Ulcers may occur in different forms and are similar to erosion causing a crater in the defensive inside layer of the stomach or even the duodenum - a portion of the small intestine. Usually, the glands present in the stomach exude juices that facilitate digestion, counting acids as well as an enzyme called pepsin.

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Simultaneously, the stomach as well as the duodenum exudes mucus that saves these organs from being harmed by the digestive juices. Precisely speaking, when this balance is disturbed it results in the formation of an ulcer. And it such circumstances, the digestive juices secreted by the stomach literally start digesting the lining of the stomach or the intestines.

Till the recent times, usual knowledge was that leading a stressful lifestyle and having a diet that comprises high amounts of fats and spices result in the formation of an ulcer. However, present-day researchers have found that in fact majority of the ulcers are attributable to a bacterium called Helicobacter pylori.

When this bacterium infects the digestive tract, the defensive mucus membrane becomes weak and enables even little amounts of the digestive juices to make inroads into the walls of the intestine. Following the emergence of an ulcer, secondary impacts like tension, caffeine, smoking and consumption of alcohol may worsen the condition.

Additional aspects that add to the aggravation of ulcers may comprise prolonged use of ibuprofen, inherited ulcers that generally run in some families as well as long-term use of medications like aspirin or different NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications).

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Supplements and herbs

In case you are suffering from an ulcer, it is likely that your physician will first ask you to have a blood examination done to confirm if you have been infected by H. pylori and if the blood test is positive, he/ she will prescribe antibiotics as well as additional medicines.

Whether you are infected by the bacterium or not, taking a variety of natural medications that are mentioned below - all of them are harmless for simultaneous use and also with other conventional drugs - have the aptitude to accelerate the healing process. The patient normally experiences a decline in pain approximately a week after taking these medications, while it may take about eight weeks for the ulcers to heal completely.

Taking vitamin A supplementations assists in protecting the inner layer of the stomach as well as the small intestine and enables the healing of ulcers.

On the other hand, vitamin C supplementations may well straight away slow down the growth of the bacterium H. pylori. Several substances speed up the healing of ulcers and some of them comprise zinc (this mineral ought to be taken in combination with copper, as zinc slows down the absorption of copper) as well as DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) wafers.

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Different from regular licorice, using wafers does not move the blood pressure up and it is advisable to use them for a maximum period of three months to heal ulcers. In addition to the above mentioned natural medications, gamma-oryzanol, an extract obtained from rice bran oil, and glutamine, an amino acid that encourages healing by providing nutrients to the cells lining the digestive tract, are also effective in curing ulcers.

Additional research has demonstrated that the juice obtained from the aloe vera herb may possibly decrease the secretion of stomach acids and, thereby provide relief from the symptoms of ulcers in some patients. It may be noted that aloe vera, a popular herb, also encloses compounds that are astringent in nature and may assist in avoiding internal hemorrhages.

In addition, it may also be sensible to try herbal teas prepared with slippery elm, marshmallow, calendula or meadowsweet. All these herbs work in calming exasperated mucus linings.


Commonly used essential oils for ulcers:


Specific homeopathic remedies are very effective for treating ulcers.

The commonly used homeopathic medications for treating gastritis as well as duodenal ulcers comprise:

Additional things you may do

Besides taking conventional medications, herbal remedies and homeopathic medicines, you may do a few additional things to prevent as well as treat ulcers. However, prior to trying any of the home remedies, you ought to remember that majority of the home remedies are categorized in the form of alternative medications since they have not been tested and the results of using them have not been authenticated.

Although a number of home remedies for stomach ulcers may be beneficial, either by alleviating the symptoms of the condition or by speeding up the recovery process, it needs to be underlined that the results of using these home remedies may vastly differ from one patient to another.

It may be noted that majority of the home remedies for stomach ulcers have their basis on redressing the balance of the gastric acids levels. Although this will be beneficial for recuperation, it will not solve the problem, especially when the condition is attributed to infection by bacteria. Hence, ensure that you look for medical treatment, while home treatments and home remedies may be employed in the form of matching treatments.

It is important for people enduring stomach ulcers to consume prudent diet which is rich in fiber content and keep away from foods that result in uneasiness or aggravate the condition. Such people should always keep away from acidic fruit juices, coffee, alcohol and caffeinated soda - all these foods have the potential to cause irritation to the digestive tract lining. In addition, patients with stomach ulcers should never smoke, as smoking will only delay the healing process.

People suffering from stomach ulcers should also keep away from non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), for instance, aspirin, and should talk to their physician regarding alternative medications that are safe for use in this condition.

Moreover, provided excessive use of NSAIDs is attributable for the stomach ulcer, the patient may require using a proton pump inhibitor for a maximum period of approximately eight weeks. While taking over-the-counter or non-prescription antacid tablets may provide some relief, however, in severe instances, more potent drugs may be required.

It is essential for people using home remedies for peptic ulcers to eat their food in little amounts and at regular breaks throughout the day with a view to avoid the acids from accumulating and wearing away the lining of the stomach wall. Consumption of organic foods, keeping away from dairy products, extremely refined and spicy foods may also assist in alleviating pressure on the digestive system as well as promote the healing process.

In addition, home treatments for stomach ulcers also comprise consuming freshly prepared cabbage juice. It may be noted that cabbage juice is believed to heal ulcers very rapidly, but it is necessary to drink a minimum of one quart of cabbage juice during the course of a day in order to obtain the best results.

Besides cabbage juice, bananas are also employed to cure peptic ulcers since they enclose a compound that offsets as well as counteracts stomach acids and covers the inner layer of the stomach avoiding the formation of ulcers. It is advisable that you consume one or two bananas in conjunction with a glass of milk for a minimum of thrice or four times daily to accelerate healing and get relief from the symptoms of the condition.

Taking vitamin E supplementations every day is also beneficial for people suffering from stomach ulcer and helps to heal the inner layer of the stomach. In addition, vitamin E supplements also checks the formation of ulcers.

Usual dosage

The standard doses of the different supplements as well as herbal products for treating ulcers are given below.

Vitamin A, the normal dosage of vitamin A is 25,000 IU taken every day for seven consecutive days and, subsequently reducing the dose to 10,000 IU every day.
Pregnant women as well as women who are planning to get pregnant should never take vitamin A in excess of 5,000 IU in a day.

Vitamin C, the standard dose of vitamin C supplementation is 1,000 mg taken twice daily.
It is important to take this supplement in a buffered form with a view to lessen gastric pain.

Zinc / Copper, the usual dosage of zinc supplementation is 30 mg daily, while that of copper is 2 mg every day.
You should include the copper supplementation only if you are using zinc for more than one month.

Licorice (DGL), one or two DGL or deglycyrrhizinated licorice wafers having a dosage of 380 mg each should be chewed thrice every day.
This herbal supplement should be taken about 30 minutes prior to your meals.

Glutamine, the supplement L-glutamine should be taken in dosage of 500 mg thrice every day for a period of one month.
It is important to take this supplement on an empty stomach.

Gamma-oryzanol, the standard dosage of the supplement gamma-oryzanol is 150 mg taken thrice every day for a period of one month.
This supplement is also called the rice bran oil and should be taken on an empty stomach.

Aloe vera juice, aloe vera is a popular herb and its juice should be taken in measure of half cup thrice every day for a period of one month.
While purchasing the product ensure that it contains 98 per cent aloe vera and does not enclose any aloin or aloe-emodin.

Other beneficial herbs


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