The sudden and involuntary contraction of the muscle is defined as a twitch and the phenomenon is called twitching, as it usually affects voluntary muscles. Through generally passing unnoticed by other people, very slight or mild twitches are very obvious to the affected person.

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Muscle fatigue especially after strenuous exercise usually brings on bouts of twitching and involuntary jerks and many people commonly feel these in the normal course of a life. Also comparable are the twitches experienced during sleep, which in general affect several or many muscular groups simultaneously. Very common as well are the twitching of muscles in the eyelids.

Some symptoms are not considered severe or serious and fade with time, and growth these include involuntary movements of the facial muscles, commonly experienced due to a nervous reaction by children, these are very common and are considered benign if other symptoms are not present along with them.

The severity and seriousness of muscular twitches increases if other signs of a nervous system disorder are present in the afflicted individual. The diagnosis and the examination of a neurologist are of the essence in such cases, and a long period of treatment is usually required.

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The offloading of excessive nervous impulses from an overworked nervous system are the common reasons for the occurrence of muscular twitching in a person. Psychological and emotional stress and strain is the typical reason for the nervous system to be overwrought. If accompanied by severe facial pain, twitching is typically due to a facial neuralgia in most adults who are afflicted with muscular disorders.

A case in point is the development in childhood, of muscular disorders and twitches commonly termed tics, concomitant with a complex nervous system dysfunction, which gradually develops into abrupt and sudden involuntary actions, such as shouting, shrugging of the shoulders or stamping movements so characteristic of the disorder known as Tourette's syndrome.

While not the dominating symptoms of the disorder, twitching and grimacing are also typically experienced during the occurrence of Parkinson's disease. Compared to this the other symptoms in addition to the involuntary movement of the muscles are indicative of Huntington's chorea, these include specific psychological states of apathy, irritability and manic states, which become evident during the onset of the disease.

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Supplements and herbs

The essential dietary minerals such as magnesium, calcium and potassium are needed as components in maintaining the proper functioning of the neuromuscular system as well as in muscle function. Cramping in the muscles, twitching or tics can result from the deficiency in the body of any of these minerals.

The reaction of the nervous system is calmed down and subdued by adding the B vitamins, these act by way of lowering the stress levels in the body, which are often responsible for triggering the trembling and tremors in the musculature.

The sublingual form of the vitamin B12 is to be preferred over the tablet form, which may not be properly absorbed in the intestinal tract. The normal growth of muscle, its ability to contract and the inhibition of muscle cramps are all controlled by the mineral calcium to a great extent and this mineral must be included in the diet.

All types of nervous system disorders can be treated effectively through the use of herbs and herbal supplements.

The sedative like action of herbs such as the chamomile, the lady's slipper, the common hops, the leaves of the passion flower, the skullcap, the wood betony, the roots of the St. John's wort or valerian can be utilized to great effect in the alleviation of nervous disorders, these herbs can be taken together or singly in the form of herbal teas, in the form of tinctures or tablets without the fear of side effects.

A tbsp. of the herbs can be steeped in a cup of boiling water to make the tea, or if preferred, about twenty drops of tincture mixed in a glass of water or other juices can be used on a regular and daily basis for the treatment of the condition.


Specific homeopathic remedies are effective in treating twitching. For instance, homeopathic medicinal practitioners often recommend Zinc met., a remedy that helps in taking up a number of minerals like magnesium, aids in calming the nervous system as well as alleviates twitches, muscle contractions and restless movements, particularly those associated with stress and weariness.

While Cina is another wonderful homeopathic remedy that alleviates muscle spasms and twitching, the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla is extremely calming and helps to provide relief from the basic restiveness and stress.

Another homeopathic remedy Hyoscyamus is excellent for providing relief from twitching muscles. This remedy possesses potent anti-spasmodic attributes and this makes it perfect for calming the irritated nerves. Hyoscyamus is frequently prescribed to cure twitches, tics, Tourette's syndrome and even Parkinson's disease.

Additional things you may do

Twitching in the musculature, and other signs of neurological distress and irritation are often evident when there is an accumulation or excess of metals like mercury, lead, aluminum or cadmium and other toxic heavy metals, even metals like copper can lead to neurological problems if present in excessive quantities. The contamination of the body with heavy and toxic metals can be verified through the mineral analysis of the hair of the affected individual in a laboratory.

In addition to using conventional medications, homeopathic remedies as well as herbs and supplements, you may also do a few other things to treat muscle twitches and get relief from the symptoms associated with the condition.

For instance, when you are experiencing twitches, it is essential to reduce your tea and coffee consumption. Instead, you should drink lots of water and fruit juices.

In addition, you need to learn and practice how to de-stress yourself and relax. At the same time, learning muscle relaxation and deep breathing techniques will eventually aid in unwinding at the end of a long and tired day. Practicing yoga and pilates may also prove to be beneficial in such cases.

If you are suffering from muscle twitches, it is advisable that you include exercise in your every day routine. Undertaking modest work-outs for 30 minutes may prove to be helpful in the long run in lessening pressure as well as promoting sound sleep.

At the same time, ensure that you are ingesting sufficient amounts of magnesium. Some of the foods that contain high amounts of magnesium include broccoli, spinach, peas, beans, seeds and nuts.

Adequate sound sleep is also vital for curing muscle twitches and, hence, you should ensure that you are having enough sleep of good quality. To achieve this, you need to follow a proper routine for good sleep. In case you are suffering from insomnia, it is advisable that you take the requisite measures to solve the problem or do things which will help you to effectively deal with sleeplessness.

It has been proved that massage therapy is also very effective in dealing with as well as alleviating muscle twitches.

Like yoga, meditation to may prove to be useful in preventing as well as curing muscle twitches, which are a result of anxiety and stress. In case the incidence of muscle twitches is actually a side effect of any medication that you might be using, it is advisable that you consult your physician to decide on any other medicine or make any modification in your prescription with a view to avoid muscle twitches from occurring in future.

It may be noted that muscle twitches that are related to any medical condition may be reduced when the greater health condition is treated appropriately.

Provided you continue to suffer from muscle twitches or the condition worsens even after trying the medications, herbs and supplements and home remedies, you should right away consult your physician to overcome the problem.

Usual dosage

Vitamin B12, 100 mcg

Vitamin B complex, 50 mg thrice a day

Magnesium, 500 mg

Calcium, 1,000 mg


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