxic substances produced by the germs (protozoa) responsible for trichomonas. The standard dosage of milk thistle capsule is taking three 400 mg capsules thrice every day.

Even the herb goldenseal possesses potent antibiotic properties and people infected by trich may try using it to boost their immune system.

In addition, those enduring trichomonas may also use Echinacea to augment their immune system. Echinacea supplies the body with antibacterial as well as antimicrobial help. It is recommended that such individuals should take the capsule form of Echinacea. It may be noted that this herb is a natural antibiotic that works by obliterating the cellular walls of the microorganisms (in this case protozoa), particularly Trichomonas vaginalis.

The standard dosage of Echinacea capsule to counteract or cure trichomonas is taking one 200 mg capsule of the herb four times every day.

You may fight against Trichomonas vaginalis or trich by drinking herbal teas prepared with Echinacea, goldenseal and barberry.

If you are looking for an effectual and natural topical remedy for trichomonas, tea tree oil is the best option. Tea tree oil possesses substantive antifungal and antibacterial properties and is reasonably effective in combating infections caused by bacteria and fungus.

Nevertheless, before you opt for using any vaginal douche comprising diluted tea tree oil, it is advisable that you essentially seek the help or advice of a qualified and competent herbalist or naturopath. In addition, women affected by infection caused by Trichomonas vaginalis may look at the prospects of putting a tampon inside the vagina, which has been soaking wet with one fraction of tea tree oil and two parts of vitamin E oil.


Follow directions for encapsulating herbs.


Aromatherapy may also prove to be effective in counteracting Trichomonas vaginalis. In fact, aromatherapy with bergamot oil (also known as citrus aurantium var. bergamia) facilitates in desiccating the bothersome discharges from the infected vagina. Bergamot oil may be added to bath water or used in douches to cure trichomonas.

Additional things you may do

In addition to using allopathic medications, herbs and supplements as well as aromatherapy, people infected by Trichomonas vaginalis or trich may undertake several other measures to ensure that they are able to prevent as well as treat the condition effectively.

For instance, if such individuals regulate their diet, it would benefit them greatly. When you get rid of sugar from your diet, it will help the immune system to function further effectually. Moreover, a diet, which is rich in vegetables, fruits and fiber, supplies the body with the vital nourishments that encourage speedy cure of the condition.

Many vitamins are also helpful in treating trichomonas, for instance a naturopathic physician or herbalist is likely to prescribe vitamin E oil as well as vitamin A to cure this infection. When these vitamins are applied topically to the affected area, they are known to facilitate healing of trichomonas. Trichomonas patients may also obtain the necessary support by taking vitamin E supplements as well as a good multi vitamins.

Eating foods that are rich in vitamin C content also helps to treat trichomonas. In effect, vitamin C reinforces as well as facilitates the cervix to produce collagen, which is essential to hold the cervical cells closely packed, thereby putting off any bacterial and parasitic infections.

Foods that have high vitamin C content comprise grapefruit as well as all other types of citrus fruits, broccoli and strawberries. Alternately, the patients may also take 150 mg capsules of vitamin C. It may be noted here that vitamin C is often referred to as ascorbic acid.

One way of making a good start to strengthen your immune system to combat infections is to consume organic foodstuff. At the same time, you should shun all processed food and drink abundance of filtered water. Always consume only free-range meats, chicken and freshly caught fish.

In addition, it is essential for people suffering from trich infection to avoid alcoholic beverages, caffeine and all synthetic sweeteners. They ought to avoid them in anyhow, without any exception. They also should avoid all types of dyes, dairy products as well as preservatives.

Apart from these, they should also keep away from all trans-, hydrogenated and/ or even partly hydrogenated oils. Instead, they ought to use extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut butter or oil, hemp seed oil and flax seed oil having high lignin content.

The immune system also makes use of specific vitamins and minerals with a view to augment its functioning. When we supplement the nutrients used by the immune system, we are able to help it to function in its optimum capacity.

Supplements which are likely to be advantageous in augmenting the actions of the immune system comprise all B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and zinc. However, women who are pregnant should be careful while taking vitamin A supplements, since high doses of this vitamin may result in fetal problems.

People enduring iron deficiency may benefit by taking iron supplements, but taking excessive iron is also likely to aggravate the trich infection. Before you start taking any nutritional supplements, it is essential that you consult a healthcare professional trained in nutrition. He/ she will decide which supplement is appropriate for you and prescribe them for your benefit. In addition, they will also keep an eye on the supplement dosages taken by you.

When specific substances are used in a douche or, alternately, soaked in a tampon, it helps to get rid of the infection as well as lessen the pelvic inflammation that accompanies this condition. The products which are recommended to cure this problem ought to comprise propolis, providone-iodine, lavender essential oils and peppermint.

All these substances are to be used in a diluted form and the treatments normally necessitate recurrence for a many weeks. In order to reinstate the ecology of the vagina, which means repopulating the region with 'friendly' or 'good' bacteria and avoid the recurrence of the infection later, use of probiotics may prove to be useful. Before you begin this treatment process, it is advisable that you consult a naturopathic physician for suitably tailored treatment counselling.


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